Fun wedding-related hashtags to watch

Social media now plays a vital role in influencing the modern-day wedding; from couples creating unique wedding hashtags for guests to share pics with real-time speed, to brides seeking social inspiration from the successes and challenges of those who’ve gone before. Here are 10 fun wedding-related hashtags to keep your eye on in today’s socially-focused wedding planning process:


When you need some light relief from the intensity of guest list prep, search #WeddingFails. While we do not in any way endorse matremonial misfortune, you’re bound to find some giggle-inducing pics, with everything from clumsy bridesmaids to questionable fashion statements.

wedding hashtag trends

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Wedding fail


For those who want their big day to have a little environmental impact, #GreenWeddings will reveal some of the more sustainable choices available, including everything from plantable wedding invitations and environmentally friendly venues, to recycled wedding dresses and sustainably sourced catering.

green wedding hashtag

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With 68% of couples now encouraging guests to share their personal wedding pics across social media, the wedding hashtag is fast claiming a seat at the planning table. Stuck for ideas? Search #WeddingHashtags and find out what combinations other couples are dreaming up for their nuptials.


DIY and craft-inclined brides can find endless inspiration on Etsy, showcasing a myriad of wedding accessories, including couture dresses, bespoke wedding millinery and paper bouquets.

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Source: Instagram


Whether you’re looking for some cute wedding photography ideas or flower girl dress inspiration, you’re bound to find some super sweet pics amongst the 517,284+ #FlowerGirl hashtags on Instagram.

wedding related hashtags

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Because you can’t all be good, all the time… But we agree: being yourself is the prettiest thing you can be!

wedding related hashtags

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Catching ugly glimpses of yourself you’ve never seen before? It might be time to investigate #Bridezilla behavioural traits and signs of transformation. While you’re at it, refer to these 10 signs you’re a Bridezilla – and don’t yet know it!

wedding related hashtags

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Whether it’s inspiration or reassurance you’re after, you’re sure to find some moves to borrow, along with the confidence that no matter how many left feet your fiancé has, someone else’s husband will always perform 80s dance floor tragics like the Sprinkler.

Wedding Hashtags 1

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If there’s a special place in your heart (and on your invite list) for the furry, four-legged friends in your life, you’ll find plenty of ways to incorporate them into your wedding day on social media. Here’s a couple of pet-friendly wedding ideas we prepared earlier.

Wedding Hashtags 10

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This one comes with a warning: do NOT search on an empty stomach, or risk revealing hunger-induced Bridezilla behaviour!

Wedding Hashtags 6

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And, of course, you should all be keeping an eye on the #EasyWeddings hashtag, too!

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