What are the most common wedding cake flavours?

Question Asked: 14/05/2019 Wedding Date: 9/08/2018

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Blissful Inspirations Cakes

Melbourne and Surrounds

(3) Posted: 16/07/2019

Well that's a great question as I think it just varies. I bake all my cakes from scratch and use quality ingredients and my own recipes that I have developed over time. I don't use artificial flavourings as I don't think you get the best flavours unless you use the real thing.

I do tasting tests for couples, most will always ask to taste white mud or dark chocolate mud cakes and then ask what I would recommend. My recommendations are usually my lime and coconut white chocolate mud cake, my passionfruit, orange & coconut cake, and my butter cake.  I do have a vast cake flavours and fillings to choose from. Send me a quick email at blissfulinspirationscakes@gmail.com for the list!

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kindest regards


Blissful Inspirations Cakes

(5) Posted: 23/05/2019

Vanilla delight Sponge & Chocolate mud

The Late Night Baker

Sydney and Surroundings

(5) Posted: 21/05/2019


It really depends on what you like. I tell my brides that it's their day and they can pick whichever flavour they like. In saying that, the most popular cake flavour I am usually asked for is chocolate, vanilla and white chocolate mud cake. These pair well with many buttercream flavours and so the choices are endless. My popular buttercream flavours are raspberry, salted caramel, coconut and vanilla bean. These flavours are usually enjoyed by all guests as well so it's a win win for everyone!

Cakes by Wendy

Rockhampton and Surrounds

(2) Posted: 16/05/2019

Decadent Chocolate mud cake is the all time favourite, with White chocolate mud and Caramel mud a close second. 

Red velvet is again gaining popularity followed by the gluten free variations such as Fig, Lime and Pistachio or Citrus.

Always Time For Cake - Melbourne

Melbourne - Specialising In The Northern Suburbs

(1) Posted: 15/05/2019

Hi there, 

Great question, I have found all the tradtional flavours of White Vanilla, Dutch Chocolate (for the Chocolate Lover!), Mud Cakes, Red Velvet matched with White Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting, Hummingbird, are still popular, but new flavours like Redskin, Marbles or coloured cakes. 

We would have something suitable for your wedding.

Enjoy the sampling.

Kathy Always Time For Cake - Melbourne  

Sweetcheeks Cookies and Cakes

Melbourne & Surrounding Areas

(27) Posted: 15/05/2019

Flavours are to YOUR taste my sweet - you can ask what everyone else likes, (or what everyone sells :/) but it's completely up to you! 
Do you and your guests like something lighter, but you don't want to be too plain? Something like Vanilla Passionfruit might be what you choose. Or if you and your family love rich decadence, perhaps a chocolate hazelnut (with nutella filling, mmmmm) mud cake is more your style. Remember if you're having more than 1 tier, you can mix and match flavours so you don't have to stick to just one. My wedding cake was Banana, White choc raspberry mud, Choc hazelnut mud, Vanilla Passionfruit, Red Velvet and Lemon Blueberry cake with coconut filling. (Yep, I had a 7 tiered cake - as a cake artist, I felt the pressure to go big! ha ha). 
Whatever you choose, enjoy your wedding planning and make sure you choose a supplier who makes your life eeeeeaasy ;) 
Best wishes! 
- Danielle 

J Poppet

Gold Coast/Tweed Heads

(19) Posted: 15/05/2019

chocolate is still the most popular. Most brides stick to the basics that the majority of guests will engoy. So Chocolate, White, caramel and RedVvelvet. Sometimes alternating layers and usually a different flavour on each tier. Other flavours include Citrus Coconut, Choc Hazelnut, Carrot, White with Raspberries....

thank you www.jpoppet.com.au 

Sweety's Cake House

Penrith/Blue Mountains/Central West

(1) Posted: 15/05/2019

Most people go for the 3 mud cakes, chocolate mud, white choc mud and caramel mud 

Kerryn Sweet Art Cakes

Melbourne & Surrounding Suburbs

(77) Posted: 15/05/2019

Popular flavours are Mud cakes. My Red Velvet cake is the most common flavour chosen at my free tastings. Vanilla is also popular as it is a lighter flavour that most people would enjoy. I offer different flavours of each tier so everyone is happy!

Cakes of Distinction

Melbourne and Surrounding Areas

(102) Posted: 15/05/2019

There are many bakers who bake mainly mud cakes however I bake everything from scratch using my personal recipes that I have tweaked and retweaked over the last 30 years and I offer my customers original homemade style fillings that I make into fruit curds or gels which we add to our chocolate ganache or buttercream fillings.  Very rarely do I sell mud cakes as I have so many original cake flavours available that my customers prefer to go with something different and unpredictable.

My white cakes are the most popular for weddings, some of these are;

White Chocolate, Raspberry Swirl & Coconut

White Chocolate & Raspberry Swirl

White Chocolate Cake with Passionfruit

Champagne & Pink Grapefruit

Lime & Coconut with Lime Curd filling

Lemon Sponge with Blueberry Gel

Almond & Sour Cherry

Then for those who do love their Chocolate and insist on it we have the following;

Marbled Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Ganache

Rich Dark Chocolate Cake with any of the following natural flavours - Raspberry filling, Mocha, Jaffa

I hope these appeal. I'd be delighted for you to contact us to book in a tasting.

Have a great day!

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