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As a wedding professional, Poppies and Peas Floral Design offers expert advice to help couples plan their perfect day. Ask a question or read their expert advice.

Has covid changed the availability of some wedding flowers?

Hi there. What's the availability like on wedding flowers now because of covid? Are some varieties hard to get? And is there a longer than normal ordering time for wedding flowers? Thank you!

Poppies and Peas Floral Design

Unfortunately yes it has and in addition florists have seen an increase in prices. Check with your florist to ensure that what you want is available and your florist will be able to suggest alternatives if the supply cannot be met.

How much budget to allocate to flowers for the reception?

Im just wondering what the average cost is? We will be holding 2 receptions in different countries so trying to be budget conscious but also don't want to be tight! price per table plus a centre piece? simple/rustic style.

Poppies and Peas Floral Design

Hello, it depends on the style and how extravagant yo want your wedding to be. You could get a nice vase arrangement starting at $60 +. A good way to not make it seem so expensive it to allocate in your budget as a cost per head ( the same way you cost your food). If you break it down this way  it can be around $ 6 + per head on top of the food and beverage cost.

How fresh will my flowers be if I get married on Easter Saturday?

Poppies and Peas Floral Design

Hi Josie, your flowers will be as fresh as a normal weekend. Flower markets are open up until the Thursday before good Friday. Your florist will then store in their cool room as they would any other weekend as flowers for weddings are purchased throughout the week to ensure that they are open in time for your big day.

Is a large bouquet and a flowercrown too much?

Poppies and Peas Floral Design

If you are after the boho look a large bouquet and crown is perfect. I would recommend that you keep the size of both items in proportion to your size. If you are a small build a large bouquet and crown may drown you out.

Can florists typically provide petals as well? :)

Poppies and Peas Floral Design

Yes, absolutlety

Bouquet toss alternatives?

I saw someone do a acrylic box with a chain and padlock on the outside, and all of the ladies got a key to try at random.... any other ideas, or has any florist seen this done? :)

Poppies and Peas Floral Design

A flower treasure hunt, single ladies have to gather tthe loose flowers around the room, the one with the most wins!

How does one typically pin on a boutonniere?

I have never seen one pinned on :O

Poppies and Peas Floral Design

There are a couple of other optins other that the pin. Magnets or a brooch can be used, I usually provide two pins for the boutonniere to stop it from turning upside down, pin one down thrown the top of the stem and one up from the bottom of the stem.

Any Florist in the Southern Highlands, NSW that won't break the bank?

I know alot of people are willing to spend a few thousand dollars for a wedding, I'm a free lance florist so I know it is indeed very time consuming to do event flowers. Unfortunately I can't do my own wedding flowers on the same day! I would still like to have talented florist out there who charge reasonably and won't break the bank!

Poppies and Peas Floral Design

have you tried forists that are are a little further a field that are willing to travel. I am based in the blue mountains and travel north, south, east and west! happy to give you a quote if you are interesed.



Poppies and Peas Floral Design

Do you do wispy, organic looking bouquets?

Poppies and Peas Floral Design

Yes, I am able to do all bouquet designs.

How many types of flower are in a typical arrangement?

How should I direct my florist towards ideas of flowers to use?

Poppies and Peas Floral Design

How many flowers are used will depend upon the types of flowers used. Some flowers are larger than others and will take up a larger space in an arrangement..Your florist will be able to guide you on what flowers to use if you are on a tight budget. If you are looking at keeping costs down it is best to use what is in season from local growers, imported flowers will cost more.

What is the rough cost for table garlands of just greenery?

Poppies and Peas Floral Design

Wired garland and garland in floral foam can be expensive usuall around $80+ per meter.  You could opt for foliage just alying on the table ( this can look a little flat), but if you are after a lush garland the more expensive otion is the way to go.

How many flowers are usually in a bride bouquet?

Poppies and Peas Floral Design

It will depend on type of flowers used and size of bouquet, but a standard large rose bouquet can contain 25 - 30 roses.

How much training do florists get before they are considered a real florist?

Poppies and Peas Floral Design

A fully trained florist can spend up to 3 years at tafe to learn the required techniques.

Are there any reasons you would recommend NOT doing your own wedding flowers?

Poppies and Peas Floral Design

Creating you own flowers for your wedding can be very time consuming and stressful! If you have no experience in floral arranging, what will you do if it doesn't work out? how are you going to fix it? It is a good idea to get a professional to do the job so that you can enjoy the day. Remember, flowers are not something that you can prepare a week in advance, and they will be in the majority of you photos!

How long before the wedding do you set up the floral installation?

Poppies and Peas Floral Design

All Fresh florals are set up on the day to ensure that they look there best for your day. For large installations, starting the day before may be required.

how much do flower arrangements cost?

Poppies and Peas Floral Design

The cost of an arrangenent will depend upon the sizde of the arrangement oand the types of flowers used. They can start as low as $30 and go up to thousands.

Why can't florists guarantee flowers will be a specific colour?

Poppies and Peas Floral Design

The ipmortant thing to take note of is that alot of pictures on the internet have been photoshopped and filters have been used on them which changes the true colour of the flower. It is a good idea to speak with your florist and they can tell you the colours that they are avaible in. Also alot of pictures  on the internet are from overseas where colour ranges are much larger and more varied, these colour options are not always availble to us and so can not be guaranteed.

How much do flowers cost for the reception?

rough estimates?

Poppies and Peas Floral Design

Hard to answer this question without knowing what you want for the reception. Prices can start $35 and go upwards. Best to contact a florist with what you want and get a quote and go from there.

my heart is set on a particular florist but she hasnt got back to me yet?

my wedding is under 5 months away. should i just forget about her and try find someone else? im based in brisbane

Poppies and Peas Floral Design

At the moment it is peak wedding season for florists and hey are extremely busy. It may be a good idea to look for a back up florist and get some quotes from them if the florist you want has not responded. Keep trying to get in contact with you favourite, but have the back up plan ready.

When should I start to think about hiring my florist ?

wedding date is 7/4/18

Poppies and Peas Floral Design

You should look for a florist now. Don't leave it to late. I recommend getting a few qute from a few different florists and then choose which florists best suits your needs and budget.

What is the price range of bouquets?

What is the price range of bouquets?

Poppies and Peas Floral Design

Prices will depend upon what time of year you are gettting married, what type of flowers you woud like to havel and what size and style of bouquet you want. A nice seasonal bloom bouquet will probably start at $150 to $200. If you would like to keep your prices down, avoid getting married around Valentines Day and Mothers Day,

if i want to keep my bouquet, should i not do a bouquet toss?

Poppies and Peas Floral Design

I supply my brides with a complimentary small version of their bouquet for them to use as a throw posy so that you can keep yours. Most florist will do this, all you have to do is ask.

is there any way to keep my flowers looking fresh all day?

Poppies and Peas Floral Design

Flowers in season should firstly be selected. Your florist can suggest the best flowers to use. I would also avoid keeping them in direct sunlight and heated rooms. When travelling between ceremony , photo locations and reception you could also keep the flowers in the box provided by your florist and cover them with tissue paper, then light moisten the tissue with a spray bottlef water, this will help keep the flowers hydrated, and also avoid handling them too much. You may want to have a vase at the ready at you reception to pop the bouquets into, ( good idea if you are planning to have your bouquet preserved).

how much am i looking at paying for a hanging floral installation?

Poppies and Peas Floral Design

HI Rosanna, difficult to say. It will depend on how big, if any rigging is involved (with a professional rigger) and what type of flowers and foliage you want in it, or if you are using real or artificial flowers. Some venues will insist on a proffessional rigger to install large installations, for safety reasons. If you  have your heart set on a large installation and cannot afford the fresh alternative, there a floriists and event decorators out thre that do have the artificial option.

do florists deliver the wedding flowers on the day or the day before?

Poppies and Peas Floral Design

Always on the day of wedding for me, sometimes in the morning or a around the time that your photographer arrives.

if i know my dream flowers will give certain guests allergies, should i avoid them?

but i really want them :(

Poppies and Peas Floral Design

It is your day and would be a shame if you could not use the flowers you love. If your guests have bad reactoin to the flowers, maybe you could give them a heads up and they could pop some medication in their bag for the day.

what to do if on my wedding day, my flowers arent right?

would i still have to pay for the wrong flowers?

Poppies and Peas Floral Design

Hopefully this would never happen and in the event that the flowers you wanted were not available, i would hope that the florist would have contacted you before the wedding. When discussing flowers with my brides I always inform them of what is in or out of season so that we can work through suitable options  or substitutions for them. On the rare occassion a flower that is in season may become unavailble to a natural disaster (weather event) or a pest infstation which can devistate crops within days and these are things that florists cannot control. Best to discuss with your florist all your options so that you get the look that you are after. If the flowers that turn up on the day are absolutely not what you wanted, then i think that you are entitled to a refund ( or discount as many florists will not leave flowers that are not paid for).

Hope this helps, good luck with your planning :)

would a miniature bouquet for a flower girl cost less than a bridesmaid bouquet?

Poppies and Peas Floral Design

Absolutelty Yes!, if it is samller the then cost to make it less.

What is the ballpark cost amount for wedding flowers for the bridal party?

Just a bridal bouquet plus a flower girl and two bridesmaids.

Poppies and Peas Floral Design

The cost of flowers will depend upon the flowers used and the time of year. If you are looking at keeping costs down, avoid getting married around Valentines day and mothers day as wholesale prices go up during these months. I recommend getting a a few quotes with good florists.

Should my bouquet match my centrepieces?

Poppies and Peas Floral Design

No they don't have to. I have done some weddings where the bouquets and church flowers were all white and ivory and for the reception the bride wanted more drama and went with red flowers.

Real flowers vs fake flowers?

Why should i use real flowers as opposed to fake flowers if they're just gonna die anyway?

Poppies and Peas Floral Design

Good quality artificial flowers look very realistic theses days, but if you are planning on buying them outright these are just as expensive ( and sometimes more expensive) than fresh flowers and then there is the problem of what to do with all f the artificial flowers after the wedding. If you have your heart set on artificial, may I suggest the option of hiring them off  a reputable company/ florist that specialise in artificial arrangements.

How much notice do florists need for cancellations?

I booked a florist a while back but I've since found one I like better. I paid a deposit for the first florist, but I'm wondering how much notice vendors usually need for cancellations?

Poppies and Peas Floral Design

2-3 weeks is reasonable, but you will usually not get back you non refundable deposit. Check with your florist and thoroughly read their terms and conditions before you sign on.

Summer Wedding Theme - Are Burgundy flowers available for Summer?

What kind of flowers available for summer weddings in QLD? I like burgundy, dusty pink, greenery and gold wedding theme however am worried as it is more like an autumn theme. Any suggestions of the flower selections? What is the best colour theme for a summer wedding? I love Peony, David Austin Rose and Magnolia. Thank you!

Poppies and Peas Floral Design

Yes absolutely. Burgundy is always available, beautiful Dahlia, David Austin Roses  and roses are avialble

If I wanted to use some flowers from my Grandma's garden, would florists generally be ok with it?

Just say I wanted to incorporate some flowers I've picked myself with the flowers that the florist has provided.

Poppies and Peas Floral Design

I think any florist would be happy to include a few flowers from your grandmas garden, just keep in mind that they should be in good condition so that look perfect and last the day. 

What flowers would you recommend for a native Australian bouquet?

I'm wanting to go with beautiful native Australian flowers for the bouquets and decorations whether that be centre pieces etc. I'm wanting bright - burgundy, yellow, orange, pinks and greens. What flowers and greenery would you suggest?

Poppies and Peas Floral Design

if you want purely Australian native there are banksia, kangaroo paw, Erica and plenty of beautiful eucalupytus available that can be mixed with leucadendron and proteas that are from the same species family but are not native to Australia. All available at the time that you are getting married.

How much do bridal bouquets usually cost?

Is the main determining factor the size or the type of flowers?

Poppies and Peas Floral Design

Cost will depend upon tyes of flowers that you would like to use,the size of the bouquet, if they are in season or imported, and of course the time of year. Try to steer clear of valntines day and mothers day weeks/weekends if you are on a budget. Also best to ask your florist when quoting the size of the bouquet for the price stated, this will help when comparing quotes.  Happy Planning

Do my flowers have to suit my skintone?

Ie: warm tones for olive skin? Or is it far enough away from my face that it doesn't matter?

Poppies and Peas Floral Design

Best if the flowers compliment your gown and bridesmaids gowns. Your florist can suggest colour combinations for you.

Is it actually possible to DIY wedding flowers?

I know it's an art, but I'm a perfectionist and also very crafty, and I'd like to do them myself

Poppies and Peas Floral Design

Yes it is possible to DIY, but if you want it perfect, best to go to a florist. Also, ask yourself if you want the extra stress of worrying about getting the flowers you love, driving to markets at ungodly hours, and arranging them yourself the day before your wedding.

If my favourite flowers won't be in season on my wedding date, is there anything I can do?

Poppies and Peas Floral Design

Speak to your florist abut a substitute that looks similar, or you could add a silk version of your flower. Quality artificial flowers combined with fresh flowers can look like fresh flowers.

What are the best flowers for a spring wedding?

Colour theme is yellow and white. I don't know my flowers very well.

Poppies and Peas Floral Design

Roses are always good, but you can also add ranunculus , anemone and tulips as they are in season

How much do flower bouquets usually cost?

Poppies and Peas Floral Design

Hi Shannon, My bouquets start at $120 for brides and $90 for bridesmaids The price will vary due to style of bouquet and flowers that you would like to have. Best to decide what flowers you would then speak to your florist If you are unsure of what flowers to use then your florist will be able to make suggestions for you.

Poppies and peas Floral Design

I need help with for the best flowers to have for a summer wedding.

Poppies and Peas Floral Design

Dahlia are in full swing in summer, as are roses. Both are very popular for wedding bouquets.

How can I guarantee the type of flowers I want will be available?

I'm really set on having my favourite flowers as part of the floral arrangements on my big day. How can I be sure they'll be available?

Poppies and Peas Floral Design

Unfortunately nothing can be guaranteed. A lot of flowers are available all year round now due to flowers being imported from all over the world, but it would be best to speak to your florist and they can tell you when your favourite flowers are available.

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