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Vivian T.

22 Sep 2018

Davey was fantastic as both DJ and MC! He was easily contactable, arrived promptly to get set up, with his own laptop and equipment. The variety of music he played was endless, and he accommodated all of our music requests! Great price point by Mobydisc!

Kylie T.

23 Aug 2018

The dj was fantastic. We had him also MC for the night. It was great to have the option of letting the dj choose the music or making our own playlist which is a very easy online experience. They are even happy enough for you to supply any music they didnt have.

Samantha H.

10 Aug 2018

Vanessa was an outstanding DJ! Vanessa called us up the week before and made sure everything was good to go and put us at ease. She listened to our requests but also played music that suited the night best and got everyone up, ldancing and having a good time.

Rachael W.

31 Aug 2020

Amazing people. So friendly and had everything I wanted :)

Brittany M.

13 Mar 2020

We had the best time with Will. Not only was he a professional DJ he also fit right in with our family. We have had compliments after compliments about Will and how he truly made the night! I cannot recommended moby disc enough and will be using them for any future events in our family!

Kristian S.

5 Mar 2020

We had few last minute teething issues (not really because of the DJ or anything) however all got sorted. DJ was on time, guest loved the music, reasonably priced service... Very happy with everything. :)

Mobydisc - Professional DJ Services  

Hi Kristian, appreciate the great review. Glad we could help and solve problems out of our scope. The DJ added it was a great Wedding with wonderful people. All the best in you future endeavors.

Emma B.

22 Feb 2020

It was only pretty late in our planning process that we realised we would need a DJ. We had previously planned to just play music through an iPad, but the speakers at our venue may not have been able to produce the kind of volume we needed. So, having not budgeted for a DJ, we searched for someone cost-effective with a good reputation, and we found it in Mobydisc. Our DJ arrived and set up well in advance of the wedding, and even killed some time during dinner, when we didn't need DJ music. He was dressed well and played songs from the playlist we had previously set up on the Mobydisc website. He could also play a few songs not in the Mobydisc library directly from our iPhones. Everyone had a great time on the dancefloor.

Stacey B.

15 Jan 2020

Highly recommend this DJ Service. The communication in the lead up to the event was excellent and one of the things we had requested was a DJ that could read the crowd and play accordingly which I feel Tony certainly achieved. The pricing is brilliant for the brilliant service you receive, I would definitely use them again for any event requiring music!

Anne S.

21 Dec 2019

Will was fantastic! He read the crowd well and had most people up and dancing. We were very happy with his service and trusted him to do his own thing to suit the mood in the room.

Renee G.

26 Oct 2019

This was included as part of the wedding reception package. We had so much fun with the music, and the DJ was so interactive with the crowd and took on requests through the night - fun was had by all.

Mandy D.

25 Oct 2019

We hired the karaoke juke box for our wedding. Very well priced, delivered to our door with full instruction from the operator. The machine was easy to use and a lot of fun on the day. Perfect for our small wedding.

Kaliana C.

7 Sep 2019

They had a good song selection and the quality of the music was good. Unfortunately the DJ did not take great direction on what songs to play and when, and neither microphone worked so our speeches has to be done just on voice. Their equipment also did not allow our videographers to directly plug in to record the speeches which was a great disappointment when hiring a professional service.

Mobydisc - Professional DJ Services  

We would like to point out that the wedding seemed to be a great success due to the lovely couple and their respective families and friends. Also the friendly hospitality shown by the staff toward the DJ was very positive. However we would like to clarify a few points. The videographer contacted us a week prior to the function requesting permission to plug into and record from our system. As explained to the videographer and the client in advance, our Public Performance Licence, and recommendations from APRA state that it is in breach of our contract to record, then reproduce. As it is illegal we would be jeopardising our ethical standards within the industry by accepting these requests. We ask that our legal and professional morals be respected in making this decision. Upon review we understand that most professional videographers do in fact supply their own recording devices. We do accept the problems for the microphones, unfortunately they were brand new, in box and but were not tested upon using. However the DJ quickly rectified the situation with a pair of backup microphones. The following day the bride and groom were adequately reimbursed for the faulty microphones. Thank you for your helpful feedback, we would like to reiterate our congratulations toward the lovely and understanding couple, who by all accounts still seemed to have a great night. Both the DJ and venue conveyed the same thoughts in regards to the wonderful couple. If there are any questions please contact Michael on 0418 860 675 or alternatively

Fiona R.

31 May 2019

Vanessa did a wonderful job DJing our wedding, taking requests from our guests, and accommodating the wishes of our smallest people - yes, she did have music from Frozen! We had supplied some ideas for dinner and after dinner music, and Vanessa used some of these and also her own ideas, responding to the guests. Thanks Vanessa!

Joanne D.

22 May 2019

Mobydisc were very affordable and their help center was very helpful. However you don't get to meet your DJ until the day of the wedding, so you won't know if the DJ you are allocated is the right fit for you or not.

Yenny C.

11 May 2019

The discussion leading up was quite vague and I was a bit worried at first. But a DJ got in contact with me 2 days before the wedding and made our event a lively one. Thanks Niko!

Leah P.

11 May 2019

Awesome DJ!

Ranjini A.

29 Mar 2019

Mobydisc was an good service, however on the wedding day the music we had prepared months in advanced could not be played as our song list didn't printed properly on their end and we didn't realise we had to bring our song list on the day. The music also didn't 'flow' well, each song was played one after the other in its entirety, like songs played on an iPod.

Mobydisc - Professional DJ Services  

Thank you Ranjini, we appreciate your kind words and feedback regarding our services. Our paperwork does stress to bring your desired song list on the night, and two phone calls were made the week of the wedding from the DJ as a reminder to bring the song list. Additionally guests of the wedding and members of the bridal party requested certain songs to be played after each other, unfortunately these songs were contrasting and as a result did lead to an unfavourable flow of music. On a positive note, from all accounts the Wedding was a big success to the extent that the venue, bridal party and parents continuously praised the DJ on what a great job she did.

Cristina H.

29 Mar 2019

Our Canberra DJ was fantastic, a really nice guy, and had music which got everyone from all age groups dancing. he was quite chilled when things didn't go to plan, ie my husband disappeared when the 'first waltz was due to be played and he covered that little slip up very well.

Jimeoin H.

9 Mar 2019

I can honestly say that Mobydisc was the perfect choice for our wedding. Niko was the Dj for our wedding night and I was so happy to have him alongside us, working his magic. Mobydisc would always get back to me over email anytime I had any questions or concerns, and even helped us put together a list for my Wife's Brother to help him out as our MC. I made up a List for Niko to follow at our wedding of songs to play, ques to follow, and a couple of surprises that I needed his help with, and he was stoked to be a part of everything, and made sure we knew it. He was energetic, happy, and full of ideas, and we had so much fun with him pumping out hit after hit, and taking guest requests. Look no further than Mobydisc for your wedding.

Nadia Z.

8 Mar 2019

Kellie was great, she could read the mood of the room very well and got everyone dancing! Also provided MC services perfectly! We've upgraded from the normal DJ package to a platinum (experienced DJ) and don't regret it at all! Kellie stayed 6h + setup and packup time.

Monica S.

22 Dec 2018

We booked Mobydisc as our wedding DJ and MC. We weren't sure in the lead up how it would work out since we didn't get assigned our DJ until the week of, but in the end Lachlan was perfect! He was fun and had everyone up dancing!

Rebecca S.

15 Dec 2018

Funny personality - entertained the guests and adhered to song requests etc.

Amanda D.

24 Nov 2018

Had a Dj for 5 hours did everything we asked for and played the music we wanted. He also made suggestions as well everything was pleased with the outcome

Eloise R.

22 Nov 2018

Luck of the drawer with these guys. Booking process was easy, and price is very reasonable. They have a great website that you can build your playlist with, and I’m glad we did. The DJ we had wasn’t the greatest, he got our first dance song wrong and I had to walk over to show him the correct one.

Mobydisc - Professional DJ Services  

A device was given to the DJ to play the Bridal Waltz, with instructions to press play, which he did. Unfortunately the device was faulty and skipped to the next song. The DJ rectified this immediately. The DJ, not wanting to sour a great night took the blame for the clients faulty device. The venue. guests and parent commended the DJ for a fantastic night. We at Mobydisc praised the DJ for his professionalism in accepting blame for the hit and miss device, as he didn't want to take the gloss off a successful night.

Sparshy S.

10 Nov 2018

The music was amazing and kept everyone (and the unexpected) on the floor long after our exit!

Amaya M.

19 Oct 2018

We didn't ask much of the DJ, only specifying the songs for the bridal waltz and father-daughter dance, and left the rest up to her. She read the room well, playing appropriate music and trying to get the party going, despite it not being much of a dancing crowd. The communication with the company was easy and straightforward.

Maxine J.

13 Oct 2018

He was our DJ and MC for the night and he was terrific. He kept the crowd engaged and happy.

Elizabeth E.

6 Oct 2018


Justine L.

23 Sep 2018

Olivia was awesome! Loved the music, everyone danced and she rocked the night.

Caroline S.

9 Sep 2018

What a fund night they have created for us. The music was amazing and kept everyone dancing.

Kate G.

31 Aug 2018

We used MobyDisk for our engagement party and it was a huge it! The machine was so easy to use and had all of our guests up on the dancefloor! Will definitely use again!

Suman S.

30 Aug 2018

I was quite disappointed with the DJ...The song which i had carefully selected and downloaded for playing when I walked down the aisle wasn't played. She did apologise for it and the rest of the day went without any glitch. However it did kind of make me sad.

Mobydisc - Professional DJ Services  

The song for walking down the aisle was initially the responsibility of the celebrant. This was changed in the last minute for the DJ to play. The iPod that was given to the DJ with instructions to press play had a 5 second delay. With more time this glitch could of been rectified. On the upside reports from family, guests and the venue where all positively glowing for the DJ which contributed to a successful Wedding.

Kirsty G.

6 Jul 2018

Great choice the Dj was in contact lots to help ensure we had the music we desired.

Daniel J.

5 May 2018

Really good! It was stress free experience and they were flexible on the day and were so accommodating with requests. They prepared before hand and it was an easy experience organising the playlist with them.

Audrey B.

20 Apr 2018

Everything we needed with other options we didn't require. Good communication calling the day before to confirm details.

Shannon R.

14 Apr 2018

we hired the jukebox for our wedding and it was great. Very affordable and was good to be able to pick the music we wanted

Andrew M.

7 Apr 2018

Great DJ reasonable price.

Anabel H.

7 Apr 2018

Our DJ was professional and was open to any special song requests that we had on the night. Would recommend to anyone.

Bronwyn T.

7 Apr 2018

We had Niko as our dj and mc he smashed it we had a good mix of ages and he played music for everyone. We had a few different additions to our reception and he was more then happy to accommodate them will definitely be using him again.

Karen R.

22 Mar 2018

They were really good! They kind of just read the room which was excellent, and he asked us on the day what we wanted our first dance to which was great.

Natalie B.

3 Mar 2018

Good quality jukebox, only wanted some background music, no mc or dj

Natasha S.

3 Mar 2018

Jayson our DJ was so much fun. He engaged with our guest and wedding party all night. He went out of his way to make sure our guest were happy. And didn’t complain about guests and the kids requesting songs being played more then once. Continued to play music until all the guests had left.

Bernessa B.

28 Feb 2018

Mobydiscs were easy to work with, professional and provided a great service. We asked them to act as MC for us and they did a fantastic job. We did have a bit of a glitch during the reception however it was nothing of concern to us. The DJ was apologetic and accepted fault infront of everyone. He did not try to hide it. No one had an issue with it - instead we all had a laugh. Their creativity was fantastic and we left it up to them to decide on our final song for the night. They made a great choice. We could not have been happier. Overall, fanastic job.

Sue S.

24 Feb 2018

Great DJ! We gave them a list of our preferred songs and they played them all. Very professional.

Kirsty J.

5 Jan 2018

Excellent DJ Tiaco B was fantastic every step of the way

Robert K.

15 Dec 2017

The song that mattered the most was the bridal dance song which is the only one they mucked up.,, He skipped about 15 seconds after the beginning, so our choreographed dance routine was severely impacted by that. Disappointments aside, he was otherwise polite and performed well on the night.

Mobydisc - Professional DJ Services  

Two weeks prior to the wedding the groom told the DJ that he would supply the Bridal Waltz. Unfortunately on the night the groom forgot to bring it. The groom had a back up Bridal Waltz on a Taiwanese phone, however the operating system of this phone could not be converted to English. The groom instructed the DJ to play his brothers phone with the Bridal Waltz on it. In doing so, regrettably the brothers phone was not formatted correctly hence the 15 second delay.

Larry K.

10 Dec 2017

They were great! The setup was great and were more than accommodating and contributed to the success of the day. We had great music and fun and games and they assist.

Mirela P.

25 Nov 2017

They played the songs we have requested and all at the suitable time. Professional looking DJ, very accommodating. We recommend this vendor

Kun J.

18 Nov 2017

The DJ did a great job and played all the songs we requested. However we were not entirely happy with the MC service which was a bit too casual and wasn’t what we were expecting.

Kathryn S.

18 Nov 2017

They were pretty good, they did what we asked and played our songs.

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