Popular vs surprising wedding cake flavours

Hi there - starting to think about wedding cake flavours. Curious to know what are the most popular and what guests love the most vs unique/surprising flavours they might not have tried before? What should we request at a cake tasting?

Question Asked: 5/12/2022

Wedding Date: 9/08/2018

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Metro Designer Cakes

(5) · Adelaide & Surrounding Areas

Posted: 14/03/2023

Good question! I'ts always nice to have a surprise flavour at a wedding, but to be honest, you'd be trying to please wayy too many different pallets! Perhaps have a standard type cake, then bring in a slightly unusal filling. Most cakes these days consist of at least 2-3 layers of filling, so why not jazz things up by swapping 1 layer of a standard type filling for something a little different. Be aware though, most studios will charge an additional fee for this as there is more work to make extra fillings.

Also, if you are looking at having a different type of filling, ask for a sample before confirming! Things can often sound really great, but when you try them, you may not feel the same way. Better to spend a little on tasters.

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Kaikai Cakery

(6) · Gold Coast and Surrounds

Posted: 6/12/2022

Hey Lovely, great question! 

I normally offer sample boxes which come with the 6 signature wedding cake flavours I have that way your able to try each flavour, I would say my most popular flavour would be chocolate mud or white chocolate mud. 

A surprising flavour that is popular too is orange and almond cake.

Creamy Creations by Stacey

(2) · Wollongong / South Coast

Posted: 6/12/2022

You can't go past a beautiful mud cake. My flavours of choice and by far the most popular is the delicate and moist caramel mud cake closely followed by vanilla mud. Also a favourite of my brides in my homemade sticky date pudding with the drip of caramel sauce. When asking for cake tasting, ask for a small selection of their flavours and perhaps you might be coming my way for your big day. Congrats on your amazing day xx 

Cakes By Rosa

(7) · Coldstream

Posted: 6/12/2022

Hi ,  ok most of my brides go for Red Velvet,  White Muffin , chocolate mud, Buttercake  . Or I offer a fresh Raspberry choc mud or a rippled effect . I have had a few ask for a lemon curd aswell .

I tend to also give them a choice of 2 flavours in the cake layers . 

I do offer others but they seem to be popular with me . Am also open to any flavours you have in mind . 

Hope this helps , 

Elegant Occasions

(15) · Melbourne

Posted: 6/12/2022

We always have free cake tasting for couples when ordering a cake. They tend to go for 2 flavours usually a chocolate based and one not so rich.They often serve it as desert so it can be served as alternating flavours.

Most popular lately has been;

Lemon and coconut sponge with a lemon curd and lemon and coconut mouse filling 

Red Velvet with cream cheese filling 

Choc Berry- Chocolate cake with Raspberry ganache filling 

Baci - Chocolate with hazelnut mousse filling

Cookies and Cream

Sweet Snap Sydney

(2) · Sydney & Surrounding Areas

Posted: 6/12/2022

Flavoured chocolate for the Wedding Smash Cake Pinatas- the flavours that can be added to the chocolate is endless! My very favourite is the burnt caramel ! Super delicious !

Cakes by Han

(13) · Newcastle, Hunter Valley and Surrounding Areas

Posted: 6/12/2022

Some of my most popular flavours are fan favourites like Ferrero, Red Velvet & Caramel and Chocolate but also very fruity ones like White chocolate and Raspberry, Lemon, Passionfruit or Lemon Meringue Pie. Most couples like to give their guests a bit of a choice.

In terms of surprising flavours, a lot of people shy away from unique flavour combinations that aren't as common for a wedding cake like earl grey and peach, prosecco and thyme, sticky date, carrot cake etc. but when tried they are always blown away.

Vines Cakes

(18) · Perth

Posted: 6/12/2022


That is a great question! I find the most popular flavours my couples choose vary depending on the cake style. If it is a semi naked, rustic or smooth buttercream style cake the most popular is Vanilla sponge with chocolate or lemon following as favourites.

When the cake is fully covered with fondant in a more traditional style Mud cakes seem to be the choice. The most populat Mud cake flavour for us is Chocolate, closely followed by white chocolate raspberry and caramel mud. 

A few unusual ones have been Chocolate mint with crispy mint ganache filling, Chocolate Orange with orange ganache filling, Mango cocnut with citrus filling but the options are endless! Fruit cake is a choice for a top tier on some occassions but much rarer nowadays. Good luck with you choices :)

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