How much does wedding videography cost?

Question Asked: 2/04/2019

Wedding Date: 9/08/2018

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Memento Films

(8) · Brisbane / Gold Coast / Sunshine Coast

Posted: 6/12/2019

The cost varies for every couple's requirements. But generally, it's $2000-$3000 for mid-range full day coverage.

Memento Films provides mid-range pricing but high-end quality. With our multi-award-winning cinematographers, you can have the peace of mind that your wedding film will be done professionally.

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(1) · Sydney

Posted: 23/05/2023

The cost of wedding videography can vary significantly depending on various factors such as the location, the duration of coverage, the experience and skill of the videographer, the equipment used, and the level of editing and post-production involved. Additionally, different videographers may have different pricing structures, packages, and add-on services.

On average, however, in the Australia, wedding videography packages can range anywhere from $2,000 to $15,000 or more. The lower end of the price range typically includes basic coverage of the ceremony and reception, with minimal editing. As you move up in price, you can expect additional services such as multiple camera angles, drone footage, longer coverage, highlight reels, extended edits, and more advanced editing techniques.

It's important to do thorough research and compare the services and portfolios of different videographers to find one that aligns with your budget and meets your expectations. Additionally, keep in mind that prices may vary in different regions and countries, so it's always best to inquire with local videographers or check their websites for accurate pricing information.

Love Magic Films

(6) · Melbourne and surrounding regions and Mornington Peninsula

Posted: 3/03/2023

Wedding videography pricing varies based on a variety of factors such as length of coverage, number of videographers, and editing time.

Our prices start at $1799. However, I understand that every wedding is unique, and I offer customizable packages to fit the specific needs and budget of my clients. Feel free to contact me for a detailed quote and to discuss the various options available.

Stream Machine

(1) · Brisbane / Sunshine Coast / Gold Coast

Posted: 13/12/2022

At Stream Machine our wedding video / live streaming packages start from $595.00 This includes a fully edited version of the live stream delivered within seven days.

Fikri Films

(23) · Riverina, ACT

Posted: 10/06/2021

Something that will end up being priceless one day should be expensive, but need not be. My company offers a beautiful 10min cinematic highlights film for just $1500.

Lonely Pine Weddings

(41) · Newcastle NSW, Adelaide SA, Melbourne VIC, Brisbane QLD & Tasmania.

Posted: 31/07/2020

Hello there!

There's already some great advice below and we might be late to the party but currently our prices range from $2,750 > $5,000 depending on the chosen package :)

Regardless of your budget I really do feel that you get what you pay for in this industry so just be mindful of that when thinking of your investment!

Good luck with everything :)

Marty & Ben
Little House Films :)

The Right Vibe

(4) · Victoria Wide

Posted: 22/06/2020

There are companies which charge $2500 and those which charge $5000 +. I'd say for true quality, look about the $2500 mark.

I'd be questioning those under $2500 why they are so cheap - as they'd be cutting costs somewhere.

Tailored Wedding Films

(20) · Melbourne, Yarra Valley, Mornington, Geelong and Surrounds

Posted: 15/03/2020

Around 2500-3500 depends on the hours you would like to film.

Pixflix Wedding Films

(3) · Penrith/Blue Mountains

Posted: 4/03/2020

It really just depends on lots of factors, the most important thing to think about is quality of work vs cost. When you are looking at videographers you really need to see the type of work that goes into creating these films. For us, we take so much time not only on the day but in post-production to create the best film for our clients possible. 

If someone is priced lower the quality and care that goes into it won't be as high and therefore you may have issues either before or after with them. 

At the end of the day whatever works for each person but think about the memory this video will provide and really it is priceless. 

Media Chameleon

(1) · Perth

Posted: 7/11/2019

It depends on how many hours of coverage you need. Your sequence of events should fall withing the chosen time frame. 

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