Is airbrushing for a wedding still popular?

Hi, I'm wondering what kind of makeup to have for my wedding day. What are the most popular makeup looks at the moment for weddings? And new techniques? Is air brushing still a thing or was that a fad? Thanks.

Question Asked: 15/06/2021 Wedding Date: 9/08/2018

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Le Fabulous

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(114) Posted: 17/09/2021

My team and I specialise in Airbrushing makeup since the start of our business in 2009.

I remember when I was studying makeup, my teacher said I must learn Airbrushing, because less than a handful of makeup artist provide this in Sydney.

After 12 years, there's only a few top makeup artist who provide this service.

Compared to the traditional foundation, we spray the foundation onto your skin with a speical machine (so sophisticated) It is smooth, flawless, light and the coverage is remarkable.  Your makeup will last up to 15 hours with photo finish results - no touch up required. 

Airbrushing does not clog your skin. It is not tested on animals and perfect for normal to sensitive skin.  Try us out!

Euphoric Makeup & Beauty

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(3) Posted: 1/09/2021

Airbrushing is still the #1 choice for bridal, weddings & events; especially in Melbourne's vast climate. Airbrush feels very light on the skin while still giving great coverage. It's able to be layered without looking heavy. The longevity is also amazing in comparison to traditional techniques. 

Laura Jean Hair and Makeup Artist

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(7) Posted: 17/08/2021

yes air brushing is still popular, its gets great coverage and long lasting , however depending on skin type and age , traditional foundation is great too for more dewy looks

Makeup 4 Brides & Hair 4 Brides

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(147) Posted: 16/06/2021

Yes, absolutely.  We airbrush almost 100% of all weddings we do still, it is as popular as ever and gives a beautiful finish.  Airbrushing is simply the application of a liquid foundation in a fine mist via an airbrush gun as opposed to using a brush or a sponge.  We have the ability to do a light coverage or a full coverage depending on the clients requirements.  There is a large variety of different airbrushing foundations and not all are created equal.  We tend to thin our own foundation to just the right consistency to ensure it goes on beautifully but isn't too thin like some of the ready to use brands.  Like all makeup, the skin needs to be prepped correctly depending on the skin type and of course colour matched perfectly.  An experience makeup artist will carry a full range of foundation colours or will mix them to get a perfect match for your overall skin tone.  

In regards to makeup looks - we are seeing a return, thankfully, to a more natural shaped brow, but still a tidy brow.  ie. the harsh, chisel shaped brows are gone, as are the unkempt brows, but still strong and defined.  Brides are tending to keep their own natural shape but with a brow wax to remove the loose hairs on the brown bone.  Eyes are tending to be still reasonably strong with natural looking false lashes, so we're still seeing a glam look but without going way over the top.  More of a glamorous version of who they are as opposed to having themselves totally transformed into someone totally different.  Shine on the face is kept to a minimum with only a light touch of shine on the brow bones, cheek bones and possibly a touch on the lips.  Lips are tending to more the natural, soft dusty pinks still unless wanting to make a statement of the lips.   Magnetic lashes are stirring some interest, in particular the 10 magnet lashes, and also the newer self-sticking liner bond.  These are great for brides who are used to wearing lashes and may struggle with the usual latex glue.  

I hope this helps.  Happy wedding planning.  x

Lisa - Makeup 4 Brides | Hair 4 Brides 

Moving Makeup - Bridal Hair & Makeup

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(26) Posted: 16/06/2021

Airbrushing was very popular a few years ago, however I prefer to use more traditional techniques as you are able to find the correct foundations to suit the skin type. So for instance someone with very dry skin would probably find a more dewy, emollient base would work better for them and last a lot longer.

I hope this helps!

McCubbin Makeup and Hair

Melbourne / Geelong / Yarra Valley

(7) Posted: 16/06/2021

Airbrushing is less popular than traditional makeup application techniques as you are able to achieve a more natural synergy with the skin using traditional makeup application by buffing the products into the skin. Whereas, with airbrushing techniques the products tend to sit on top of the skin as they are sprayed on and don't give that natural finish that is so popular.  You can still acheive great coverage and a flawless finish with traditional makeup application technques!

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