10 awkward wedding photo bombs

wedding photo bomb

Image: Neil GT Photography

Wedding photos capture precious memories for couples, but what happens when they capture not so precious moments? Here are some of the best awkward wedding photobombs on the internet.

Beachy keen


Anyone up for a swim? No? Just me? Alrighty then. This beautiful day in the sand was shared by the bridal party and a scantily clad man.

Like a tiger

awkward wedding photo bomb

This couple was photo bombed by a pretty menacing looking tiger after holding their reception at the local zoo. We say be thankful for the glass barrier between you.

Party in the back


Looks like the wedding officiant may be more excited for the marriage than the couple themselves. Or maybe they’re just saving themselves for the reception…

Words fail us

awkward wedding photos

Oh my! Looks like someone got to the honeymoon festivities before the newly married couple did!

Hidden gem


Anyone remember the classic puzzle called Where’s Wally? Well, we found him – and he appears to have been sprung hiding in a tree. Now, where’s Odlaw?

At one with nature


Imagine trying to keep all eyes on the vows when someone strolls by topless! Awkward moment indeed.

Nature calls


How romantic. That newlywed glow, encased in each other’s arms … and a dog taking a dump in the background. No mother-in-law jokes, please!

Just passing through

Awkward wedding photo bomb

Image: Distractify

That awkward moment when you have to choose between stopping abruptly or quickly passing through.

Stuck in the middle

wedding photo bomb with bride groom and guest

Image: Studio Cabrelli

Awkward. Just awkward.

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