We want our dog in our wedding. Any tips?

Would love some advice! We def want to include our dog in our wedding! We want him as the ring bearer. Are they are any things to avoid or prepare for in advance? Thanks!

Question Asked: 17/04/2023

Wedding Date: 9/08/2018

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The Poochie Mumma

(11) · Melbourne

Posted: 4/07/2024

Of course! 

I would reccomend taking him to parks or perhaps somewhere with a crowd of people to get him used to it and see how he responds. The main thing is to make sure he isn't stressed or overwhemled so preperation is key! 

I offer wedding services such as transportation, supervision, and sleepovers! Sleepovers are a great way for me (or who you decide to help with your pup) to get to know your pup and help him feel more confortable before the big day.

You wont regret having your furbaby apart of your day, they are part of your family so this is a must! <3 Happy to help with whatever you need or if you have any questions feel free to reach out. 

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Silly Wagz Bridal Pups - Wedding Pet Chauffeur

(27) · Victoria and Tasmania

Posted: 23/06/2023

I am biased, but dogs at wedding is a big must! For many they are our first children, so having them involved in your wedding is a memory that will last a life time!

Having him as a ring bearer is the sweetest way to involve him. He can be walked down by a family member or friend, let to run down which is always cute to see or have an experience handler to help out!

If you are based in Victoria or Tasmania we are a wedding day pet chauffeur service! We take care of exercising, dressing up, grooming, transportation and helping out with their involvement in the ceremony and photoshoot!

There are also many other amazing companies in other states who can provide the same service. 

Mitchell Coulthard - Celebrant

(1) · Adelaide, Adelaide Hills and Surrounds

Posted: 18/04/2023

Good afternoon!  A pet in a ceremony.  The easy answer is 'YES'!  But that begs more questions.  What kind of pet?  Big?  Small?  Is it trained in any way?  It's easy to have them bring in the rings during the ring ceremony.  They can be present in many ways around the ceremony.  Trained to bark on command?  Bark like crazy when asked if he thinks the couple should be married.  Trained to stand up?  Dance?  Have him dance in little circles.  Big dog?  Have him 'dragging' the bride to the groom.  So many things you can do.  Use your imagination.  A good celebrant will find ways to make your ceremony the best it can be, especially when you wish to have... unusual... inclusions.  :) 

Riley Designs

(3) · Sydney

Posted: 18/04/2023

Omg! Yes! Nothing related to my business, but there are pet chaperones who handle them for you! If you're in Sydney, I highly recommend 'Pets as Guests', her name is Shelley and she is brilliant! 

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