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Based in Melbourne, The Clique provides high-quality and affordable wedding photography and videography services. You'll find this expert team to be focused on client satisfaction, communication and reliability to deliver beautiful wedding photography and videos to Melbourne couples. Whatever the style or scale of your wedding, The Clique has the creativity and skillset to capture its beauty.

Capture Your Wedding Elegance with The Clique: A Legacy of Timeless Memories

Welcome to Clique Pixel Productions, part of The Clique online, where capturing the essence of your wedding day is not just our profession, but our passion. With over three decades of experience, we're a trusted name in wedding photography, known for turning fleeting moments into everlasting memories. Our journey began with a deep-rooted love for photography, and over the years, we've evolved, embracing new techniques and technologies to ensure we offer nothing but the best.

Your experience with us starts with a personalized consultation. We dive into understanding your unique style, wedding theme, and personality, enabling us to craft images and videos that embody the heart and soul of your special day. With our diverse package options, we cater to your needs without compromising on quality or value.

Our expertise isn't just in capturing moments; it's about enhancing them. Using top-tier equipment and professional editing tools, we ensure that every shot from your wedding day is a testament to our commitment to excellence. Our background in event and sports photography enriches our ability to capture dynamic, candid moments with precision and flair.

At The Clique, we pride ourselves on our adaptability. Whether it's mastering natural lighting or creating the perfect ambiance with professional setups, we guarantee stunning imagery regardless of your venue. Our obligation-free consultation is just the beginning of a journey we promise will be as seamless and beautiful as the memories we capture.

Why The Clique is your ideal choice:

  • Live Broadcasting: We bring your wedding to distant friends and family in crystal-clear quality, ensuring everyone is part of your joyous occasion.
  • Combined Expertise: Our dual offering in photography and videography means you get a harmonious blend of visuals, with attractive package savings.
  • Drone Excellence: Experience the grandeur of your wedding from a breathtaking perspective with our aerial photography, a testament to the beauty of your venue.

Choosing Clique Pixel Productions means:

  • You're opting for decades-strong legacy of exceptional photography.
  • You're assured of a well-organized, professional approach.
  • You're investing in a team equipped with the latest technology and skills.
  • You're selecting a partner known for punctuality, organization, and meticulous attention to detail.

Entrust your wedding day to Clique Pixel Productions, where every click is a promise of a memory beautifully preserved.


Experience the magic of Clique Pixel, where I, with my son Terance, blend tradition and innovation in wedding photography. My journey, rooted in celluloid, was reignited by Terance's passion. I capture stunning photos while he brings each moment to life through video. Together, we ensure your wedding memories are beautifully preserved. We invite you to connect with us, to discuss how we can make your wedding day not just memorable, but truly unforgettable. Let's create something beautiful

Ed Hore

Business Owner

Easy Weddings Special Offer


Discount on our range of wedding products and services. Simply fill out the contact form or phone us, and mention "Easy Weddings".

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Exclusive Offer
Leap Year special - only till June 30 2024
  • All-inclusive Video and Photo ($2,850) -- Full coverage includes Photography (including drone photos of ceremony)
  • Pre-ceremony family and friends during prep
  • The Civil Ceremony from all angles including guests with video and photography
  • Family photos post ceremony
  • Photoshoot between ceremony and reception with Video highlights on a site of the bridal parties' choosing (within 10kms of reception)
  • Reception includes cutting of the cake, first dance, speeches and dancing with candid and formal guest shoots
  • up to 9.30 pm
  • For weddings booked before June 30 2024 and shot before May 2025
Exclusive Offer
All-inclusive Video and Photography
  • All-inclusive Video and Photo ($2,950) -- Full coverage includes Photography (including drone photos of ceremony)
  • Pre-ceremony photos of family and friends during prep
  • The Civil Ceremony from all angles including guests
  • Family photos post ceremony
  • Photoshoot between ceremony and reception on a site of the bridal parties' choosing (within 10kms of reception)
  • Reception includes cutting of the cake, first dance, speeches and dancing guests
  • up to 9.30 pm
  • For weddings booked after July 1st 2024 and shot before May 2025
Exclusive Offer
All-inclusive Wedding Photography

Price includes:

  • All-inclusive Photoshoot ($2,050) 
  • Pre-ceremony photos of family and friends during prep
  • The Civil Ceremony from all angles including guests
  • Family photos post ceremony
  • Photoshoot between ceremony and reception on a site of the bridal parties' choosing (within 10kms of reception)
  • Reception includes cutting of the cake, first dance, speeches and dancing guests
  • up to 9.30 pm
  • This basic package includes highlights and social media videos for use on Instagram etc
  • Wedding must be before May 2025
Exclusive Offer
All-Inclusive Wedding Videography

Price includes:

  • All-inclusive Video shoot ($2,050) 
  • The Civil Ceremony from all angles including guests
  • Videoshoot between ceremony and reception on a site of the bridal parties choosing (within 10kms of reception)
  • Reception includes cutting of the cake, first dance, speeches and dancing guests
  • up to 9.30 pm
  • Other additional options include - drone footage, live broadcast or 360° recording (from $100)
  • Wedding must be before May 2025



Service Area Melbourne & Surrounding Areas

Melbourne & Surrounding Areas
Melbourne & Surrounding Areas


Yes, we are able to commute to wherever your wedding is in Metro Melbourne or in regional Victoria. 

We can also take post-ceremony wedding portraits at different locations, at no extra charge.  However, if it is more than 10km away (measured from a radius) there would be a small fee at a negotiable price. It is to cover petrol costs. 

In our experience, the post-ceremony portraits shouldn't be too far from the ceremony. There are many amazing places in Metro Melbourne. 

We have some of the latest DJI drone models which all vary in weight, so we are able to take imagery in all conditions and locations.

Drones are affected by wind conditions, hence weight matters.

We can fly in all locations as we are licensed by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority, to fly a drone at weddings a license is required. 

We also have a 6metre pole to which we can attach a camera too. So if the weather conditions are poor, we can still achieve an aerial look. 

Note, that having drone imagery incurs a fee of $100 for the ceremony. 

We can live record and broadcast your wedding with our 360-degree Insta One R camera. 

Provide us access to your Facebook, instagram or Youtube and you will have it uploaded immediately (no editing) so people around the world can watch. Then we will leave it on your account ready for your friends to watch any time they want.

We can even do the whole wedding in 360° video live.

(may require a data connection from the event if 5G not available)

Depending on how large your wedding is, what parts of the wedding you have requested photos for, and if it is an all-inclusive service, we can have at least 400 edited photos. For a full day, we can give 500 edited photos. (Note, the edited photos can have a colour grade). 

The 400minimum images will be sent digitally from USB and/or downloadable links.  They would be Jpeg and PNGs and be around 8MB sizes. Smaller or bigger sizes can be requested. 

The default for edited photos is a realistic colour grade unless you would like a specific colour grade or look. 

Yes, we do offer photo albums as we have a photo printer in our home studio. We can Kodak photo paper for life time results. 

Printing 400 photos can be very expensive (an option we can provide but takes a lot of labour and materials).

What we usually do is send the 400 or 500 photos digitally and then you can choose what photos you would like printed in an album.

We can then produce a photo book for you as a coffee table item that you can keep so everyone can see your special day or individual photos in a photo album you choose and we will fill it up. 

4 reviews 5.0 Write a Review

May 2024

It was really beautiful experience working with Edward and TJ. They were both supportive and helpful right from the start. They did exactly what we wanted, we had a few issues with the couple but Edward and TJ were understanding and made the day prefect for them. The photos are prefect, happy with the result. Organising an album, can't wait to see that and also excited to see the video soon. Once again I will recommend Edward and TJ to anyone that wants their special day a memorable one that they will never forget. And it was affordable too


Clique Pixel Productions

Never an issue to help a client, as long as we make the most important day the most memorable we are happy. Loved working with you and all the family and all our love to couple and all their families.

March 2024

Clique Pixel Productions were great to work with throughout the whole process. We had a few phonecalls the Ted and he explained the whole process of the day. They turned up way ahead of time on the day to set up and they went an extra mile to make our special day memorable. We would be hiring this supplier again in future and would highly recommend them to friends and family.

Sandra B.

Clique Pixel Productions

And Sandra, we cannot wait to work with your family again. You were so inviting, beautiful and wonderful people. So much tradition and full of colour, laughter and life. It was a true pleasure to capture your most precious day.

February 2024

HIGHLY recommend Ed and Tj for your wedding day. The duo are incredible and make your day run perfectly. They made the whole process so easy and helped us when we felt awkward in posing. Not only were they extremely professional, they also were so fun and made us smile so much for the duration of our day. Thank you so much Ed and TJ, we feel so lucky to have you there with us and having you listen to everything we wanted captured and allowing us to just be ourselves. You made our day so much more memorable and i couldnt be any more happier.

Brylee T.

Clique Pixel Productions

We had so much fun working on this wedding, it was not like a job at all. Everyone was incredible. We want to thank you and Luke for allowing us to be part of your day and look forward to working with you and your family in the future. Thank you for your kind words.

August 2022

My hubby and I had the BEST experience with The Clique Online! I cannot rave about this team enough. They were so incredibly professional, with great ideas. They listened to what we were wanting (especially to what my fussy husband was wanting) and they made it work beautifully. Our photos are AMAZING!! We'd looked at several other companies to go with and I know hands down that we made the right choice. Thank you SO much Clique Online, you've made us very happy!

Nemarca W.

Clique Pixel Productions

Thank you so much Nemarca, it was a pleasure to spend the day with you. No one is too fussy making their day and their photos perfect. We were very happy to make your day as special as it was.

Expert Advice

expert advice

As a wedding professional, Clique Pixel Productions offers expert advice to help couples plan their perfect day. Ask a question or read their expert advice.

Get Expert Advice

How to tactfully ask guests not to post any of our wedding photos to socials

What's the best way to handle this request? We really don't want any of our photos shown on social media before we get a chance to do it ourselves. Is this something to include as early as the invitations? Or wait to the ceremony?

Clique Pixel Productions

This is a lose/lose situation. If you tell your guests not to take photos in the invitation, you will start off upsetting those in your guest list that are 'budding photographers.' As others have said, get your celebrant to ask people to not post photos before you get your images back. We provide images during the event that we ask people to share. This way we can help control the images that are shared to the public. But selfies and the like are going to always catch you out.

I may not be popular in saying this, but I would advise to just roll with it.

One thing you can do to ensure the photos taken are not completely connected to the wedding is after your celebrant asks everyone not to take photos is to ask your bridal party not just avoid being in images not taken by the photographer. This is easier to control than asking people to not take photos.

One thing you can ask and be pretty serious about is to make sure all phones are turned off during the ceremony. Ask your photographer to be prepared to say no and remember that from the start of the morning till the time you go to bed, nothing can be 100% controlled so just let things happen as it happens. It is easier to ignore it than it is to control it. In saying that, we often ask people to put their phones away and that we are there for the photos to ensure the images are the best that see the light of day.

How long does it usually take to get wedding photos back?

We're trying to coordinate photos and video for a post-wedding event with our family.

Clique Pixel Productions

It depends on what part of the process you want access to your photos. We try to turn around in 2 to 4 weeks. We say 2 weeks to see the proofs and the gallery before full colour grading. Then we will find out your best picks for the main grading and we promise to have your photos completed by 4 weeks. 4 Weeks is about the average out there. 

We had a rush job of 1 week once, we charged accordingly but, it can be done.

What are the main shots we need to get at our wedding?

Can you advise a common shot list for our wedding? I want to make sure nothing is missed. First kiss, first dance, etc. What are some of the shots you don't even think about? Thank you!

Clique Pixel Productions

It is hard to say what shots will become the favourite of the Bride and Groom, the truth is a good photographer will be ready to capture the standard set shots and all the spontaneous fun shots.


There are plenty of lists around the internet with the set shots required in a wedding. Most of these are recorded and ensured to be in the final album - whether digital or printouts. But there are also the special moments, a family member coming from overseas that you want to ensure you get photos with the family, the unusual gift or the specially arranged cultural dance. All these things you didn't think of before the wedding.


Our advice is to get to know us before the wedding, tell us your story and we will ensure you get the result you are after to have the experience you want with the photographer being the 'fly on the wall' or 'up close and personal' throughout the day.


Once the wedding is over, you want the memories of the day to be something you are proud to show off. From Bride and Groom prep, through the ceremony the photoshoot and till the last dance and farewell at the reception. Find a photographer you can trust, and they will do this job for you.


Edward Hore

The Clique online


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  • Ask if you can add additional photographers if needed

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