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Based in Canberra, Chris White is a warm, modern, and professional wedding celebrant with a passion for creating meaningful wedding day experiences. Chris approaches each unique wedding with enthusiasm and authenticity. When you engage Chris as your wedding celebrant, you know that you’ll receive thorough communication, unwavering support, and genuine interest in your love story.

Every celebrant booking with Chris White begins with an obligation-free chat over phone or email, where you’re welcome to ask any questions you may have. Chris’ disarming and friendly demeanour will put you at ease, allowing you to openly and comfortably participate in the ceremony writing process. After Chris has finished penning the first draft of your ceremony, you’ll have the opportunity to review and request changes ensuring you are completely satisfied with the final result. He can deliver the ceremony in English, Mandarin, Thai or French


“Hi Chris, thank you so much for making our day such a memorable one. Your calm, easy-going personality was just what we were after. We received so many compliments from guests enjoying how you put it all together and how you delivered it. So glad we stopped by and spoke with you at the wedding fair.” –- Clara 


What you’ll love about working with Chris White for your Canberra wedding: 

  • Bespoke ceremonies. With a deep appreciation of the union of marriage, Chris understands the importance of having a wedding ceremony that truly reflects your personalities and values. With this in mind, Chris will take the time to get to know you as a couple, and will craft a ceremony that weaves in your personal anecdotes, favourite readings, and any rituals you wish to include. 
  • Packages for every wedding. Do you fancy a wedding with all the bells and whistles? Unlimited communication, assistance with your vows, and detailed storytelling to reflect your timeline as a couple? ‘The Full Monty’ is the package for you. Perhaps just the legalities are all you require? The no-fuss ‘Legal Only’ package is the one for you. 
  • An elevated ceremony experience. Chris’ professionalism is second to none. From your initial enquiry to your wedding day, Chris’ attention to detail will ensure your ceremony experience is memorable and exceptional in all the best ways.  
  • Happy traveller.  Chris is very happy to wortk with couples who wish to be married in Canberra, the surrounding regions, as well as the NSW south and central coast.  Or further afield, just ask.


Highlights of working with Chris White for your Canberra wedding: 

  • Paperwork and legalities taken care of for your peace of mind 
  • Professional PA system 
  • Impeccable presentation
  • A list of trusted suppliers to assist in your wedding planning 
  • Punctual and reliable 


'Chris is the most incredible love interpreter! He delivered the most personalised ceremony that all our guests commented suited us to a tee. Easy to work with and great communication. We could not be happier with our choice!'  Gabby, Bride


If you would like a relaxed, personalised and professional celebrant, then you've come to the right place. Let's work together to create a wonderful memory for you both and experience for your family and guests.

Chris White

Business Owner

Easy Weddings Special Offer

Glasshouse Candles

Every couple that books through Chris White Celebrant through Easy Weddings will receive a beautiful GlassHouse Candle as a thank you and on going memory of the wonderful memory and experience of your wedding day. 

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Exclusive Offer
Short, Sharp and Fully Legal

A short ceremony with only the bare minimum in legal components. A modern day elopement with no more than 15 guests.

  • Brief intro,
  • monitum,
  • legal and personal vows,
  • rings
  • signing and you are married.

Usually just the one face to face planning meeting (or video call) is all we need.

You complete a couple of questionnaires to help me build your ceremony

Unlimited communication (text, email, phone, etc).

Writing and delivery of your personalised ceremony, and can help with personal vows if that is something you would like.

Travel to your chosen ceremony within Canberra region.

Lodgement of all legal paperwork to ensure your marriage is legal registered.

You get to choose what I wear on the day

Mostly the type of ceremony for those couples that don't necessarily want their story to be told and are focused on getting to the reception and celebrating.

I can come by to a dinner or a lunch you are having with family and friends and surprise them all with you getting married.

Exclusive Offer
Legal Only

A short process with only the bare minimum in legal components. 

  • Monitum,
  • legal vows,
  • signing and you are married.

This process takes about 10 minutes to perform and is suited for those couples who are simply looking to make the marriage official; generally for those who aren’t looking for fanfare and have no guests, except two witnesses.  

This can happen at my place, a cafe or a park. It is still special in that you are married at the end of it, but to be clear this is not a ceremony per se. I can come by to a dinner or a lunch you are having with family and friends and surprise them all with you getting married.

Just need at least a month's notice to complete initial paper work.

I lodge all the legal paperwork to ensure your marriage is registered with BDM.

Exclusive Offer
The Full Monty

This is the full deal where you are limited only by your imagination.

  • Detailed intro
  • Story telling,
  • legal stuff,
  • vows,
  • readings,
  • rings,
  • rituals
  • bells, whistles.

Fee inclusions:

  • An initial in-person meeting/s to discuss your needs, provide you with relevant information on marriage and progress legal and booking documentation, including the NOIM;
  • A draft of the wedding ceremony based on our discussions
  • A copy of my ceremony reference guide (complete with detailed ceremony ideas, required wording, optional wording examples, lists of readings, music, tips for writing your own vows, rituals, poetry, example words of Asking/affirmation (the I do’s), questions of parents, children, family, friends or all, the ceremony, vows and pledges if preferred, suggestions for involving other people/making the ceremony interactive and so on;
  • all local phone calls, emails, mailing and/or meetings (as agreed) to clarify and confirm ceremony details;
  • return travel to facilitate the ceremony within Canberra (if up to 30kms from my home in Weston. Please note that a charge per kilometre may be levied for travel by car to and from a venue.
  • conduct of the ceremony using a PA system as required (please advise if you wish to use this system to run music during the ceremony via IPOD);
  • provision of a commemorative marriage certificate and a keepsake copy of your written ceremony;

There is an additional $100 for a rehearsal; these aren't necessary and you will be very well prepared for the big day through our lead up sessions.

This ceremony takes about 30-40 minutes to perform.


Service Area Canberra and surrounding Region

Canberra and surrounding Region
Canberra and surrounding Region


That all sits with me.  We just work to pull the info together and I manage it all on your behalf.  This is done pretty much in the back end of the process, blink and you wil miss.  But I wont!  main legal bits are completing the NOIM and the Declaration in advance and then i register the marriage immediately after.  You just sit back and enjoy the creative part of designing exactly what you want the memory to be. 

There are few jobs that see people at their best and happiest.  Marriage Celebrant is one of those, so who wouldn't want to be involved.  l love hearing people's stories and working with couples to create a wonderful memory for them and a great experience for their guests.  I really only want to be involved in activities that reaffirm love, joy, understanding and inclusion.  

The only MUST haves are the Monitum (which is me for about 30 secs) and the legal vows (which is each of you for about 15 secs each).  After that gloves are off and we can be as simple or as complex as you like.   Readings, hand fastings, personal vows, butterflies, unicorns, the limit is your imagination, patience and how long you have the wedding venue for.  But in all honesty we aim to max out at 30 mins.

I’m all about equality, inclusion and the recognition of love. I would love to be involved in your wedding. I am blind to race, age, religion or how you identify.  As a member of the LGBTIQ+ community I fully embrace everyone who come to be married by me. The end goal is to recognise the love that is in the room and get you guys married! 

That is fully dependent on yourselves.  I wil always work with couples to ensure I am in keeping with your theme/vibe, and will discuss this with you in advance. More often than not I will get you to choose; most couples like the Schitt's Creek Blue jacket unless its a black tie event!  

Absolutely triple vaccinated and fluvax.  

I recommend you plan for no more than 30 minutes, in total.  Most ceremonies when constructed around inclusions that hold meaning and relevance will fit perfectly into that time frame.  Anymore than that you will find guests moving in their seats, your ankles getting a little sore and longing looks towards the wine bar.

42 reviews 5.0 Write a Review

March 2024

Chris is such a fantastic celebrant and really helped make our wedding reflect our values and being to life the vision we were after for our ceremony. It was really special and full of personal touches that made the day all the more memorable for us. He is approachable, a great communicator and great to work with and we have gotten so many compliments about Chris from the from the guests at our wedding. Thank you Chris!

Laura D.

Chris White Celebrant

Thanks Laura, thats very kind of you. It was lovely to meet you both and deliver a memorable event for you on your wedding day. I am so glad that it resonated with your guests and has made a lasting memory for you both.

March 2024

Chris is undoubtedly the best celebrant/MC. He was incredible throughout the wedding planning process and preparation on the day. He has a wealth of knowledge that made us feel at ease throughout the whole process, and helped us craft our perfect wedding day, bringing our vision to life. On the day of the wedding, Chris was fantastic, hilarious, calm, entertaining and our guests raved about him for weeks after the wedding. We can’t thank you enough Chris, you are exceptional at what you do.

Abbie S.

Chris White Celebrant

Hey Abbie, you guys were fabulous and so giving through this process that made it my absolute pleasure. And what a party afterwards! It was such a pleasure delivering on your vision for both the ceremony and the reception, and your gang were so invested in you both; it made for such a great night! And wow what a venue up at Jaspers!

November 2023

Chris was the celebrant for our recent wedding and he was absolutely perfect. He approached the ceremony in such a natural, genuine and personalised way. The ceremony really felt like he understood who we were as a couple and why we where there. He had such care with how he handled and approached everything. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for a celebrant, he made our ceremony absolutely perfect.


Chris White Celebrant

Lauren and Liam thanks so much for your review. That is very kind of you. You were both such a pleasure to collaborate with, and being so open with your story made it a joy, as did your great group of guests!

May 2024

Chris was a pleasure to work with from planning right through to conducting the ceremony itself. He was incredibly professional whilst maintaining a genuine interest throughout our journey. Even when events outside of our control arose, Chris was able adapt to changes seamlessly allowing our perfect day to be just that.....perfect. Highly recommend Chris to be considered when planning your wedding ceremony.


Chris White Celebrant

It was a pleasure to work with you Adam and Ping, and I loved the processional. I am a convert to symphonic Metallica. Thanks for trusting me to deliver on your day. Wish you both a great journey forward.

April 2024

Thanks to Chris our special day was made extra special. The wedding ceromony had the perfect balance of professionalism, care and humor. Chris made the effort to get to know us to give the ceremony a personal touch, he let the day be about us and he had great ideas to make it better. We have had a number of our family and friends mention what a great job he did. We couldn’t be happier with how it all went. Thank you Chris!

Bevin G.

Chris White Celebrant

Hi team such a pleasure getting to know you and to perform the ceremony. You were so relaxed during the process and you made it such a privilege to be involved!

Expert Advice

expert advice

As a wedding professional, Chris White Celebrant offers expert advice to help couples plan their perfect day. Ask a question or read their expert advice.

Get Expert Advice

Can we get married in two weeks time?

We are heading on holiday and would love to be married in two weeks. What are our options?

Chris White Celebrant

In short, yes you can get married in two weeks, if you have extenuating circumstances (see below).  Ordinarily a couple must lodge a Notice of Intended Marriage at least one month prior or no sooner than 18 months to the marriage.

But in certain circumstances you can be granted a 'shortening of time' to get married.  

The Marriage Regs identifies the following reasons for approving a shortening:  employment/travel commitments, wedding/celebration or religious considerations, medical reasons, legal proceedings, or an error in giving notice.

Your celebrant can assist with this but you will need to seek this through a prescribed authority.

My mum is very Catholic and wants me to have a Catholic priest at my wedding

However, my partner does not. Is there any way I could combine the two to keep both parties happy? I want some Catholic elements, but not the whole service.

Chris White Celebrant

In short, yes you can have a catholic priest involved alongside a civil celebrant, or even catholic sentiment/ceremony infused in the ceremony.  You may find yourself involved in much compromise here though which in turn may be moving away from what YOU and your partner want this celebration and experience to be.  Rather than being overly concerned with what it is your mum wants.  For mine, front and centre is what the couple want as that is who I would be working with and for.  And then there is finding a religious celebrant that may (or not) be less willing to compromise - but this is not my wheelhouse and you would of course need to look to bring the religious celebrant alongside.  That said, there are many civil celebrant's who are of a religious bent that could well be the compromise that keeps most people happy. But then I go back to my basic tenet - it is about what the couple are looking for.  No doubt Mum will likely be happy with whatever ceremony you decide.

Madeleine S

How long does it take to get your official marriage certificate after the wedding?

Can't wait to change my name!

Chris White Celebrant

The sooner the celebrant lodges the registration with the relevant BDM the sooner you get the certificate.  Yes, each BDM will have different processing times (and pressures - COVID impact on staffing is a real issue) depending on the size of the BDM and the juridiction i.e. NSW has many more weddings per week than NT, WA, ACT or SA so they may take longer than other juridictions.  But to be honest NSW BDM has been turning them around so fast that my couples have very little wait.  ACT acknowledge registration that same day and turn them around very quick. The celebrant has 14 days to lodge so to be honest that is likely the main cause for delay.  I tend to get it done that night so there is no delay from my end.  I've had no problems with ACT or NSW BDMs processing and having the certificates delivered via Registered Post within 14 days. 

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