Should we have an open bar?

Question Asked: 16/04/2019 Wedding Date: 9/08/2018

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Kombi Keg Northern Tasmania

All of Tasmania

(0) Posted: 10/01/2022

With the Kombi you can run an open bar with beer, wine and cocktails of your choice on all 6 taps. Keg sizes vary from 10 to 50litres.

The Thirsty Horse Mobile Bar

Penrith / Blue Mountains

(2) Posted: 21/10/2020

Hi there, 

If you are hiring a mobile bar, you are able to purchase the alcohol in advance so you can be in control of your budget,

If you did for example, have some friends or family that you know may drink too much you can let the bar tenders know of this person in advance so we are the "bad guys" and not you

IceCream Curls

Sunshine Coast / Noosa

(1) Posted: 8/05/2019

We recommend having a bar of some sort with at least 2 different types of beers, white and red wine or soft drinks. This way you are catering to alot of people. With the weddings we have experienced and been a part of with our icecream, this has been successful. 

(0) Posted: 18/04/2019

If you looked at hiring Kombi Keg you could have an ‘open bar’ in the way of adding variations in your beverages. We use a keg system for all of our drinks and by purchasing alcohol in keg saves you a lot of money. Most of our clients will have a beer or two in tap, a wine, Prosecco, cocktail etc to give a variation which make sure it feel like it’s not just a standard beer/wine wedding.

If you would like pricing you can contact us Kombi Keg Cairns.

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