Should I get eyelash extensions before the wedding?

I haven't had them before so looking for advice on a trial, or how early to get them before the wedding. Thank you!

Question Asked: 27/02/2023

Wedding Date: 9/08/2018

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Effie Mia Makeup

(4) · Victoria

Posted: 6/06/2024

This is a personal preference but as a Makeup Artist we can work with or without this. It is however easier to customise a look for you on your day if there are no eyelash extensions. If you are going to try this out, try at least 3 months prior to your wedding date. Some people react to eyelash extensions so its best to try it well before the wedding.

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Nada’s beauty lounge

(1) · Sydney

Posted: 5/02/2024

As a professional makeup artist and also professional lash tech, I highly recommend to all my brides to avoid eyelash extensions on wedding day. we have a variety of falsies styles you can choose from medium to voluminous look. I'll explain to you why based on my experience:

  • I find this will limit your eye makeup style. (ex. you have light volume extensions and wanting glamorous look on wedding day. you may say you dont need falsies but to have bold look you need heavier eyelashes. so we still need to put falsies on top and this is not the best idea for your lash retention)
  • Eyelash extensions tends to pick up eyeshadow fallouts and glitter. This will show on pics especially when you closed your eyes. yes, you can clean it afterwards but this will require extra time and we want smooth, less-stress prep on your wedding day and finish on time.
  • If you wanting a smokey look, as eyeshadow would also be darker and we cant see if it's clean enough to continue to next step,therefore after a few minutes you will see the fallouts of dark  eyeshadow from the eyelashes start appearing on your undereyes.
  • If we're using waterproof eyeliner, which I always do (As brides most likely to cry). This will be hard to clean because eyelash extensions biggest enemy is an oil. And will affect your retention.

If you're going to honeymoon a few days after the wedding and you cant schedule appointment for your lashes after your wedding day that is okay and I can try my best to work around it but consider to do it after your wedding day :) your makeup artist & lash tech will thank you!

Alexandra Makeup

(4) · Western Sydney, South Western Sydney, Penrith, Southern Highlands, Wollongong & Blue Mountains

Posted: 24/08/2023

My advice when brides ask me this is alwasy NO! 

personally i do not think they photograph as well as false lashes :) 

Missy's Magic Styles Wedding Hair Specialist

(126) · Australia - ACT & NSW

Posted: 3/08/2023

I would try them 6 months out to see if you like them then take them off and if you like them start them with one round of infills due the week before the wedding and they look great. Remember if they are in the middle of the 4 week of them they can look tackie. I am only a hair dresser but seeing some of them have infills two weeks before look like some are tackie or falling out. I see it more than often and make sure they are proper qualified girls and give you product to look after them.

Ingalisa Hair and Makeup

(1) · Gold Coast / Byron Bay / Far North Coast

Posted: 13/06/2023

It is totally personal preference, Id you do I would a week or so before so you can get used to them.

I personally would prefer individual lashes which we apply with yhe makeup process it looks so natural and glamorous.

Mobile Make-Overs Australia

(53) · All Areas South Australia

Posted: 28/02/2023

If you have never had eye lash extentions before, I would say no, do not get them.  We include temporary false lashes within our makeup packages, so for us, lash extentions are not nessesary.  However we are not opposed to our clients having a good, well balanced set of lash extentions. If done well, they can really enhance the eyes and look beautiful. Saying that though, we highly recommend do NOT choose crazy thick lashes or lashes that are too long for your face (Avoid strong trends, especially for weddings).  We have seen over top (on trend) styles that simply look ridiculous, they hide the eyes, do not suit the face or eye shape and completely take over the face all while making the eyes look tiny. If you have a good lash tech who understands your eye and face shape and can do lashes fit for purpose, and you have tried them before, then lash extentions will be a lovely long lasting choice. If not, just get your makeup artist to apply the temporary lashes. You will still look awesome and can remove them at the end of the night without issues.   We also agree with Leonie's comment too. 

Leonie Makeup

(32) · State-wide

Posted: 28/02/2023

Personally I prefer my brides not too as I am very particular about placement lenght and fullness of the lashes. As a makeup artist I choose lashes that suit the eye shape to enhance and correct eye indiviuals eye shape,  with lash extensions it can limit you from these options. I am not however opposed to them, it is a personal choice of the  bride to do so. If  you are going to get lash extension then be sure to have an expert who understands eye shapes and places your  lashes to suit your individual eye shape.

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