Is January a hard date for flowers to be supplied for a wedding?

Hello! My partner & I are getting married in Byron Bay and hoping for 11 Jan 2025. We have been told my a florist that flowers around that time are hard to get as wholesalers close normally until 14 January. We are wondering whether we should change our wedding date because we’d love to have some gorgeous flowers for the day and not a limited supply and ones that doesn’t match our colours & make us feel fab. I am not particular about type of flowers more style of bouquet and colours. The florist we have spoken to can’t really tell us either way if anything will be available and we feel is more focused on booking us than helping us be realistic. Your advice is appreciated!

Question Asked: 12/06/2023

Wedding Date: 9/08/2018

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The Bloom Room Flowers

(1) · Melbourne

Posted: 28/02/2024

No, this can be done with us with ease !


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The Flower Boutique Perth

(4) · Perth and Surrounding Areas

Posted: 6/09/2023

January can be difficult in the sense most supplier will take time off from late December to early January however it is still possible to organise flowers just ensure to give your florist plenty of time to do so 6-8 weeks before any date in January should be enough time.


Rymonda Floral Design

(5) · Sydney and surrounding areas

Posted: 28/06/2023

The short answer is no however, we are based in Sydney, I am not sure about the suppliers in the Byron Bay area. If enough time is given, the florist should be able to provide any flower that is in season or available via international sources. I have had weddings around this period and given my supplier the heads up around this and they were able to provide. If your Byron Bay florist is able to reach out to their main supplier, they could possibly lock something in for you. If this is not possible, it might be doable via a Sydney florist but might also be a little costly. Hope this helps and congrats on your big day :)

Poppies and Peas Floral Design

(10) · Penrith, Blue Mountains, Hawkesbury and regional

Posted: 19/06/2023

The beginning of January is difficult here in sydney as alot of suppliers take time off. However there are flowers available and it is still possible to get them. If your florist has had plenty of notice, they  can pre order with their suppliers.

Melia Rose Designs

(8) · Sydney

Posted: 15/06/2023

In Sydney, January falls during the summer season in the Southern Hemisphere. While it may be slightly more challenging to source certain types of flowers during this time, it doesn't necessarily mean it's difficult to find fresh flowers for a wedding.

Here are a few things to consider:

  1. Availability: Some flowers may be more readily available during certain seasons, while others might be out of season or less abundant. However, many florists and flower markets in Sydney work with wholesalers and suppliers to provide a wide range of flowers throughout the year, including popular wedding flowers like roses, lilies, orchids, and more.
  2. Planning ahead: It's always advisable to plan your wedding floral arrangements in advance. By discussing your requirements with a florist or wedding planner early on, they can guide you on flower availability during January and suggest suitable alternatives if needed.
  3. Local and seasonal flowers: Opting for local and seasonal flowers can increase the chances of finding fresh blooms. Native Australian flowers or varieties that thrive in the summer season can be great choices. Consult with a local florist who can recommend the best options based on your preferences and the specific time of year.
  4. Flexibility: Being open to alternative flower choices or color schemes can also help ensure a successful floral arrangement. While specific flower varieties may be limited during January, there are usually many beautiful options available to create stunning bouquets and decorations.

It's important to reach out to local florists in Sydney or consult with wedding planners who have experience with sourcing flowers during the summer season to get the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the availability of fresh flowers for your wedding in January.

Jess.s Floristry

(5) · Sydney & Surrounding Areas

Posted: 13/06/2023

Hi, thank you for your enquiry. Most growers are closed early January but by the 11th there would be some open to get flowers, the 11th of Jan would be an ok day for a wedding. This advice is based on what I know of the Sydney flower market, I'm not sure what the availability would be like in Byron Bay. It would be worth calling around some businesses in that area x 

Florisian Floral Design

(18) · Based in Baulkham Hills, but cover Sydney and surrounds

Posted: 13/06/2023

Hey gorgeous,

Actually not! We are based in Sydney and I had a wedding on last day of 2022 29th and first week of 2023 on 6th Janurary and the following week on 14th ...but everything was available and no drama. The only thing may you should concerend is the holidays vibe and the guests:)

Dusty Gypsy Floral Design

(2) · Wollongong and Surrounding Areas

Posted: 13/06/2023

Not really,  it will depend of what you choose. Roses are all year around and summer flowers are lovely. 

The Freo Florist

(2) · Perth

Posted: 13/06/2023

This is such a great question.  It is true that flowers are more difficult to get in January, due to all the factors mentioned already here by other experts, as well as personal/professional circumstances in your florists life - she may be deciding whether to stay open or close for family holidays etc.

I work in a space where we have to be open during the festive season so we do weddings every January.  The best way for ME to approach it is to ask the client to give me as much creative licence as possible, so that I can work with the best flowers I can get.  Here in WA that means some of my Janaury weddings have a beautiful combination of dried and fresh florals, to help them with the heat, and then there are always suprises... one of my New Years Day brides once had peonies!  So yes, you will have to find a florist who 1)wants to be working on that date 2)can be really good at communicating with you 3)you trust to make something gorgeous!

The fantastic thing about Australian January weddings is the laid back holiday vibe.  Your vendors will be navigating extra challenges brought about by closures etc and heat.  Work with them if it's the date you want.  Most couples LOVE their January weddings... the vendors all need a lie-down at the end of it but it's all part of our job and we are here to help you.  Go for it and be as open-minded as possible about your flower choices.  

The Passionate Petal

(3) · Margaret River / Bunbury

Posted: 13/06/2023

Mid December to mid January is notoriously a difficult time for us florists to source flowers for couples special days.  This is due to suppliers closing , shipping and freight is sporadic and limited.  It is still possible to have your wedding earlier January, however I would always advise my clients of this and suggest if they want to be able to have more flower variety available, then to consider changing to later in the month or another month . Please keep in mind, if you set a new date we can have the same issues on weeks preceding/post long weekends , other public holidays and special occasions, particularly Valentine's Day and Mother's Day.

Please  keep in mind also flowers are controlled by nature and can be subject to poor weather, heat etc that in turn impacts on availability on any given week.

Our business is based in country WA and rely on freighting of our stock and have developed a relationship with our preferred suppliers who assist us with subs when required .!We order 3 weeks early but we really don't always know what is actually going to be available right up to a few days before the order arrives, so it's best to have a few other choices as backup. I'm sure your florist will go over everything with you regarding this.

Hoping you have a beautiful wedding day once you've set your date and locked your vendors for that date.

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