What would we need to consider when having a marquee wedding?

Question Asked: 13/01/2023

Wedding Date: 9/08/2018

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Mid North Party Hire

(10) · Regional South Australia

Posted: 16/01/2023

Marquee weddings can be awesome but a few practical things to think about first.

Can the marquee be pegged?  Is the surface a soft lawn or gravel or a concrete or paved area?  Is it going to be rocky ground?  If a marquee can't be anchored adequatly you would need to consider concrete weights and these can add to the cost and be tricky to get in place.

You would also need to consider the size of the marquee to host your function, and if it would fit in the area you have chosen.

Also consider what the flooring would be like inside the marquee.  Will your surface (lawn, gravel etc) be ok or will you need a floor installed.

You also need to think about lighting, furniture, caterers and all that you need inside it.

Be mindful also of the period of time that you may have a venue booked for.  Marquees take time to set up and pack down - you should have at least 2 days before your event and a day after to allow enough time to get everything in place without putting too much stress on yourself and others.

When all boxes are ticked, Marquees give you a blank canvas to style to your own taste!

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A Game Of Love

(0) · Southern Highlands

Posted: 15/01/2023

Marquee Weddings are beautiful however there is alot involved and can be costly. 

You will need to condsider lighting, all furniture inside and out, crockery, cutlery, flooring, styling/decoration to fill the marquee.

You will also need to think about a mobile bar, bar staff and coolroom hire.

Caterers also will require ovens, tables etc hired.  

Power usage is also a big one as entertainment can sue alot so generators may need to brought.

I hope this helps.

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