What current trends do you think will be tacky in ten years time?

Think puffy sleeved dresses in the 80s. What is hot right now but might not last the test of time?

Question Asked: 24/05/2018 Wedding Date: 9/08/2018

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Forever Us

Queensland Wide

(12) Posted: 30/10/2018

Definitely, Donut Boards.. 

The Wedding and Event Creators

Wollongong/South Coast & Southern Highlands

(7) Posted: 14/09/2018

Everything comes and goes!

What was popular back in the 60's was macrame, and then it made a massive come back, so its totally swings and round-abouts in terms of trends.

What one person loves the next bride doesnt, so its great everyone has differing vibes and looks they want.

Crystal, bling  and the beach aqua starfish look has come and gone but we still see it around, and you can still personalise it or modernise it for a different look

If you are into that, go for what you love! 

Maida's Touch

Sydney & Surroundings NSW Wide Hunter Valley, Wollongong/South Coast/Southern Highlands

(0) Posted: 29/06/2018

I believe frocks and puffy dresses.

What will stay in style would be:

- Lace


- Simple


Maidas Touch

Dream Designers

Gold Coast / Tweed Heads

(9) Posted: 29/05/2018

Everything has it's time in the circle of fashion. For example Babies breath - hugely popular in the 80 & early 90's was taboo in the noughties & is now back in as a favourite, no doubt it will run it's time. Bling will run it's time too. Gold & the metallics is starting to make a come back at the moment but will run it's course as well.  Vintage & Boho: 80 - 60 years ago people only drank out of mason jars because they were poor & glasses were kept for good - we now think it's trendy. We use jars for candles & as vases for flowers - again this was only something the poor did. Fragipanni - in the noughties every second wedding had to have fragipanni flowers- this is now a rareity .

Always choose a style that is "you" & a style that you love. You may wonder "what was I thinking!" in years to come but that's all part of the fun of life.

MonCheri Blooms

Toowoomba | Regional Queensland

(0) Posted: 26/05/2018

I think the bling weddings with lots of crystals hanging beads etc. will be seen as a bit tacky,but it’s the Brides choice boho simple, rustic, bling its her choice .

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