what are some things to consider when going wedding dress shopping?

Ideally, I'd like to lose 10 kilos.. but I want to start shopping now

Megan H

Question Asked: 15/05/2017

Wedding Date: 2/06/2018

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Zhanel Bridal Couture

(24) · Melbourne and surrounds

Posted: 29/05/2017

Hi Megan,

It maybe best for you to have your gown created for you by a designer. In this way you may

have the gown design sketched up for you and ready to be started when you have lost most

of your weight. Also your designer will have all your fabrics and laces ready for you to start the

gown when you are comfortable. Being organised is always best especially

when it's your your dream gown and it will be a always be lifetime memory.


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Lilli Marcs

(13) · Sydney / Australia Wide

Posted: 29/05/2017

Don't rush

Chein Noir Dezines

(14) · Perth

Posted: 22/05/2017

It is never to early to look at the wedding gowns. Before you decide on the design book your ceremony and reception. Then think about style of the wedding you would like. There will be difference between beach wedding or church wedding. Talk to a few designers that are local to you and see what they advice for you. You have plenty of time so you can consider all the options. I like to meet my clients in person as designing is very visual process and creating perfect wedding gown must involve brides input.

Wedding Shop On The Move

(4) · Wollongong, South Coast and Southern Highlands

Posted: 19/05/2017

Hi Megan

Have a open mind, often a style you might think you like may not be the right one. Don't judge a dress how it looks on a hanger as this doesn't always do the dress justice.Try as many styles on as possible. Know your price point. Wear suitable well fitted undergarments. If you are planning on buying a dress now and you are wanting to lose weight it is not advisable to purchase a smaller dress. What you may need to do is purchase a dress that can easily be taken in later.

Hope this helps, good luck with finding your dream dress.

Sweethearts Bridal Boutique

(291) · NSW wide

Posted: 19/05/2017

Hi Megan if your wedding is June next year you can visit some bridal shops who will help you select a gown you love put it in their order system thereby guaranteeing your price and give you 6 to 8 months to reach your target weight before actually ordering your chosen gown. Most gowns take four to six months to be delivered from order date so the actual order can be placed December or January next year. I hope that this helps you

Louise Alvarez Couture Bridal & Evening Wear

(27) · Sydney

Posted: 19/05/2017

Hi Megan, It's not too early to start looking......if you decide to have a gown made to measure it won't matter if you do loose weight, as it will be fitted to you closer to your actual wedding date. Generally I find that the same shaped gown will suit a girl even if she looses a lot of weight, her actual figure shape still remains the same and the same style will flatter her. If you are buying off the rack don't purchase anything until you have lost the weight, taking in a gown after 10 kg of weight loss will never work proportion wise. My advice in either case is to start a slow and maintainable weight loss program now, not three weeks before your wedding! You can visit a designer or two who can give you good advice and allow for your planned changes, if you're comfortable with their suggestions, book in to have it custom made, definitely don't let anyone talk you into a stock sized dress until you feel you have reached your goal weight. I'm happy to help if you'd like to explore your options, in any case good luck and happy shopping!

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