11 must-haves for long trips

Whether you’re taking a flight to the other side of the world, road tripping from Sydney to Perth, or taking a train through Europe, long distance travel can be drag. Sleep becomes precious, comfort is key, and keeping yourself entertained can become difficult, but with these 11 must-haves your long trip will be an absolute breeze.

trip must haves

1. Earplugs or Noise Cancelling Headphones

Being seated on a 14 hour trip next to a screaming baby, snorer, or a chatty couple is the worst. The sound of the soaring plane, travelling train, or even the passing of cars is already enough to deal with, and now you’re faced with a sleepless, annoying journey thanks to your seat allocation. Taking a good pair of earplugs or noise cancelling headphones can definitely solve this problem and make for a pleasant journey.

2. Neck Pillow

Even though they can be slightly bulky (try find an inflatable one), getting a neck pillow gives you the support and comfort you need to have a great nap and not wake up with a sore neck. Who wants to be stuck with a sore neck for two days after arriving at their vacation destination anyway?

3.Eye Mask

Now that you have some silence, and a comfortable neck pillow, all you need to do is turn off the lights with an eye mask. Some long distance trains and buses don’t darken the sleeping areas during the journey so having an eye mask can be extremely useful when you’re trying to sleep.

4. Socks

Packing a pair a socks can not only warm up your feet, but having warm feet helps you sleep. Make sure you take a longer pair of socks that covers your ankles too, because it’s pointless having warm feet and freezing ankles.

5. A Warm Jacket

It may be boiling outside, but once you board your plane, bus or train, you don’t have control of what temperature it is going to be. Always pack a warm jumper or jacket in your carry-on bag and stay snug on your journey.

6. Tablet or Laptop

Keep yourself entertained during your trip by catching up on a few series, podcasts or movies on your laptop or tablet. All you need to do is download them before leaving and enjoy while on your trip. It’s that easy – just make sure your battery is charged.

7. Portable Chargers

If you taking your laptop, tablet or smartphone with you on your next trip then take a portable charger too. You can then charge your devices while up in air, cruising on the freeway or travelling on a train.

8. Reading Material

If taking your electronic devices with you is too much of a security risk, then stock up on a good book and a few magazines to enjoy on your trip. Reading makes time fly and soon you’ll be at your destination.

9. Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer

Having to use public toilets whether it is on a bus, plane, train or at a gas station can be a real nightmare especially just to wash your hands. The endless queues, smells, and a lack of soap can all be avoided if you carry a travel size bottle of antibacterial hand sanitizer. They remove all residue, come in various fragrances, and leave your hands looking and feeling spotless.

10. Snacks

In-flight meals can be a real bore, and most long bus and train journeys don’t offer meals or have extremely overpriced food. Instead of paying a few bucks for a pretty average meal, stock up on your favourite snacks and take them along. Make sure your snacks include some water to keep hydrated.

11. Travel Size Toiletries

With plenty of sleep and fully entertained, you ready to end this trip and get to your destination. Unfortunately you don’t look (and sometimes smell) as fresh as you feel. Simply head to the bathroom and freshen up with your pre-packed, travel size toiletries which includes wet wipes to wipe down everything that needs to be, toothpaste and a toothbrush, moisturiser, and deodorant to smell amazing.

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