Tips for live streaming our wedding

What's the best way to go about live streaming our wedding? How does it work? Would the videographer do it or do we need to organise an app or something?

Question Asked: 5/04/2021 Wedding Date: 9/08/2018

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(5) Posted: 5/08/2021

Specialised live streaming companies will be able to provide you with the best solution for live streaming your wedding. They will be able to ensure your audio is prestine, provide extra camera angles if desired and also provide you with a dedicated viewing website to send to your online guests.

Some wedding videographers may have the ability to add a live stream option to their packages but due to the extra specialised equipment needed to supply a quality and stable livestream plus the need to have a dedicated person to monitor audio and switch multiple cameras, many don't have the ability to do this.

If your wedding is ourdoors away from a power source or wifi you will find many may struggle with this also. We recommend finding somebody in your area who specialises in live streaming and is able to operate completely from battery power and who will bring their own quality internet solution with them to give you peace of mind.

(3) Posted: 6/04/2021

The simplest way to stream a wedding is to allow the videographers to take complete control of the process for you. To have the best quality audio and visuals, you need to have the right gear and the knowledge to provide such high-quality services.

We can provide up to 3 camera angles and the ability to use powerpoints and music. This will allow your guests to immerse themselves and feel as if they are at the venue.

With the ability to provide your guests with a private link that is password-protected, you won't need to worry about unwanted viewers.

Motion Of Video

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(6) Posted: 6/04/2021

A videographer is definitely needed if you want decent audio and zooming capabilities. 

A lapel mic on the groom or audio feed out of the microphone is essential.  This audio needs to be monitored and adjusted with either the camera preamps or a sound mixer, to avoid peaking or soft audio.
A zoom lens is also important. Wide for moments where there are multiple personal on screen and close for those emotional moments between the bride and groom.
A phone might not have enough zoom capabilities (or will pixelate), which would be frustrating for the viewers.
The main reason to get a videographer in my opinion is the audio. So your viewers of the stream can clearly hear those all important vows, songs and laughs. If it isn’t done properly it becomes fairly unwatchable after patience has been worn.

My company Motion Of Video - - did live streaming for one of the leading dance studioes in Melbourne (Dance Dynamics) during COVID last year.

Hope that helps!


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Generally certain videographers can provide this service if they have the correct equipment. We set up a link for the couple to share before their day and guests just need to visit the link to view the stream on the day. We like to make it as simple as possible for the guests so we stream to YouTube to allow it to be accessible for anyone, without the need to create a new account. At the same time the stream can only be viewed by someone with the link so the couple can be assured the stream will not be viewed by anyone they do not wish to have access.

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