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The White Tree Band is a customisable 3 - 12 piece band performing everything from acoustic sets to rock'n'roll!

We provide world-class live music, natural journalistic photography and cinematic quality film – all under the one artistic roof.

Our band is made up of a bunch of sexy musicians who know how to rock the classics, throw down the modern stuff, and essentially just make your dance floor a fun, hilarious, sweaty mosh pit. All you need to do is come down to one of our Showcase gigs in your city, and hand pick your faves. We also offer DJs and DJ/Sax/Trumpet/Percussion combos …if that’s more your jam.

Our photographers are young, talented creatives who don’t JUST shoot weddings. This is paramount to achieving creative wedding photos. On the day we are constantly observing. Not in an obtrusive way; just in a way that ensures the fun and intimate moments don’t go unnoticed. We also take huge pride in being enjoyable folks to hang out with. At the end of the day, who wants to hang out with a boring, bossy photographer at your wedding?!

With our film, we have worked DAMN hard to develop a wedding film product which is genuinely cinematic and emotive without being cheesy. We’ve handcrafted hundreds of wedding videos that adopt our distinct modern style. At the same time, we also love to finesse our story telling, to create a film narrative which is boldly unique for every couple.


Hi I'm James. I'm the Owner, Creative Director & Drummer with The White Tree. I'm passionate about all things music, photography and film...which is what we offer with The White Tree. I'm also a huge fan of anything creative and design based, and I love looking outside of the wedding industry to find artistic inspiration for our work. Some of my loves...I love Tarantino films, the ocean, ambitious people, Thai food, old fashioned cocktails & The Beatles.

Mr James Tudball

Business Owner

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Free Acoustic Soloist Set

Free Acoustic Soloist Set (1hr) for the cocktail hour, valued at $180.  Available in conjunction with any 3 - 9 piece reception package with The White Tree Band.

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The White Tree Band is based in the CBD locations across Australia + New Zealand, but we travel far and wide. We do lots of wedding gigs in Byron Bay, Noosa, Margaret River, Daylesford, Yarra Valley, Hunter Valley…and many other rural locations around Australia. Travel is worked out on a per musician basis. Any location that is within 45 minutes of the CBD has no associated travel fee. Beyond that, costs per musician are added to cover their travel time and petrol costs. Our booking managers can supply you with custom travel quotes when you notify them of your venue location. *Note, couples who get married very far from the CBD often opt for a smaller band size (say a 3, 4 or 5 piece) as this keeps the overall cost down.

It takes us approximately 45mins to fully set up and sound check the band. This additional time is not considered part of the 5 hour period and does not carry any additional cost. For example, if you book The White Tree Band for your wedding or corporate event which starts at 6pm and finishes at 11pm, we would arrive at 4:45pm – 5pm.

The White Tree Band’s prices include up to 5 hours attendance featuring 4 x 45min sets of live music, and background/”DJ” music on iPod controlled through our sound system during band breaks. Please note, the 4 x 45min set times can be adjusted to fit in with your specific running sheet – that is, the 180mins total playing time can be positioned however you like.

The 5 hour duration satisfies most wedding reception and corporate event durations as most venues work to 5 hour packages – usually 6pm to 11pm, or 7pm to 12am. If you would like the band at your reception for a period longer than 5 hours, that is of course fine but an additional cost may be involved.

If you would like The White Tree Band to perform at your wedding or corporate event, you will first need to check we are available – we do book out well in advance! If you would like to check out the band at a live gig prior to booking, you can attend one of our showcase gigs (no need to pre-book…just rock along!) Full details on our website -

Our online booking form requires you to fill out your contact details and select the band line up you would like. We are obviously on hand to help you with this decision. If you don’t know whether you’re after a 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 piece band
at this stage (!!!), then just enter a tentative band size for the initial enquiry!

Yes! We offer acoustic duos for corporate events and weddings alike.  The word “acoustic” technically means un-amplified, but it has come to also describe a genre of music…particularly for weddings and events.  Acoustic music is an appropriate style for the early/chilled stages of a function, when guests are sipping cocktails and wanting to chat.  The music should add to the ambience here, not dominate.  There’s the typical type of “acoustic music” such as Angus & Julia Stone, Jack Johnson and Cold Play, but it can be more adventurous than that.  We can do Justin Bieber, Radio Head, The Beatles and Kings Of Leon in acoustic styles as well.  Ultimately, with a stripped back line up (e.g. soft vocals, acoustic guitar, double bass, light percussion etc) we can do any song with an “acoustic” feel, and that’s a hip way to mix things up.

We understand that planning a wedding can become pretty overwhelming! We realise that booking a wedding band raises various questions – particularly with our business model that allows couples to DIY the configuration (incidentally, we think this is part of the fun!). To help with this decision we have prepared some brief explanations and options for
The White Tree Band’s different line ups…

Firstly, please note that the size of the band also means the number of musicians. So a 3 piece band has 3 musicians, a 4 piece band has 4 musicians etc. Our male singers double as either a guitarist or keyboardist, so with them you are effectively receiving “2 for the price of 1”. Whoo hoo!

From out point of view, the bigger the band = the better the sound (and more fun for everyone). However, we obviously understand that there are budget restraints when planning a wedding, so we’ve therefore come up with configurations that are designed to suit all budgets…

Also please note that the overall size and volume associated with the line ups below does not really vary much. The bulkiest bits of equipment are the drums, bass and PA system – and these are prevalent in every line up. As a rule of thumb, a band will take up about 3m deep x 4m wide (give or take a little). Also, the overall volume is controlled by the mixing desk, so again, the decibel level doesn’t change much between a 3 and 9 piece band.

2 Piece Band – *A small acoustic option for laid back settings only (please see detailed information regarding our 2 band band below)

3 Piece Band – This has the basic elements you need for a band…A singer (important for obvious reasons), a chord instrument (which is guitar or keyboard – this offers the harmonic structure), bass (this fills out the bottom end of the sound) and drums (vital for the dance sets later on…people get down and jiggy with the beat of the drums!). Our male singers double as either guitarists or keyboardists, so even though there are only 3 musicians, you still have a solid core band. This line up cannot include a female singer as she does not double as a chord instrumentalist.

The 3 piece can only be Male Vocals/Guitar, Bass and Drums OR Male Vocals/Keyboard, Bass and Drums. A good 3 piece is fine for the early on chilled sets, and good for the dance sets too, but repertoire is slightly limited, and sonically it doesn’t sound quite as rich and full as the bigger band sizes.
It can also be a tiring gig for the singer as they need to cover all the vocals and all the chord parts by themselves.
Summing up…the 3 piece still does the job, and it’s good for the budget!

4 Piece Band – The 4 piece offers you the choice of an additional musician/instrument. In terms of the best instrument for the 4th, we strongly suggest adding the second chord instrument first, meaning a line up of Male Vocals/Guitar, Bass, Drums and Keyboard.
We understand that it’s tempting for couples to book a 4 piece with the addition of a female singer, but in our years of experience, this isn’t the best option. It’s much more important to fill out the sound first, by adding the second chord instrument. This leads to a much more energetic sound for the dance sets, and helps the male singer to rock out with support from the second chord instrument. The best way to explain the benefits of 2 x chord instruments is by a song example. Check out “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk. Have a listen to the band parts that are at work…the keyboard and guitar are both extremely prevalent. This is the case for 99% of all pop songs, that is, keyboard AND guitar are busy at work. If you are tossing up between a 3 and a 4 piece, we strongly suggest going with the 4…it’s a much more energetic line up.

5 Piece Band – This is a very popular line up for weddings. It offers great repertoire versatility and a diverse sound.
Once you get up to a 5 piece, there are a few more options for you to take advantage of. Below are the 3 main line ups that we do for a 5 piece configuration…they all sound great…

5 piece option 1: Male Vocals/Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboard and Female Vocals

5 piece option 2: Male Vocals/Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboard and Saxophone

5 piece option 3: Male Vocals/Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboard and Latin Percussion

Option 1 sees the awesome addition of a female singer. Our female singers are the best in the country, and cover
the top 40, pop and soul music extremely well.

Option 2 is the roundness of a 4 piece but with the funky addition of sax. Adding sax is great because it can give standard covers a new jazzy element which makes it sound more original…and less cheesy.

Option 3 is great for the dance sets. Adding Latin Percussion (congas, bongos and timbales) can add a lot of energy to the dance floor. Before you know it, your guests will be forming conga lines and dancing around the floor like tribal warriors.

6 Piece Band – This is another common line up for weddings. It offers great repertoire versatility and a diverse sound.
A 6 piece allows some great options for you to take advantage of. Below are the best options for this line up…

6 piece option 1: Male Vocals/Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboard, Saxophone and Trumpet

6 piece option 2: Male Vocals/Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboard, Latin Percussion and Saxophone

6 piece option 3: Male Vocals/Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboard, Female Vocals and Saxophone

Option 1 has the punch and excitement of a full horn section. Saxophone and Trumpet together sound awesome!!
*On that note, if booking only one brass instrument, you’ll notice that we suggest saxophone not trumpet, this is because sax blends better than trumpet with the other instruments). Here is a perfect example of saxophone and trumpet working together extremely well. *Skip to around 2mins if you’re time poor.
Option 2 is a great energetic sound for the dance sets. It has the drive of percussion and the funky sound of sax too.
Option 3 has the versatility of 2 x vocalists, and also the saxophone grooving away.

7 Piece Band – This is one of our favourite line ups for large scale weddings. It is incredibly impressive visually and sonically. It has the versatility of two singers as well as the punch of a full brass section.
There’s of course scope for choice, but the most common 7 piece line ups are one of two below…

Option 1 featuring Male Vocals/Guitar, Keyboard, Bass, Drums, Female Vocals, Trumpet and Saxophone

Option 2 featuring Male Vocals/Guitar, Keyboard, Bass, Drums, Female Vocals, Saxophone and Latin Percussion

8 Piece Band – The energy and sound just keeps getting better and better! The standard configuration we do for this band
size is as follows: Male Vocals/Guitar, Keyboard, Bass, Drums, Female Vocals, Saxophone, Trumpet and Latin Percussion.
If your budget allows, this is a knock out band line up!!

9 Piece Band – This is a brilliant band configuration for elaborate weddings with large guests numbers (200+). The sound is incredible.
The standard configuration we do for this band size is as follows: Male Vocals/Guitar, Keyboard, Bass, Drums, Female Vocals, Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone and Latin Percussion. Adding trombone to the sound creates an extremely punchy and bright horn section – it has that real Big Band sound that’s classy and energetic.

Note: The 2 piece band line up is up to you, but common configurations are Male Vocals/Guitar & Female Vocals. Male Vocals/Keyboard & Female Vocals. Female Vocals & Guitar. Male Vocals/Guitar & Percussion. Male Vocals/Keyboard & Double Bass.

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May 2018

Such an awesome band! Gerard and the band were super easy to deal before and on the day - they took care of everything so seamlessly and the music was spot on! Everyone had a great time, and their live rendition of our first dance song was legendary! They definitely added a perfect soundtrack and helped to make our day so memorable not just for us, but for our friends and family. Thank you!

Ella R.

April 2018

This was a later decision to hire a band and we are SO GLAD WE DID! Mark from The White Tree is amazing and so easy to communicate with. We selected Zevon as our lead singer and Mark selected the rest of the three piece band for us. They totally nailed the vibe we were looking for and absolutely killed our first dance song! Can't say enough good things about these guys.

Teiqua M.

April 2018

NOT YOUR AVERAGE WEDDING BAND!! My gosh these guys ripped the lid off and it was EPIC! They brought their A game to our wedding. We wanted our memorable moments to be the dance floor after the ceremony and they delivered! Everyone was up and on the dance floor. They sounded incredible, so much energy and the vibe was awesome. Cannot thank them enough, you MUST book The White Tree. Literally everyone of our guests were like “where did you find these guys!? They’re insane!!” Even the next day everyone was STILL talking about the band. you guys rocked and we loved it!

Millacent V.

July 2024

Our 4-piece band was incredible! Andy was our lead singer and was so engaging and fun! So worth the money!

Anna A.

June 2024

11/10 for these guys. We booked the 3-piece option with White Tree - needless to say the music was brilliant, and they had the dance floor pumping with everything they played, so I want to highlight the overall experience we had. Right from the start Mark was amazing - after our initial enquiry he sent through a compilation of singers we could choose from to headline the band, and invited us to a showcase where we could see them all in action. Everything was sorted and we chose our singer, but the day before the wedding, I was told he was in hospital and couldn't perform. What stood out from that point was that Mark had only let us know once he'd already found a replacement for us, removing all potential stress from the situation and showing how great he/the organisation is from a customer perspective. Our singer Luke was incredible on the day/night, and seamlessly played the songs we had picked for the first dance and all three during the ceremony, slotting in with the rest of the band who were also absolutely amazing. Can't recommend White Tree highly enough!

Hamish H.

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expert advice

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Song ideas please! To walking down the aisle

Would love to see your best suggestions for aisle songs in 2023. Thank you.

The White Tree

The first thing to consider is whether you're playing the ORIGINAL version via a speaker, or having musician(s) perform a live version.  Obviously live musicians can take your song selection and change the tempo or groove of the song to give it a totally different feel, which can be nice and unique.  For instance, you could select Love At First Sight by Kylie Minogue, and the live solo musician on vocals/guitar could do a version of it that's slower and gentler without the drum beat.

Additionally, in our opinion, processional songs don't always need to be slow and romantic!  Yes there are tried and tested songs like Mango Tree, Even When I'm Sleeping, At Last, Beyond, Can't Help Falling In Love etc.  But we also love seeing couples shake it up a bit and select a song that is more upbeat and celebratory, or, a song that starts slow and builds.  At the end of the day, your walking down the aisle song can set the tone for the whole day.  So if you want your wedding to be a bit different and a real party...then who says you can't have a party song?! Examples in this category are Can't Get Enough Of Your Love by Barry White, Say You Love Me by Fleetwood Mac, You Make My Dreams Come True by Hall & Oates, I Found You by Alabama Shakes, Love Is In The Air by John Paul Young.  


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