10 common mistakes couples make on Valentine’s Day

It’s almost here. That one calendar day where people around the world declare their love for each other. Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day and whether you love or hate February 14, there are some common mistakes couples make on valentines day. We’ve compiled a list to help you to have a great valentines day with your love.


Pretending it doesn’t exist

You may not be particularly fond of Valentine’s Day, but your partner might be a hopeless romantic, so don’t pretend like it’s any ordinary day. You don’t have to feel pressured to come up with an overly grand gesture every year, but carrying on as usual can be quite insulting to your partner so try to make a little effort.

Not booking in advance

If you want to take your partner out to a nice dinner or a movie, pick up the phone and make a reservation or pre-book movie tickets online to ensure you will be able to do what you had planned to do without fear of being left in the lurch when the restaurant or cinema is fully booked. You may end up having an impromptu night in if you forget to plan!

Not doing anything at all

You could be a new couple or recently celebrated your engagement, but that doesn’t exclude you from spending quality time together on Valentine’s Day, you just might like to tone things down. Even if you have been married for 15 years and feel like you don’t need to do anything special to mark the day, try looking past the roses and chocolates and think of something more meaningful you can do for your partner. It can be something as simple as doing a chore your partner usually does for them and it can mean so much.

Not discussing a budget

Surprises can be lovely, but when you present your partner with a cute stuffed teddy bear and they present you with a holiday to the Whitsundays or a solid gold necklace, things can get awkward. While it is rare to have that much of a discrepancy in gift price points, it can help to have a brief chat before Valentine’s Day to set a guideline. You can go for something small, like under $20, or even pool funds together to do something more extravagant as a couple.


Resisting chivalry

Yes you’re a strong, independent person, but if your partner insists on┬ábeing a courteous for a day, don’t dismiss their offers to open doors or pull out a chair for you. Sometimes it’s just kinder to smile and accept it in the name of romance.

Bringing technology to the table

No matter whether you are going out to a nice restaurant or cooking together at home – leave those phones alone. Switch them to silent and resist the urge to check for notifications every five minutes. Today is all about your relationship and you should give your partner 100% of your attention.


Complaining about the day

Yes, it is a common viewpoint that February 14 is a “Hallmark Holiday”, but there is no need to point this out along with excuses of why you should ignore the day – especially if your partner would like to do something nice together. Complaining about having to put any effort into the day will quickly take the shine off anything you do decide to do for your partner.

Thinking you have to go big

It’s all about the thought on Valentine’s Day. If your ideal date night is to Netflix and chill, then by all means do just that. But for $3 you can buy a cupcake mix at the supermarket and bake some sweet treats you can enjoy during the movie. You might even be able to include your partner’s favourite sweets or a cute message in icing on the top.


Buying a thoughtless present

If the day has slipped your mind and you have been reminded half an hour to work knock-off time, don’t buy the first thing you see on the way home – it will show. In a busy world, mistakes do happen, but it would be much nicer to come home, give your partner a big hug and offer to cook dinner or give them a massage. This will mean so much more than spending your hard-earned money on something with little to no thought put into it.

Buying lingerie – for your partner

If you want to buy something sexy to wear as a Valentine’s Day surprise, good on you. But things can go sour very quickly if you buy something for your partner to wear. While they might enjoy the surprise, it could leave your partner feeling like you’ve really bought the gift for yourself. It is also very tricky to buy women’s lingerie and buying the incorrect size can also be upsetting for your partner. Maybe you could make it a fun experience and go to the shops together and pick something out that you both like and can enjoy when you get home.


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