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Steve H.

10 Aug 2019

Andy thank you so much for being our celebrant, you were amazing. Colin and I are so happy with everything you put together and we will always be thankful for it. At the reception everyone was raving about you and asked how long we have known you for, they thought you were either a relative or a good friend of ours! You set the right tone for our ceremony which carried on through to the reception! Thanks again!

Married by Andy  

Thank you gentleman!!! It was so special to be your celebrant and bringing your story to life Thank you again for choosing me and entrusting me with your ceremony. 🥰 We kicked it off alright 🥳 hehe. Much love always, Andy 😘 (will see you at SW hehe)

Carolin E.

2 Aug 2019

Thank you to Andy for organising our marriage without any problems despite the long distance (Austria-Australia). According to our wishes we had a very private ceremony at Bradley´s Head in Sydney without any audience. Because of the long distance and because we never where there before, Andy already advised us in advance and checked up the choosen location (even if it is possible to get married there). He not only provided german-speaking witnesses, but also helped us a lot with the whole legal stuff (including authentication and distribution of the marriage certificate to Austria). It was possible to discuss final details at Andy’s place on the day before the wedding. The ceremony itself was personal and matched our wishes. You notice that Andy is a celebrant who does „his“ weddings wholeheartedly. Thank you again for everything! T&C

Married by Andy  

Thank you so much C&T for the beautiful review 🥰🥳 It was my absolute pleasure to organise your dream wedding away from it all but then right in the heart of beautiful Sydney. The view and all was just stunning and I’m still amazed you both learned your vows by heart 💓👌 Much love, Andy

Melissa N.

8 Jun 2019

Andy came highly recommended to us by a friend who had met him at another wedding. she said he was the best celebrant she had even seen. he was charming, funny, engaged with everyone, and truly made the ceremony special. so, of course, after hearing all of that I had to contact him myself. it was honestly the best decision we made. Andy, you listened to our every word and truly incaputlated everything we wanted in our wedding. You made our guests laugh and cry and went above and beyond on our special day. You transitioned into the role of celebrant then MC so naturally and we cannot ever thank you enough. You looked out for josh and I the whole night and really made us feel so special. We thank you andy so so much, our day would not have been the same with out. Love always, mel and josh xxxx

Married by Andy  

Thank you so much Mel and Josh 😍 Gosh lets do it all again haha it was such a good evening and so much great dancing 💃Thank you from the bottom of my heart for having me as your celebrant and MC. It was such a privilege.. Much love, always xa

Warren P.

25 Aug 2019

Andy was amazing in the way that helped us design our ceremony. He made things simple and easy for us in what could have been a stressful time. Andy explained the steps we had to cover off easily and clearly and helped us plan well ahead... he is just amazing at how he kept us both calm throughout the whole process, and especially on the day. The way that he crafted the narrative of our relationship into the ceremony was fantastic and really made the day special for the both of us. Thank you so much Andy for helping make this day memorable for the both of us, we couldn't have ask for anything more. Luke & Warren xxxx

Married by Andy  

Hello Warren & Luke, thank you so much. Loved meeting the two of you, getting to know you and your story. Really glad Janine recommended me initially 😊 All my love to you both, Andy

Susan S.

3 Aug 2019

We found Andy on and he was the first and only celebrant we reached out to. Upon first contact, Andy was so friendly, fun and his speedy responses about the process put us at ease. Andy met us in person twice before the big day, explained the steps we had to cover off easily and clearly and helped us plan and personalise our ceremony well ahead. On the big day, despite a late ceremony start which reduced the allowed time to complete our ceremony, Andy remained calm, acted intuitively and was flexible to deliver a brief version of his script which was still personalised, fun and engaging with all. We highly recommend Andy. He will look after you and personalise the ceremony how you like. Save time and effort looking around for your celebrant and choose Andy. Thanks Andy!

Married by Andy  

Thank you so much Susan. ☺️ I loved seeing you walk down the aisle, you looked absolutely stunning and I know Simon felt the same. Thank you for sending through the pics, they capture the moments so perfectly - they are absolutely beautiful ☀️ I’m glad the late guests found the venue with only a 15 min delay and we could kick off the proceedings. Much love and all the best to you two 😘 Andy

Ero T.

25 May 2019

My Husband and I were married on Saturday 25th May 2019 at a beautiful ceremony at the Intercontinental Hotel Double Bay where the amazing Andy was our Celebrant. Ero and I since the very 1st meeting with Andy knew he was the right person to marry us. Andy to us was not only our Celebrant but it truly felt like he is a member of our family. He’s professionalism, love and care for what he does just shines bright and my Husband and I can say that we are honoured to have you Andy from start to finish of our Wedding. We above and beyond highly recommend Andy as your Celebrant he made the whole process easy and so comfortable and relaxed. Thank you Andy so much from the bottom of our hearts for creating our memorable ceremony there wasn’t a dry eye among all our family and friends you captured our love story perfectly. ♥️

Married by Andy  

Thank you Karen and Ero for the beautiful review 🥰😘 What a spectacular day it was and how amazing to have met you both. Can't wait to catch up soon. Much love always xx

Anca S.

14 Apr 2019

Andy was amazing! From start to finish, he was professional, approachable, friendly and made sure we were comfortable with every aspect of our ceremony. He made our guest laugh and tap into those emotions that represent what a wedding day should feel like. He guided us through this emotional and happy experience and we thank him for making this day special for us. The overwhelmingly positive feedback we received from our guest reinforced that we made the best decision having him as our celebrant! Thank you Andy for marrying us! We couldn't have asked for a better celebrant. xx Anca & Gush

Married by Andy  

Thank you so much for the lovely review 🥰 and the beautiful pictures you've sent through. Congrats from the bottom of my heart and all the very best. Much love, always 😘

Amy H.

23 Mar 2019

After meeting Andy, we knew straight away he was the guy for us! The amount of work that he put in to personalise our ceremony was amazing (from getting to know us both to the delivery on the day). He was extremely professional and made everything a breeze. We cant thank him enough for making our day special If you are looking for the perfect celebrant, Andy is your man! Thank You Andy xxx

Married by Andy  

Hey Amy, thaaaank you 🥰😘 What a beautiful wedding it was!!! 😊 It was so nice to meet you both and making your love shine on your wedding day 🥳 Great having the dogs roaming around as well. 🐕 🐶 Much love, Andy xx

Raquel H.

1 Mar 2019

Andy did an amazing job for our special day. He made it personal and added in special touches that engaged our guests. He goes the extra mile with making sure it is a ceremony that is beyond perfect for you. I would like to say we would definitely use him again however won’t be getting married again 😉😊

Married by Andy  

😊 Thank you, thank you, thank you Donna ahhhh I loved meeting you and our newlyweds Raquel and Rewi and the little ones as well Maia, Ihaia. Such a stunning day and lovely ceremony. We catch up soon, much love always, Andy

Donna P.

1 Mar 2019

As mother of the bride to my daughter Raquel and her now husband Rewi we were so very blessed to have chosen Andy as their celebrant. Raquel and Rewi are based in New Zealand so as parents we made first contact with Andy and we found him to be warm, caring, organised, professional and very passionate person about his job as a celebrant, so after meeting him we knew straight away that he would be perfect to officiate our daughters wedding. He personalised everything to suit them and fortunately with modern technology was able to get to know Raquel and Rewi through facetime. We highly recommend Andy as he goes that extra mile to make your day special and embraces all cultures and beliefs.

Married by Andy  

Thank you, thank you, Thank you Donna, what a beautiful review 🥰 I loved meeting you and Raquel and Rewi + the little ones, Maia and Ihaia. It truly was the perfect day and so special including the kids as well. Thank you again and we speak soon and will get that coffee. Much love, always 😘

Melissa T.

15 Feb 2019

Where do I begin!? Andy was absolutely fabulous from start to finish. Andy was the only celebrant we met with prior to our wedding - he impressed us with his organisation, thoroughness and friendly approach. Andy created a very personal and fun ceremony for us that our friends and family thoroughly enjoyed - he had our guests laughing and crying throughout! If I could do it all over again I would definitely pick Andy! Thank you again for making our ceremony so special and so memorable!

Married by Andy  

Thank you Mel for the beautiful review 😊 Such a stunning day and ceremony. I loved being your celebrant through and through. It was my true pleasure being there on your big day. I’ll post photos soon as well 🥰😘 much love, Andy

Kerin W.

5 Feb 2019

Wow! Andy provided myself and my German partner with a beautiful, personal and humerus ceremony. From the beginning he was upbeat and always willing to help answer our questions and help with all our legal queries across both countries. Every guest remarked on how well the ceremony went and how thoughtful and unique the ceremony was. Andy's ideas to help match our lifestyle worked perfectly from including bilingual aspects, roses for our mothers and thanking the four corners. Andy was welcoming and truly made us feel at ease as we ran through the ceremony beforehand. Our special day was made unforgettable thanks to Andy and we could not be happier. We highly recommend him to anyone getting married who is looking for a fun and vibrant celebrant. Thank you so much Andy!!

Married by Andy  

Hey Kerin and Lars, thank you for the beautiful review. Your story really is incredible and it was such an honour to be there and tie it all together. All the very best und view Spaß in Deutschland. We speak soon. Much love, Andy

Denise B.

1 Feb 2019

Living in New Zealand but getting married in Sydney was no easy task planning wise but Andy had our trust from the very first Skype session. He was amazing - energetic, passionate and fun - but also created a very meaningful ceremony. All the legalities were taken care of which made it so easy from afar. We kept in touch through email all year and felt we had a real friend by the time the wedding came around. Our guests said it was the best wedding they had been to and a big part of that was thanks to Andy. Highly recommended!

Married by Andy  

Wow what a beautiful review THANK YOU Denise. It was amazing meeting you and Rob and creating such a special ceremony for you both. I trust we keep in touch and go for coffee when you come visit Sydney or vice versa 😊 Much love, always Andy Time.

Rachel M.

1 Dec 2018

On behalf of my husband and I, we cannot thank Andy enough for his incredible job on our special day! Andy holds such a special place in our hearts from the role he played at out wedding and as a friend. Andy was so unique in his delivery at our ceremony, all our guests were smiling and laughing and genuinely enjoying the whole thing, no more then myself and Blake who loved how personal and loving And's words were throughout the whole speech. From the bottom of our hearts we can't recommend Andy enough! if you want someone to create such a memorable moment for you and keep you smiling the whole time Andy is your man! We love you Andy! ♥♥♥

Married by Andy  

Ahhhhh thank you Rachel, what a review (: Love you as well. I’ll treasure this day forever and feel so honoured to have been your celebrant! So much love on the day and always when we see each other. To many more beautiful moments together xxx Love always, Andy

Blake S.

1 Dec 2018

Andy was the best celebrant we could have wished for! From the moment we met his vibrant personality and professionalism put us at ease that he’s the perfect match. Andy really brought our story to life and was engaging, funny and well spoken, he has a great way with words and tying it all together nicely. I cannot recommend Andy highly enough. Save time and book Andy and he’ll take good care of you. Blake and Rachel

Married by Andy  

Hey Blake, Thank you so much for the beautiful review 🥰 I love thinking back to your big day and how amazing and fun it all was. 🥳 Thank you again for the recommendation. Much love always, Andy ♥️

Natalie M.

2 Nov 2018

Andy was just the best celebrant we could have asked for! Really organised and always quick with his replies. I loved his ideas to make our ceremony suit us specifically and he was so much fun to hang out with during the whole process. When he arrived for our wedding it felt like just another friend arriving to celebrate with us. He wrote a really fun and lovely personalised ceremony, which was just perfect! Would highly recommend him and have, to all of our friends who are getting married! Thank you again Andy, Nat & Scott

Married by Andy  

Thank you 😊 Nat!!! So nice to have met you and Scott and I never forget just how beautiful your ceremony was WITH DOLPHINS in the background 🐬 . That’s just so special. Much love to both of you, always xxx Andy 😘

Craig S.

27 Oct 2018

Andy was an amazing celebrant. He really took the time to get to know us and made the ceremony personal. He was great on the day as well, matching the vibe of our wedding, kept the groom calm and made the ceremony heaps of fun!

Married by Andy  

Thanks so much Craig and Jo! It was so great meeting you both and getting to marry you barefoot on the beach =) Much love, Andy

Ryan B.

26 Oct 2018

Our first meeting we Andy we knew he was the one and cancelled all the other meetings, the words he spoke at our ceremony were amazing and involved all the guests as well and made the ceremony more fun and not too boring!.

Married by Andy  

Hey Ryan, thank you. I absolutely loved meeting you and Coco and creating your ceremony was so much fun. Was a tad jealous seeing your incredible honeymoon pics hehe. Definitely on my bucket list now. Much love to you both, Andy

Jasper G.

20 Oct 2018

Andy was perfect for our day. The ceremony put together for us is unlike any I've been too. He involves the guests, parents, family, and of course us. He was professional and very well dressed. He was so friendly all the guests thought he was part of our wedding party.

Married by Andy  

Thank you Jasper. Your story is just amazing and I’m wearing my PJs with pride now hehe. Great to meet your family and friends and thank you again for having me as your celebrant. Much love always, Andy

Russell T.

22 Sep 2018

Could not have found a better celebrant than Andy. So professional, friendly, warm, loving and made the whole experience unforgettable.

Married by Andy  

Thank you Russell for having me as your celebrant. It was truely such a special day after 40+ year finally being able to tie the knot!!! I’m honoured you’ve shared your story with me and what a great ceremony it was (: All the best, always xx

Malik A.

13 Sep 2018

Andy was very professional in gathering information from us so that he could add sparkle to the wedding ceremony. His knowledge and experience as a celebrant was very evident during our interactions with him. He added our cultural elements to make the ceremony unique. Highly recommended, we wish him well.

Married by Andy  

Thank you Malik and Eddie. Always trying to add some sparkle where I can hehe. Much love to you two xx

Matt L.

9 Sep 2018

Andy was brilliant. He was passionate, articulate, thoughtful and truely envolved in every element of our day. The words that he wrote for our day fitted us perfectly. I could not recommmend Andy more. He is an absolutely wonderful man.

Married by Andy  

Thank you for the beautiful review Matt. It was such a pleasure being your celebrant and the most beautiful day with blossoming cherry trees and all :) You boys looked amazing! Much love, always

Michael C.

1 Sep 2018

Andy was absolutely perfect to deal with and couldn't have been more professional and courteous. He is very caring person and willing to go the extra mile. He met us several times and personalised our service so well, it was amazing. I would definitely recommend Andy anytime, awesome guy.

Married by Andy  

Hey Mick! Thanks so much for your kind words. I had such a great time getting to know you both and helping you get married! Much love always, Andy

Michelle W.

31 Aug 2018

Andy was amazing. The whole experience was very personalised and made our day that much more special . We were very happy that we chose Andy and would recommend him to anyone.

Married by Andy  

Thank you so much for your kind words Michelle. I had such a great time getting to know you both and creating something very special for you - and getting you married. it was such an honour to be your celebrant. Much love always, Andy xx

Candice D.

25 Aug 2018

Andy was recommended to us and it was some of the best advice we received for our wedding. Andy's process was seamless! From first meeting, he was professional, kind and extremely helpful. Andy took our words about one another & transformed them into a beautiful, emotional and light hearted ceremony.

Married by Andy  

Thank you Candice for the beautiful review. Gosh, I loved your story and it was great fun creating your ceremony and being your celebrant. Can’t wait for the pictures from Italy (: Much love, Andy

Jason D.

25 Aug 2018

An incredible addition to our ceremony. Andy is like an old friend from the moment you meet him, and provides such a personal touch with his thoughts and the care that he takes before, during and after. With all the decisions you have to make for a wedding, this is the safest and easiest one you will make. Get married by Andy.

Married by Andy  

Yasss, hey Jason, thank you for your review - love it! It was just amazing being there on your big day and creating a fun and magical ceremony for you. Let's get married by Andy :)

Tina W.

11 May 2018

Andy was our dream celebrant. He took us through the whole process in several phone calls and a couple of meetings to make sure we’re completely across all the details and knew we’d get a ceremony we’d be genuinely happy with. He wrote a speech that was perfectly tailored to us, getting laughs where we wanted and plenty of happy tears. We had a more casual wedding at Tamarama Beach with our Aussie/Austrian bilingual family and were really delighted when Andy even did parts of the ceremony in two languages. He was funny, generous and moving at the same time. Couldn’t recommend him highly enough.

Married by Andy  

Thank you Tina! It was amazing meeting everyone and so special having your parents there. I am so happy you and Dave are now both reunited overseas and kicking all them goals hehe - even though you'll be sorely missed here down under :) Much love, always xx

Simone W.

28 Apr 2018

He was so personable. I know how busy he is but he always made time for us. In terms of feedback from our guest on the actual day, they said it was the best ceremony they ever heard.

Married by Andy  

Thank you so much Simone, you both are sooo adorable and it was such an honour to be there on your special day. Thank you for having me as your celebrant. Much love, Andy

Valery Z.

5 Jan 2018

Fantastic! He was fantastic on the day and always professional. He walked us through everything and provided lots of suggestions. Our guests commented on how relaxed and charismatic he was.

Married by Andy  

Thank you Val and Johan. It was such a beautiful day in Watson Bay. You two are amazing and little Aloha the cutest. Much love, Andy xx

Leilani A.

11 Nov 2017

Fantastic! He found out our story and used it to personalise our ceremony. He is very energetic which was lovely to have.

Emily P.

28 Oct 2017

He was amazing! Such a fun day and really made the effort to create the perfect ceremony. It was such a comfortable day, really organic and everyone loved it.

Married by Andy  

Thank you Emily for leaving a review. Your wedding will always be very special to me. Much love, Andy

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