How many canapes should you serve during cocktail hour at a wedding?

Annelise S

Question Asked: 9/09/2016 Wedding Date: 24/06/2017 Wedding Location: Perth, WA 6000

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Victorian Golden Roast


(5) Posted: 11/09/2016


Good question, the answer depends on what sort of catering (overall) that you're planning, and what time the food will be served. If the canapes are the only food you're planning on serving, then you'll need to serve more. Again, this depends on the time of service; if you're serving at say, 3pm then you don't need to serve a 'full meal' as guests will assume they will need to have a meal later on. In this case, you can serve only perhaps 3 -5 portions per guest.

If you're serving at say, 7pm, then guests are going to treat it as a meal, and you're going to have to serve more; 8 - 10 portions per guest. If you're serving at 7pm but planning to also serve a meal, then you only need 2 - 3 portions per guest. Hope this helps!

Food Stuff

Sydney and Surroundings

(3) Posted: 2/10/2017

The number of canapes depends on how long you will be servin them for and also what time of day it will be

For example if it is late in the afternoon and people havent eaten since lunch this needs to be taken into consideration

We recommend 1 piece per person every 15 minutes

However every event is individual this is just a guide



UBERFOOD fine catering

Adelaide and surrounds

(0) Posted: 2/10/2017

Hi Annelise,

Just for the hour, I would say 4 different canapes. Hope that helps! Cheers Tina

Flour and Fire

Perth and Surrounds

(1) Posted: 18/09/2017

My suggestion is to have 3 choices if passing around on trays or offer more variety with a grazing table.

Mountain Wide Event Catering

Blue Mountains and surrounds | Penrith and surrounds

(1) Posted: 2/08/2017

We generally serve between 4 to 6, we pride ourselves on good portion sizes for main course so this is ample for canapes

Bluesalt Catering

NSW - Statewide

(9) Posted: 14/07/2017

3 pp is generally fine. 3 varieties x 3 each. 

Hot Coals Catering

Victoria Statewide

(19) Posted: 12/05/2017

At Hot Coals Catering ,we will take the time to talk to you about how you envisage your event. It really depends on how much food you will be serving at the main part of the event, the time between the wedding and the main course, and your crowd! If it's to be a long time between the wedding and the mains, you might want more canapes.

(12) Posted: 14/03/2017

Somewhere between 4 and 7 pieces per person is a good guide. Depending on size and style.

(0) Posted: 13/09/2016

We would suggest 3 to 4 varieties if you are going into a 3 course meal or a buffet as it is not an entree.

You do not want to spoilt the guests appetite.

FigJam & Co

South East Queensland Wide

(10) Posted: 13/09/2016

Hi Annelise. We usually serve 6 items per person which is about 1/2 hour service.

Creative Catering

Western Australia

(12) Posted: 12/09/2016

9 pieces per person with one of the options being substantial.

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