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As a wedding professional, Aurora Rose Photography offers expert advice to help couples plan their perfect day. Ask a question or read their expert advice.

Should wedding photographers have two cameras?

Aurora Rose Photography

I actually have 4 cameras I take with me. 2 that have different lenses on and a spare. I also carry a back up for my spare camera just in case. It is essential to have a minimum of 2 in the unfortunate situation of one breaking down. It requires time to change lenses which give different options when taking photos and as a photographer you simply don’t have the time to do these changes, otherwise you will simply miss those important moments.

Always feel free to ask your photographer how many they carry and what would they do if one failed to work.

Good luck and happy planning!

Naomi Rose

Aurora Rose Photography

Thinking of having a post-wedding photo shoot?

Looking for someone to do this and wondering if anyone has done this before? It wouldn't be a "hangover party", it would be similar to a portrait shoot... just not on the wedding day but still in our outfits. In victoria somewhere.

Aurora Rose Photography

I would love to join you but I am in Perth. I can imagine you will have a wonderful time doing this. Maybe have a ring around to the different photographers and maybe even look for someone who is new and looking to build their portfolio. May be a bit cheaper and you can have fun all being a bit "crazy" after you big day! 

Have fun!


Aurora Rose Photography 

How many weddings do you book per weekend?

Aurora Rose Photography

Usually I would only book one per weekend, however depending on the size of the day, I have done 2 over a weekend but never more than one on the same day. Each wedding takes a lot of preparation, concentration and research so if we have a 2nd one booked for the same weekend, it would require a lot more preparation which we are more than happy to do to be sure to give each wedding our full attention. 

Happy planning your special day!


if my dream photographer lives in another state, is it worth paying them to come to my wedding?

Aurora Rose Photography

Why not! Your day your way! Always ask the question. At the end of the day when your wedding is over, your photos will be the most valuable part of your day, so if you have found someone who ticks all the boxes, ask if htey will travel and most definitely get them over. It is great to see someone who values their photos/memories enough to consider this so totally go for it and have the confidence your day will be perfectly captured. I am sure it would be a very rare photographer that would pass up the opportunity to photograph in a new location - so much potential for a completely different look than the local photographers may have. Happy planning!

if i have a bad experience with a photographer should i negatively review them?

Aurora Rose Photography

Even photographers that have had years of experience can have a bad day so please contact your photographer first and discuss your concerns with them. There may be something that they will be happy to do that is in their ability to resolve the issue. It would be a rather rare Photographer that would not be concerned about their Bride & Groom being unhappy and not prepared to offer something to fix it.

If after you have contacted the photographer and it has not been resolved well then that may be the time to leave a review. At the end of the day, if you do have a really bad experience, and they are not willing or able to resolve it, then that may be the time to let other couples hear about a bad experience.

Hoping it never happens to you and your day is just a dream.


if im not hiring a flash car, can i ask my photographer to not take any arrival pics?

Aurora Rose Photography

Of course! It is your day and you can ask what you want. There are plenty of other shots they can capture that have no need of a car to be in it. It is just a matter of having a good chat to your Photographer and letting them know what is and what isn't important to you. 

Naomi Tascon Photography

what happens if i get sun burnt during my ceremony and my face is red for wedding photos?

Aurora Rose Photography

I have done several weddings when it has ben 40 degrees and more and it has been incredibly hot. We have large white umbrellas for our bridal party to use to stay out of the sun as much as possible. It is also helpful to give the group a break in between the photo session, especially if it is quite hot. If you think it may be an issue for you, be sure to have a good talk to your makeup artist and wear some great sunscreen. We also have room for the bridal party to store their phones, wallets, lippy and in this case, sunscreen so it is always on hand. 

If despite all of this you end up looking a bit redder than you may have wanted, it is a case of some clever editing to soften the red and let the bridal glow show. :-)

does the higher price in a wedding photographer mean better quality?

Aurora Rose Photography

Price is a huge factor but that doesn't always mean the best is the most expensive. Focus first on how you feel towards their work and how you get on with the photographer. Then you can discuss price. The value is more on what it means to you. If you completely love their work and they are a touch dearer than perhaps others you are considering, the value is in what price you feel they are worth.

Your photos are the biggest part of your day, as soon as your wedding is over and will last a lot longer than any part of your day. There are some that offer relatively lower rates but it is pretty rare that you find a good quality photographer is a charging a budget price. You can't really put a price on your memories if after your day is done, you have photos you are disappointed with. 

Naomi Tascon Photography

if a photographer is with me for 8 hours, when do they get a lunch break?

when is the best time to give them a meal?

Aurora Rose Photography

Great question! It is full on at a wedding and often we don't even think about eating, however for us we usually have a quick bite just before we start and have snacks on hand if needed. When the bridal party are taking a break, that is usually when we stop and realize how long its been and take advantage of the time to have something as well.

If we are required to stay throughout the reception, usually the vendors are given a small meal which is offered to the couple at a discounted rate and that is enough for us to contine sharing the night and capturing the fun of the evening. If we do have a meal, we make sure it is not when we are needed and have often jumped up mid mouthful to capture something exciting. 

Thanks for considering that we are there working and also need a short break through the day like anyone on a job, although its not quite like a job if you love it. 

Naomi - Tascon Photography

How do I stop a photographer using my wedding images for their promotion?

I have read a few contracts and I am so confused. Why don't I own the photo's of ME that I paid for? :(

Aurora Rose Photography

We ask all our couples if they are happy with us using their images. It is rare that a couple don't want their images shared but we have had that as a request and totally respect their decision. Having our clients feel happy and confident in what we offer, including what we do or don't share afterwards is our priority. 

If you find a photographer that does not want to agree to this then simply move on, there are plenty of photographers that more interested in pleasing their clients than sharing some photos. It would be pretty rare to find one that will refuse to budge so communication is best, simply ask and if you cannot come to an agreement, then they are not the photographer for you.

One couple did not want their images used online but were happy enough for us to have them in a display album that we have in our studio so that can be an option. You do own the images that you are given, however the photographer also owns a copy, what happens to those images after your wedding is something you can just both discuss and come to a mutual agreement on.

Happy planning. 

Naomi - Tascon Photography

How much does a photographer usually cost per hour?

If I wanted to extend by an hour or two are they usually flexible? Looking in birs, qld for a photog if you know any :)

Aurora Rose Photography

You will have a huge range of options and that will depend on their skill and what they include in their packages. We find most in WA range from $300-$600. I am from Qld and would love to have an excuse to head there for a holiday! Feel free to check some of our packages. Sadly I don't know any photographers I can recommend you to but this site is bound to offer you some great options. Happy planning.

Naomi - Tascon Photography

Is it worth it having a photographer or should I just rely on friends to take the photos?

in the interest of saving $$

Aurora Rose Photography

What have you spend on your dress? Your cake? You cars? The flowers? - What will you have the day after your wedding to enjoy? Your photos. If that is an important part to you then please do not rely on friends. My parents are a prime example, they have literally 5 photos after their "friend" photographer put the film in backwards and had to rely on other people for whatever they could find. They ended up doing a reshoot but it is never the same. 

If your photos are something that are important to you then you may forever regret it. Photos are the most important part of your day once it is over and you never can replace them. I am very passionate about having a professional photographer as I have sadly seen so many couple devestated about their photos afterwards. 

It will all depend on how important it will be to you afterwards if you don't get those special moments and if you are ok with that. It is a big risk so please consider this decision very carefully. 

Hope you have a wondeful day. 

Naomi - Tascon Photography

should i have an engagement photoshoot?

say i do an engagement photoshoot to see if i like the photographer. what if i dont like them? then ive just wasted money?! how do i figure out if i have a good photographer without seeing them actually shoot photos of me?

Aurora Rose Photography

Usually by the time to go to do an engagement session you would have already spoken to, met and gotten a good idea of what your photographer is like and what their style is. The down side is yes if you have an engagement session and need to pay for that and decide that you no longer feel comfortable with your photographer, the loss of a few dollars then is worth it to be sure you have a photographer on your day that you really love. It would be very rare though to go to that stage and then decide to pull out. That is why it is really important to be sure you read reviews, meet your photographer, go through their style of work before choosing. It is a risk you will take, but a very valuable one if it means being sure of your photographer in the long run. Happy planning!

does every photographer offer budoir shoots? or just specific ones?

Aurora Rose Photography

Not all wedding photographers offer boudoir sessions and not all boudoir photographers offer wedding photography. It is simply a matter of having a look around and seeing what is available. 

We absolutley love both and are happy to offer boudoir sessions with several of our packages and as a stand along session. If you have found a photographer you like, ask them, they may do it without you even realising or may even be keen to try something new. Boudoir photography is such an awesome experience so definitely try and give it a go if you have the opportunity. 

Happy planning!

Naomi - Tascon Photography

Do photographers edit out blemishes?

I have some pretty awful scarring on my arms from a motorbike accident a few years ago. Can I have them edited out of my wedding photos? Is it difficult/expensive to do?

Aurora Rose Photography

In short - YES! I have had several beautiful brides who have little parts about themselves that they prefer to have hidden or covered over and we are more than happy to do so. Depending on the amount of extra editing however there may be a fee involved. 

One client had some moles that she was very self conscious off so they were something we could quite easily adjust on her images, however we have been asked to hide large tattoos and that can be a bit more tricky so a small fee extra was charged. 

It is best to have a chat to your photographer and ask what level skill they have at editing out parts you want done and as others have said, maybe being aware of it on the day and shooting from a different angle. You can be very creative in photos so be open with your photographer about any concerns and let them make you feel confident they will be able to deliver you images you will love. 

Best of wishes

Naomi - Tascon Photography

why do wedding photographers cost so much?

Is it mainly the cost of equipment and editing or are there other costs that I may not be thinking about? I want to invest in a quality photographer but I want to take everything into account when deciding on the packages.

Aurora Rose Photography

Hi Kylie,

I can't speak for others but I do know you will find a very large variety of pricing between photographers. For starters you can consider the time on the actual day of your wedding. Unlike most other photo sessions there is a lot of pre-work done. For myself I will do a lot of research on the different venues so I have a good idea of what I will be able to offer. I try and come up with different shots I have not done before so each wedding I do has different moments. I prepare usually a couple of days in advance all my equipment. I have 3 main cameras and can use up to 5 different lenses. I format and ensure that all my SD cards are ready and clear. Check all my bag, batteries, cleaning items, as well as a lot of other equipment. So if you consider just that, you are starting at a rate of an hourly fee for the photographer being there on the day, their travel (which most don't charge for but it is still to be considered as well as fuel) Then if you have a 2nd photographer that also adds to the cost. For a full day wedding I would roughly put in a good full week of editing.

You are covering the cost of the editing time which is the most expensive part of the process. Other factors are... cost of cameras.. literally thousands and they don't last so every couple of years you replace a $3000-5000 camera. Lenses that are professional can be anywhere from $1500 +++. Editing software, insurance, on going learning and training, advertising as well as all the time at expos or different avenues to promote your business, you are also basically paying for your photographers hopefully many years of experience that someone with a nice camera simply cannot offer.

Unfortunately photography is an incredibly expensive business to be in. If you want to invest in your memories, then you do need to pay for the confidence that who you do choose will be able to capture your day perfectly. As others say, it is only get the one take. You take the chance on someone who has not go the experience, or someone who seems to be too good to be true, the chances are they are... Do your own research and find a photographer who's work you love.

Remember, you will only consider the price of your photographer once, you will treasure the value forever.

Have a wonderful wedding day and who every you choose to capture your day, that you will love each and every memory.

Naomi Tascon

Tascon Photography

Is it very important to hire a professional photographer for my wedding day?

And when I am choosing, which questions should I be asking them?

Aurora Rose Photography

Hi Tina,

It all comes down to what do you most value? A news article covering the hurricane in the US interviewed several people affected and the most important thing they all wanted to save were their photographs. If your photos are that important to you then absolutley without a doubt hire a professional. If you are happy with having a few happy snaps and being ok with ending up with a few blurry rushed shots, then you can manage without a professional. 

Your wedding is all about what you want. No one can tell you what is important and what isn't. The only thing you absolutely do need is a groom, a celebrant and 2 witnesses. The rest are all optional extras. 

If you do go ahead with a professional there are other questions posted in this Advice area that cover that from many photographers but the most important would be 2 things. 1. Do you love their work? 2. Do you get on with the photographer? They are with you more than anyone on your day so it will make your day so much nicer if you have a good rapport with your photographer. The rest is really about working out a package and price that works best for you. 

Happy planning!

Naomi - Tascon Photography

What do I do if my wedding photos are spoiled?

Hey guys! Need your urgent help. My photographer gave me my wedding album with photos which were partially spoiled and blurred. Is there any way I can fix these? What should I do?

Aurora Rose Photography

Hi Alissa,

If your album was damaged after you received it, your photographer should be able to assist with arranging a replacement. If it was damage done by your photographer, they should really cover the cost. Regarding blurry images, I would not give clients blurry images so unless these have been damaged after you have received the album, there is not really much you can do to repair a blurry image.
The best advice is to just talk to your photographer. Show them and discuss options to repair the situation. If your photographer is at fault, you may be eligible for a refund or partial refund.

I would be happy to try and assist you with a new album if you have digital images and having no success with your photographer.

Hope it works out for you.

Photo locations

Wanting to get some ideas on how long to leave for photos in between our wedding in Werribee (Melbourne), how long should we take at each location? Where are some good places to for photos?

Aurora Rose Photography

I don't know Melbourne at all but why not do a quick google search of "Wedding Photos Melbourne" or whatever spots you may think of. Also have a good look through other photographers portfolio and if you see something you love then ask where the location was. 

You will find your photographer will also have a few favourite spots that they would be more than happy to suggest. 

Happy planning!

Naomi - Tascon Photography

What questions should I ask a potential wedding photographer?

I want to make the right choice when choosing my wedding photographer. What questions should I a potential photographer?

Aurora Rose Photography

Before you ask anything, you need to love their work and "click" with your photographer. They will be with you more than anyone else on your day so it is important to get one well with them.

* Do they back up their images

* What do you need to do to get a copy if you lose yours

* What "style" do they use - is it a set style or varied and what do you want

* Do they accept photo suggestions - if that is something you would like to do

* Is there a contract and what does it cover

* Are they insured

* Can you see a full wedding portfolio - not just what is displayed online

* How long till you recieve your images and what is the guarantee offered

* How many images will you receive

* Have they done many weddings

* Will the photographer you meet be the one on your day

* Ask to see past clients testamonials

* Has there been any cases when the Photographer did not attend

* Do they get on well with other vendors - especially the videographer as they often need to work around each other

* What will they be wearing - you don't really want large logos being advertised at your wedding

* Ask to see the quality of their products - albums - acrylics - if a part of your package

* What other services may they be able to provide

There are bound to be many things to consider but again the most important is do you like their work and if you get on well, you are at least half way there. 

Happy planning!

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