Should we provide meals for our vendors?

Question Asked: 16/04/2019 Wedding Date: 9/08/2018

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Woodfire Desire

Albury/Wodonga, Central Victoria, Wagga Wagga and surrounds

(17) Posted: 3/06/2022

Here at Woodifre Desire, we will always provide pizza for the staff. It is not an additional cost. It's just a given. If our couples ask, we let them know that we have it covered.

(5) Posted: 20/04/2021

Hi there

Thank you for your question in regards to Vendor Catering.

As a general rule you are not required to Cater for you Vendors but I have only ever done a few Weddings where the Vendors were not Catered for.

Nutmeg and Pepper Catering usually offer a reduced price and more simplified Menu from the Wedding Menu and as a rule of thumb only charge around $20 per person for a Main Meal depending on the Wedding.

If we can be of any further assistance please feel free to contact us.

Thanks and Regards

Nutmeg and Pepper Boutique Catering

Iced & Sliced

Melbourne. Mornington Peninsula and Surrounds

(0) Posted: 24/01/2020

Generally yes food should be provided to vendors and they really appreciate the effort. Vendors usually work long hours and don't always have time for a break so providing them with a meal ensures your function will run smoothly.

Swagmans Spit Roast

Brisbane, Ipswich, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Surrounds

(4) Posted: 16/08/2019

Yes definitely. If they are providing a service to you over a number of hours it is always nice to make sure they are offered a drink and a plate of food if they are there at meal time.

Personally we had a seat at a table with our guests for our photographer on our wedding night. You could have a table set up for service staff such as co-ordinator, band, photographer, videographer, MC etc.

You want to make them feel as comfortable as possible. Staff who are comfortable and happy will always go the extra mile to make sure they are giving you the best service. A lot of catering companies offer a reduced rate for staff meals.

The Italian Job Catering

Brisbane, Gold Coast, Byron Bay, Ballina & Hinterland

(12) Posted: 21/05/2019

We always feed everyone that is part of the wedding. We do charge $15 per vendor though. 

Kombi Keg Whitsundays

Mackay & Whitsundays

(0) Posted: 8/05/2019

If they are working during the event then absolutely! Your bar and waitress staff for example  are usually there for majority of the day/night if not all of it and if they’re busy looking after your guests, then they won’t have time to stop and eat. Vendors usually eat after you and your guests and do it on the run and behind the scenes. No need to set a place for them if it’s a sit down meal.

IceCream Curls

Sunshine Coast / Noosa

(1) Posted: 8/05/2019

Yes, as most caterers work through meal times for sometimes an extended service it's always a good option to ensure they are fed also. Having a food truck is a great option where we swap our food during the quiet times for us. 

Whips & Co

Gold Coast / Tweed Heads

(0) Posted: 8/05/2019

I dont believe so , vendors usually have a swapsies arrangement anyway so it's not a neccesity I believe you should focus on your special day 

Olsen's Catering

Bunbury/Margaret River and Surrounds

(4) Posted: 8/05/2019

We provide vendor meals at a reduced rate. The meal isn't necessarily exactly what the guests are having, but we always look after vendors - they are colleagues in a sense, with a job to do. Often they're eating on the run and it's necessary to be flexible with the timing of their meals. For instance the muso's need to eat in the break between sets.

Hudson's Famous Catering and Events

Melbourne & Surroudings & Vic Wide

(13) Posted: 8/05/2019

Yes,  it is polite to provide meals for the vendors, and is always at a special price.  

They always appreciate a quick something to eat.

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