How are you meant to freeze your wedding cake?

Question Asked: 21/11/2018 Wedding Date: 9/08/2018

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   Quiet often the biggest mistake done is not freezing the cake in the correct way. To avoid what we call a freezer burn it would be best first to remove any kind of toppers or decorations on the cake and then wrap the cake with cling wrap tightly and make sure to repeat this 2 to 3 times. To thaw the cake just defrost it at room temperature.

thank you

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Make sure you remove any decorations like flowers, figurines etc and Triple wrap the cake with plastic wrap and then double wrap tightly with foil. This prevents freezer burn and any freezer smell getting into the cake.  Make sure you put the date and what is in the wrapped foil so you don't forget whats it is.

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We don’t recommend freezing cheese at all! With wedding cakes we recommend eating them at your celebration and they also make a great snack for the following day.

Hard cheeses would freeze better (but for no longer than 6 months),  the moisture content in softer cheeses means that they will not be as good once frozen. 

If you have to, ensure a slow thaw, in the fridge.

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If you're considering to freeze some of your cake for your first anniversary, personally I wouldnt recommend it.  I have been making cakes for over 30 years and this was generally done when fruit cake was the norm for wedding cakes.  They were well preserved with alcohol, a layer of marzipan and sugar fondant on top which sealed the cake well and it didnt even need to be frozen, just stored somewhere dry in a sealed cake tin.

If you still would like to freeze it for a little while, and I would assume that its a small tier, keep it whole, don't cut it up as it will keep more moist longer as one whole cake.  If the cake is covered with fondant, wrap your cake well with 4 layers of cling wrap and place in a zip lock bag or wrapped again in foil well. If it's buttercream you will need to refrigerate it for at least 30 minutes to firm up the buttercream then cling wrap, so the cling wrap doesnt stick to it.  When you want to take it out of the freezer, with the fondant cake leave it on the bench all wrapped up as is until it has completely thawed, usually overnight, then take off the cling wrap. This will prevent the cake from going sticky as the condensation will occur on the outside of the plastic rather than on the fondant.  If its a buttercream cake, it is wise to take the cling wrap off while its frozen so as it doesn't pull of the buttercream when its become soft.

Unfortunately not all cakes can be frozen for the same length of time as it depends on the type of cake it is.  Mud cakes will keep frozen longer but I wouldn't freeze it for longer than 6 months.  It will not go mouldy but the quality will not be the same if you freeze it for longer than that and it will be drier.  Other lighter cakes butter or pound cake may be frozen up to 3-4 months, any longer and they start to break down and will be dry without much flavour.

You may also like to ask your cake decorator if they have also frozen your cake prior to decorating it for you as many do freeze their cakes depending on their workload and this will decrease some of the time you can freeze it for.  If this has occured it's not an issue and the quality of your cake won't be affected for your wedding but you will not be able to freeze for the full length of time.

Good luck!

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We generally suggest to cut up any left over cake into portions so that when you want to have some of your left over cake you can defrost a little at a time.

Wrap the portions in several layers of glad wrap and then you can put these into a snap lock bag (the ones from ikea are great for this) and label the bag with the date and what flavour the cake is (if you had a few different flavours this helps).

To defrost the cake simple take it out of the freezer remove all wrappings immediately and allow the cake to come to room temperature. For a quick defrost you can use the defrost setting on your microwave.

Saved cake portions are great to pull out and serve as a last minute dessert, serve it with some berry coulis and icecream.

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It really depends on the type of cake, but ultimately slicing it before you freeze it, wrap it tightly with a few layers of glad wrap and pop in the freezer. the more airtight the wrapping of each cake, the less likely it is to go dry! I would suggest serving it with a bit of berry sauce or some sort of yummy saucy side like caramel to add some moisture to the cake if its like a lighter cake or sponge consistency. The more dense kinds of mudcakes and cheese cakes freeze better, because of their texture but you can still totally freeze other types of cakes successfully to enjoy further down the track ;)

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The best way to freeze the leftover wedding cake is by slicing it up into pieces and then just wrapping each piece in glad wrap to keep the moisture so that when you want to each some, you can simply take out one slice and thaw it rather than having to cut a frozen cake. 

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Make sure all your decorations/flowers have been removed. Then wrap in plastic wrap a couple of times sealing well then wrap with aluminum foil and place in zip lockbag with air removed. When you are ready to serve make sure you defrost at room temperature. Enjoy Kathy 

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The proper way to do it, to ensure your cake doesn't get freezer burn, is to (first take any toppers/flowers or decorations off of course) wrap the cake tightly in cling wrap, do 3-4 layers of this, and then you can wrap in a layer or two of aluminium foil. 
When thawing it out, leave it out on the bench overnight to come to room temperature, and the next day; enjoy! 
- Danielle :)

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Wrap it tightly in about 4 layers of gladwrap and place in the freezer.  Make sure it is airtight.

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