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Claire I.

25 Feb 2021

I bought my dress at a bridal shop that didn’t do in house alterations so went to Eternal Weddings instead. I was met with a warm and highly professional team who had a brilliant eye for detail and incredibly high standards for my dress, I’m so grateful for the work they could do! Would recommend to anyone.

Eternal Weddings & Alterations  

It truly was a delight working with you leading up to your big day, which did take many attempts thanks to COVID! You deserved to have a beautiful day and we feel so lucky to have played some part of it for you XXX

Coralee B.

23 Mar 2020

I had an absolutely wonderful experience with the ladies from Eternal Weddings. The team kept my budget in mind while finding me the most gorgeous lace dress. After my measurements were taken (after a few visits to decide), my dress arrived with plenty of time for final alterations to be made. I am in awe of their attention to detail. With the coronavirus restrictions effecting my wedding the ladies were ever so helpful and able to have my dress perfectly ready and available to me with hardly any notice. I can not express how wonderful this team is. They cared for my wedding dress as much as I did. If was flawless. I 100% would recommend this provider especially for their continued concern and support for every need I had. Especially thankyou to Colleen who I am sure worked day and night to ensure my dress was perfect. THANKYOU!

Eternal Weddings & Alterations  

We are so happy that you were able to get married given the restrictions that were in place! We loved working with you to get your perfect dress ready in time. Colleen is amazing and yes, she did work day and night to have your dress ready but that's what we all do for our brides. XX

Natalie D.

4 Nov 2018

I had the most incredible experience at Eternal Weddings. The level of customer service from all their staff is nothing short of exceptional. From the moment you walk into the boutique, they are both professional and share in the excitement of your experience as a bride. The attention to detail the staff have is incredible and their seamstress makes sure every detail (not matter how small) is perfect for you. My dress had two parts combining different designers and nothing was impossible. They involve you with every step of the way providing professional and valuable advice throughout the process. The quality and range they have is vast and prices are very competitive. A big heartfelt thank you for creating both mine and my sister's dream dresses!

Eternal Weddings & Alterations  

What a joy to not only look after you but to have been able to help your sister find her dream wedding dress too! You both are so beautiful inside and out and it was an honour to have you come to us and allow us to be part of your big days XXX

Ally S.

29 Mar 2021

I took my dress to Eternal Weddings for alterations and Maria and her team were BEAUTIFUL! I would highly recommend Eternal Weddings again and again!

April G.

18 Jul 2020

Maria and the team at eternal weddings are so so amazing, they looked after me and my girls so well when we were there. They helped me pick the perfect dress and the alterations were amazing.

Eternal Weddings & Alterations  

Thank you April! What a true joy it was meeting you all and helping you to find "the one". We loved every minute of it. Wishing you life's best wishes XX

Kellie M.

12 Oct 2019

The team at Eternal Weddings were incredible! When I came in to find my dress, I had been to several bridal shops and didn’t find anything that I loved. As soon as I stepped into Eternal Weddings I felt comfortable and had support through the entire process. I ended up finding my dream dress! The service was above and beyond to order my dress, especially because we decided to elope and I needed the dress sooner than what we originally discussed. The alterations process was also so stress free and enjoyable. I could not recommend Eternal Weddings enough. Thanks to Maria and the team for the most incredible experience of buying my dress.

Eternal Weddings & Alterations  

Thank you Kellie for your lovely words. We loved working with you for your elopement wedding. The photos we saw were stunning. XXX

Penny E.

8 Mar 2019

I loved my dress and loved the process of finding the right one!

Eternal Weddings & Alterations  

Thanks Penny. Finding your dream dress should be a joy and we want to make sure every bride who walks into our showroom has a wonderful experience XX

Natalie S.

10 Nov 2018

The team at Eternal weddings were amazing. From my first call to book the appointment to try on the dress, until after the wedding - they were incredible. highly recommend them for a really personalised service

Eternal Weddings & Alterations  

Such lovely words Natalie. We pride ourselves on giving the best service we can from start to finish. Not just up until you order your dress XX

Elisa M.

20 Oct 2018

The most amazing service provided by eternal weddings when choosing and purchasing my wedding dress. They were so helpful and made the whole process so easy. Thank you so much to Maria and the team.

Eternal Weddings & Alterations  

To say it was a honour to be part of your big day is a total understatement! You are such a treasure Elisa and deserve so much happiness XX

Aylie S.

12 Oct 2018

I loved my dress! I can't tell you how many comments I've had. The staff were great, they said they knew the dress was perfect for me the second I walked in. They let me try on every dress that I wanted and then kept this one for last and it was amazing! I never wanted a veil but I changed my mind last minute and they provided a made to fit veil that matched my train perfectly. Great service!

Eternal Weddings & Alterations  

We know what will suit a bride as soon and she walks in. We just like to wait until she works it out, being there by her side the whole way. Thank you for choosing Eternal Weddings to be part of your special day XX

Sarah C.

17 Aug 2018

The service at Eternal Weddings was amazing. Thoughtful and helpful advice throughout the entire experience, I was incredibly impressed how professional the ordering and fitting process was. Highly recommend all brides give this store a shot for their dress.

Eternal Weddings & Alterations  

Thank you Sarah for your kind words. We loved working with you from the first time we met you to the day you picked up your gown XX

Natasha K.

30 Jun 2018

The girls at Eternal was so friendly and helpful. They worked within my budget to help me find my dream dress! They were also very helpful when I wanted to order shoes and made the whole process so easy.

Lyna C.

16 Jun 2018

I found my wedding dress at eternal weddings and they have been the most patient and lovely people. I love my dress and they altered it perfectly.

Eternal Weddings & Alterations  

You were a joy to meet Lyna. We were so happy that we could be part of your wedding day journey. XX

Mariana C.

1 Jun 2018

I'm so pleased I found Eternal Weddings! The staff were very friendly and helpful. They also have a great range of beautiful dresses. Thanks for making it an enjoyable and stress free experience. I highly recommend.

Eternal Weddings & Alterations  

Thanks Mariana for your words. Glad you were so happy with our 5 star service. It was lovely being part of your wedding day journey.

Tania S.

24 Feb 2018

They handmade me a beautiful beaded dress and they did it for an amazing rice too. They didn't stop working on my dress until the day I picked it up, there was just so much care put into it.

Roshni D.

4 Feb 2018

Thank you so much to Jo. Not only did they order the dress I wanted in a short timeframe but you did an amazing job in altering my dress two days out from my wedding. You're kindness and understanding was much appreciated

Eternal Weddings & Alterations  

What a pleasure it was to work with you Roshini leading up to your wedding day. Thank you for the honour. Jo xx

Ilia K.

6 Jan 2018

My wife was the most beautiful bride. She seemed happy with her dress from Eternal Weddings.

Vivien L.

10 Nov 2017

The dress on my wedding day was absolutely spectacular and I received so many positive comments from our guests. Jo was very accommodating and helped me throughout the process to ensure the result was perfect. Highly recommended!

Tayla C.

20 Oct 2017

Absolute pleasure to deal with, they weren’t pushy with making a sale (a big plus in my book, as that could only mean they don’t NEED your business) but we’re still very attentive and gave you their honest opinion on what they thought if you asked them.

Eternal Weddings & Alterations  

Thanks Tayla! Yes, we don't believe in being pushy. A bride has to choose her dream wedding dress because she loves it and not because she is being pressured. XXXX

Janette D.

30 Jun 2017

I had my first fitting 3 days prior to the wedding because my dress was delayed in Spain because there was a delay on feathers! All I was worried about was will the dress fit me!! It did, thank goodness!

Regan R.

12 May 2017

They were wonderful and really brilliant! Maria picked my dress and told me to try it and it was the one. There experience and skill is the best I have experienced. I also got a veil and alterations which was so simple. Great quality dresses!

Lin Lin ~ Linda L.

7 Apr 2017

Jo, Maria, Kathy and Cathleen from Eternal Weddings of Hawthorn East were Amazing people to deal with! 😆 They assisted with choosing a Wedding Dress from my initial Consultation, to making sure that every Fitting was perfectly done to perfection! My Wedding Dress was Ordered Internationally, Hand Fitted by the Seamstresses @Eternal Weddings, and Taylored by length to fit my height! 😙 My Dress turned out Amazing & Beautiful and I couldn't ask for more from the Ladies at Eternal Weddings who were professionals and experts with their dealings! Would Definitely Recommend Eternal Weddings Hawthorn East anytime to any Brides in the near future!!!👍🖐🖑❤💖💟

Eternal Weddings & Alterations  

You were so divine Lin. Everytime you came in for a fitting we all laughed so much! XX

Sarah H.

4 Mar 2017

They were great. I didn't have a white dress and they were great about that. They were really easy to get along with. The dress was perfect.

Eternal Weddings & Alterations  

Making your amazing blue wedding dress was an honour! You truly looked spectacular! Thank you for allowing us to be part of your special day XXXX

Andrea T.

3 Mar 2017

The staff at Eternal Weddings were fantastic! They were very friendly and made me feel so special whilst helping me to choose my dream wedding dress. The alteration process was easy and they also kindly altered my going away outfit. They have some amazing jewellery and I also purchased earrings, 2 bracelets, headpiece and veil. I felt like a princess on my wedding day. I would definitely recommend Eternal Weddings to any future bride!

Eternal Weddings & Alterations  

It was a delight to meet you Andrea and working with you as you journeyed towards your big day was an honour. Can't wait to see lots of photos! XX

Andrea T.

3 Mar 2017

I purchased my dream wedding dress here and they also have some amazing jewellery and I purchased earrings, 2 bracelets and a headpiece. Staff are wonderful.

Nikki G.

25 Feb 2017

I bought my Connie Simonetti gown from here and the ladies made me feel special from my first step in the store. They take care in what they do and want each bride to feel like a princess. No pressure to buy at all. Highly recommend.

Eternal Weddings & Alterations  

Thank you Nikki for your kind words. We loved meeting you and working with you in the lead up to your big day. Don't forget to send us photos! XX

Janet C.

26 Jan 2017

The staff at Eternal Weddings were phenomenal! From my initial appointment until I picked up my dress, they were so friendly and knowledgeable. I also received free alterations due to a special they had going. I would definitely recommend Eternal Weddings to any future bride!!!

Eternal Weddings & Alterations  

We loved being part of the lead up to your big day. It was an honour! We wish you all of life's blessings XXXX

Kirsten K.

26 Jan 2017

Jo was nothing but amazing throughout the whole process. From start to finish she was nothing but professional and made me feel very comfortable. Highly recommend.

Eternal Weddings & Alterations  

Thank you Kirsten for taking the time to write those lovely words. You were an absolute delight to work with and we wish you all the best for a long and very happy life XXXXXX

Crystal R.

3 Dec 2016

Fantastic! Excellent experience to deal with the staff, look and try on dresses. The dressmakers completed alterations on my chosen dress and it was just beautiful. Couldn't have been more happy, Cathy and Maria who I dealt with were just wonderful. Would recommend them to everyone.

Eternal Weddings & Alterations  

Thanks Crystal. We loved working with you leading up to your big day. From your bridal High Tea when you chose your dress to seeing you on your wedding day.XXXX

Elina G.

19 Nov 2016

Purchased my dream wedding gown at an amazing price (last year's one that had to be resized)!! Ladies have been absolutely fantastic and made me feel so special! Did an amazing job, received so many compliments about my dress. Also got two gorgeous pairs of earrings (unsure about my hairdo till the last minute). AMAZING EXPERIENCE!

Elina G.

19 Nov 2016

Got my wedding gown and the jewelry from that amazing place! Can't thank them enough for making me feel so special!

Naomi M.

30 Oct 2016

Brilliant personalised service, accommodating and flexible, great supply of designers and styles. These wonderful ladies helped find my dream dress.

Eternal Weddings & Alterations  

It was a pleasure to be able to work so closely with you Naomi on the lead up to your big day. Can wait to see some pictures! XX

Alyssa G.

14 Oct 2016

The store is big enough to move around in the gowns and enough time is devoted to each bride to find the perfect wedding dress. I was so happy with the assistance I received from Marie, Jo, and their seamstresses. My dress was perfect! Couldn't be happier, thank you!

Eternal Weddings & Alterations  

Thanks Alyssa, you were so beautiful, inside and out and we just loved being part of the journey to your big day. XXXX

Vivienne C.

7 Oct 2016

Amazing service from Jo. Beautiful dress - many people commented on how lovely it was and that they'd not seen anything like it before. So happy I found this shop and highly recommend it to other brides :)

Eternal Weddings & Alterations  

It was an absolute pleasure looking after you Vivienne. We feel truly honoured to have been part of your big day! XX

Christina W.

23 Sep 2016

These ladies were fabulous. I had bought my dress in NYC and they were so helpful when it came to altering it. They made me feel at ease, even when cutting the bottom of my dress! And it looked fabulous on the day. I knew I was in safe hands!

Melissa M.

16 Sep 2016

My heroes! In all honesty, wedding dress shopping wasn't fun until I went to Eternal Weddings. They were so easy to deal with and looked after me the whole way through to make sure my dress fitted perfectly and I felt fantastic in it.

Eternal Weddings & Alterations  

Thank you Melissa for your kind words. It was an absolute pleasure working with you and being part of your special day. We wish you a long life filled with health and happiness.

Tarn E.

26 Aug 2016

Happy with the dress and the price

Eternal Weddings & Alterations  

Thank you. xx

Alex C.

7 May 2016

My bestfriend organised it for me. There was a little bit of miscommunication with what I got quoted. They were so accommodating and went above and beyond. My dress was stunning. It was perfect. They really truly made sure it was going to fit perfectly on my day. They also opened the shop much earlier for me just to do our dress fittings. It was a really nice experience!

Olga M.

23 Apr 2016

Awesome! Big variety and very helpful staff.

Eternal Weddings & Alterations  

You were 'awesome' to work with and we wish you all the very best for your future. XX

Selina H.

15 Apr 2016

I love the dress and it is so elegant with great details!

Eternal Weddings & Alterations  

Thanks Selina, you were a pleasure to deal with and being part of your 'wedding day' journey was an honour. XX

Liana R.

19 Mar 2016

Fantastic experience!! The seamstress customized the dress for me!

Eternal Weddings & Alterations  

It was an absolute pleasure looking after you Liana. You looked amazing!

Marie D.

13 Mar 2016

They were lovely! Good customer service!

Eternal Weddings & Alterations  

Thanks Marie. Working on your dress and seeing it come to life for your big day was an absolute pleasure. We feel honoured to be part of your big day XX

Sara S.

12 Mar 2016

Jo was amazing. Fantastic work and a pleasure to see each time. My dress needed to be taken in with lots of detail and it looked perfect, like it was made for me. Can't recommend her highly enough.

Tara K.

11 Mar 2016

I couldn't be happier with my wedding dress and service that was provided at Eternal Weddings. Jo was absolutely amazing, and made the process very easy and stress free. I didn't have a lot of time from when I went shopping for a wedding dress to the actual wedding date, but Jo went out of her way to get the dress I wanted into the shop in time and even did my last fitting and alterations just days before the wedding for me as I couldn't be in Melbourne to then. Thank you so much Eternal Weddings!

Eternal Weddings & Alterations  

Congratulations Tara! We are so happy you enjoyed your experience. It was delightful looking after you. Please send us lots of pictures when you can. XXX

Mary L.

11 Mar 2016

I will recommend the dress to all my friends. The dress is nice and classic.

Eternal Weddings & Alterations  

Thanks Mary. It was a pleasure looking after you. XXX

Stacey B.

21 Feb 2016

I was happy to find my dress at Eternal Weddings. The dress fitted me perfectly on my big day!

Eternal Weddings & Alterations  

Congratulations Stacey. We enjoyed the time we spent with you leading up to your big day XX

Toree M.

30 Jan 2016

Great service and beautiful dresses

Kristine B.

28 Jan 2016

Fantastic service, and a wide range of dresses. Would recommend to anyone who is looking for beautiful, quality gowns and great service.

Eternal Weddings & Alterations  

Thank you Kristine for you kind words. We love our job! xx

Vanessa C.

28 Sep 2015

They made the process really simple and enjoyable. Hardest thing was deciding between all of their designs.

Eternal Weddings & Alterations  

Thanks Vanessa for your kinds words. XX

Nadeesha B.

25 Sep 2015

This service was fantastic. I was able to get an off the rack dress for a bargain price. Then there was intricate beadwork done to make the dress extra special. The ladies at the shop were very professional and caring. They also helped fit me on my big day and really helped get the bridal party ready as well and drove as from our cottage accommodation to the reception part. Highly reccommend eternal weddings. I am a very happy customer!

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