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Linda D.

18 Mar 2022

Toni is very professional, warm and friendly. She explained everything for us in detail which made our lives very simple and easy. She was very engaging with the crowd and made everyone laugh. The way she spoke and presented our story made it seem like she's known us for years and that really helped set the scene for our beautiful ceremony. We highly recommend Toni to everyone as we know she will do an amazing job for everyone's wedding! Thank you so much Toni!!!

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

Oh my goodness... so many laughs and so much fun at your wedding. I'm glad you and your guests enjoyed it, because I certainly did!! Thank you for your lovely review xxx

Mikala Y.

22 Feb 2022

Toni was sensational. We had one of the wettest days in Sydney and our "wet weather plan" wasn't such a good plan. Toni moved mountains (literally last minute) to ensure our day was as smooth as possible. She made our ceremony so fun, meaningful, special and wonderful that we didn't even realise the flash floods and last minute change of venue. We have received nothing but positive feedback on Toni with family and friends saying "Toni was sensational", "Who was that celebrant, she was one of the best I've seen..." and "Where did you find Toni, she was so good!" Feeling well and truly blessed, that despite all of out other plans turning chaotic, we had the calm in Toni. Cannot recommend her highly enough.

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

Hi Mikala... what a ride!!!!! Wettest day in Sydney in over 11 months, wet weather plan b that was anything BUT dry, and a last minute scramble! With everything we went through, I'm so happy that I had the honour of being the person to help you and your beautiful family through it all. I truly feel like part of your family now xxx

Jenny L.

5 Feb 2022

Toni was our BEST wedding vendor! We met through a close friend's wedding and she blew us away. We knew we had to have her marry us. Her persona and professionalism carried our ceremony from the very beginning, making sure every thought and process went smooth all the while making it stress free, fun, and most importantly such a VIBE. She holds herself to a high standard however she is so bubbly! Everyone loved her, we even had one of our guests mention she wants Toni to be her celebrant. Toni has a certain flair and finesse which is unmatched. We knew we needed someone who could engage with the audience, the bridal party & us as as couple and Toni ticked all the boxes. Her experience definitely shows all the while making sure the focus was on us as a couple. Toni we have nothing but love for you!

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

Whoa, the wind on the day was next level!! But it was you walking in that blew us all away... stunning! Thank you for your lovely review. Your entire crew were absolutely phenomenal! I look forward to hopefully seeing you at another wedding in the future xxx

Ash W.

8 Sep 2024

Carlin and myself wish to thank you so much for making our wedding day perfect! Toni you were fabulous from calming our nerves down to personalising our ceremony.

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

Hi Ashleigh! Your ceremony was so lovely...loved the butterflies! Thank you for the review

Alysse V.

3 Jul 2022

Toni was professional, passionate and kind. She made the whole process from start to finish as stress free and possible. Her passion is beautiful to see, she takes so much pride in her work and you can hear and see that with every reading she does as she brings a warmth to the room and touched many hearts with her beautiful words. Thank you Toni for a heartfelt ceremony I will never forget.

Nicole W.

1 Jul 2022

Toni was absolutely wonderful! We had a garden wedding on a wet winter afternoon and although it was freezing, the ceremony was the most joyful, warm and heartfelt experience we could have ever wished for. Toni was warm, personable, professional, funny and very charismatic. The guests all loved her and so many raved about how funny, heartfelt and unique the ceremony was. We’re still hearing so many compliments on how it was the best ceremony they’d attended and how they want to know who our celebrant was! From the first meeting, Toni listened to us with what we wanted, was flexible, professional and most importantly understood us as a couple. She made the planning stress free and fun. And on the day, Toni was super organised and an absolute joy. We and our guests had the best time because of Toni and we couldn’t have been happier!

Razielle M.

11 Jun 2022

We first saw Toni officiate our friends wedding and we were captivated by her charisma. She was very professional and took the time to meet with use to run through our ceremony and take care of all the administrative work regarding the marriage certificate. Toni performed a very special spirit ceremony during our wedding ceremony and this is something w our guests will never forget! We highly recommend Toni if you are looking for a charismatic celebrant who will facilitate a 'breathe easy wedding' process!

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

Razzzzz! You wedding was filled with so much awesomeness... from your dress, your bridal party, your guests, the location and the styling... absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for your review. xxx

Georgia S.

11 Jun 2022

Toni was amazing. She is graceful, elegant, very organised and made everything easy for us. I was so glad she was the one we came across because I couldn't imagine anyone else doing something so important. She has left us with perfect memories.

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

Georgia, what an honour it was to marry the two of you. Intimate and perfect for what was possible in that moment. Thank you for your lovely words, and I hope to see you again soon xxx

Samantha E.

3 Jun 2022

Amazing celebrant. Toni made the entire process easy and comfortable. She was able to really get to know us and it showed through our ceremony.

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

Hi Sam. Wow, we had more than a few laughs at your wedding. I hope you all had as much fun as I did!! xx

Jenny L.

21 May 2022

We first met Toni when she was the celebrant for a friend's' wedding. She left such an impression that when we were planning our wedding, she came to mind first thing! Toni made the process such a breeze and the end result was exactly what we were hoping for. Our guests had made plenty of compliments about the ceremony! Thank you Toni! Jenny & Tony

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

It almost felt like a reunion! So many familiar faces and so much happiness all around. Thank you for your lovely review. xxx

Sabrina H.

14 May 2022

Toni is amazing at her job. Not only is she professional, but also super personal. We had so many of our family and friends come up to us after our ceremony and say that it was the best wedding ceremony they had ever attended. We wanted our ceremony to be very personalised to us as a couple and have elements of tradition. Toni incorporated everything we wanted and created a ceremony that just flowed so seamlessly. I truely can not recommend Toni enough.

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

Where do I even start Sabrina??? your wedding was so amazing to have been a part of. You were surrounded by so many wonderful people and your ceremony was so tailor-made to the two of you. A perfect example of what a bit of imagination, thought and love can bring together. xxx

Renae Wang W.

8 May 2022

Just WOW!! Toni is amazing! She is fun and professional and made the whole process super easy to work with her. We met Toni at a wedding expo and from the first minute we knew we wanted Toni as our celebrant. Toni has exceptional communication skills, answering all our questions and went above and beyond on the day to ensure that the ceremony set up was correct and made us feel at ease! We couldn’t have done it without her! Thank you Toni!

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

You're WOW!!!! We couldn't have asked for a better day or a more amazing turn-out! Thank your for your lovely review. xxx

Stephanie P.

30 Apr 2022

There are not enough amazing things we could say about Toni. Toni went above and beyond, exceeding all our expectations. She was professional, affordable and managed all of the paperwork. Not only is Toni an amazing person, she’s also an incredible celebrant. She was so easy to work/ communicate with and accommodated changes due to Covid. Toni delivered the most incredible, personalized ceremony we could have ever hoped for. Our guests were shocked to learn that we’d only met her a few times and told us it was the best ceremony they’d ever been to. We didn’t need to write vows because Toni captured everything we wanted to say to each other. There were a lot of smiles, crying and she had everyone in stitches. We 100% recommend Toni as a celebrant. Toni, thank you sincerely for making our wedding day so special and one we will never forget!

Lyndell B.

12 Mar 2022

Toni Elsley is an amazing Celebrant. Toni took in everything that was important to us and created the most beautiful story. Toni has a beautiful voice that projected warmth and emotion, enthralling all of our guests. If you get the opportunity to get Toni you will have absolutely no regrets.

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

Thank you for your lovely review Lyndell... it was such a pleasure working with you both and I loved writing and conducting your ceremony. A simple, heart-felt ceremony for an extraordinary couple xxx

Danielle L.

26 Feb 2022

Toni was incredible!!! She helped personalised our ceremony the way we wanted. We absolutely loved her energy and sense of humour. She made it a fun experience by engaging our family and friends which made our ceremony extra special and more memorable. Toni made sure everything ran smoothly by putting our minds at ease so that we could fully enjoy our ceremony. Thanks again Toni!

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

Hi Danielle, thank you for your lovely review. Your family and friends were fabulous and what a wonderful ceremony we had!! xxx

Jody H.

19 Feb 2022

From the get go we knew Toni was the right fit for us. We wanted a fun, emotional and engaging ceremony and Toni certainly delivered. There was tears,happiness and laughter throughout. Our guests all told us how much they loved our celebrant after the wedding. Thanks Toni for understanding our vision and making our wedding what it was :)

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

Hi lovely Jody. How much fun did we have!!!??? What an awesome, relaxed day. I particularly loved when you said to me after the ceremony "I don't know what I was so worried about, that was great!". I always aim to keep my couples relaxed and in the moment on the day, and I'm so thrilled that I managed exactly that with you and Sam. xxx

Kristi H.

16 Feb 2022

Toni was one of the best wedding vendors we worked with. She made herself available to us, never made us feel silly with our questions and really made us feel so comfortable with our ceremony. She was absolutely amazing to work with and many of our guests complimented the way she ran the ceremony. I only wish she wasn't just my Celebrant so I could use her again and again haha 🥰

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

So let's start planning your vow renewal!!!.... We'll make it an annual event! I loved working with you both and your gorgeous little one. Great venue, great people and an awesome day all round xxx

Thomas S.

6 Feb 2022

A vibrant and bubbly celebrant with loads of experience! She handle everything the day through at her and found a way to make everything seem like it happened for a reason!

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

A wedding of surprises... last minute venue changes to a not ideal location, but we made it work! Cocktails and laughs... sounds like an awesome wedding to me! xxx

Peter K.

8 Jan 2022

Toni was the perfect celebrant and gave a personalized and intimate ceremony for our Wedding on 8th Jan 2022, would highly recommend working with her

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

Thank you Peter... we had such a lovely day. It was such a joy working with you both xxxx

Michelle N.

17 Dec 2021

I am still so amazed at how our ceremony turned out! Toni’s fun, unique and bubbly personality was why we chose her. All our guests complimented us on how unique and fun our ceremony was and it really is all thanks to Toni. Thank you Toni for your support, not only on the day, but for all the months/years leading up to it. With COVID, we had to change things around, but Toni made it as smooth as possible and was accomodating to all our needs. She also made us feel so calm during the ceremony and as cliche as it sounds it felt like it was only us standing up there. Thank you again Toni, we are over the moon to have had you be part of our day and it will be a memory that will last a lifetime.

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

Aww Michelle, thank you for your kind words and review. You both were super easy and fun to work with, what an amazing day it ended up being!! I'm so thrilled that I was able to deliver for you everything I had promised - a fun, relaxed, stress-free ceremony, filled with love, involving your friends and family and just enough quirk to make it totally yours... oh, and a cocktail or two thrown in to make it uber-delicious. Congratulations lovelies xxx

Dakota G.

12 Jun 2021

Toni is incredible and made our ceremony exactly how we had dreamt of it!! We didn't wan't boring or stale - we wanted some fun, our guests to be involved, something different and something us! Toni made this all possible and was very helpful guiding us through it all. Toni will help you where needed, give you freedom to make it yours and overall give you an amazing ceremony. We are so grateful. Thank you Toni.

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

Thank you for your lovely review Dakota! I loved everything about your ceremony - from the in the dark rehearsal to your "flower dude". Thanks for just being awesome people to work with xxx

Lilian N.

14 May 2021

We had the pleasure of working with Toni to build out our ceremony for our small and intimate wedding. Leading up to the wedding Toni made us feel so comfortable with her calming nature, and her patience in explaining everything making us feel we could ask any silly question! She was always so responsive which I came to really appreciate (especially when planning a wedding during a pandemic). On the day itself, Toni captured the mood of our wedding perfectly. She was the perfect balance of serious, funny, casual and professional. Our guest raved about her and she was a key part in making our day amazing. If you are looking for a celebrant who feels genuine as opposed to feeling scripted, as well as someone who is reliable - Toni needs to be your pick!

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

Hi Lilian - such a fabulous wedding! Intimate & fun with the most supportive, crazy and awesome family and friends! Who could ask for anything more? Thank you for allowing me the honour of marrying you both! xxx

Jenny P.

16 Apr 2021

Toni is an amazing, down to earth and professional wedding celebrant! She is full of energy, funny and great story teller! We are super grateful to have her on our special day! Really appreciate what Toni did for us; highly recommend to have Toni on special day!

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

Jenny, what a lovely day we all had, great people, great music and the Botanic Gardens was the perfect backdrop for a wonderful event. Thank you for having me be a part of your day! xxxxx

Steph J.

9 Apr 2021

Toni is amazing! We asked her to be a part of our day after meeting her at our best man's wedding & couldn't be happier with everything she did. Toni is super easy to communicate with, gave us plenty of ideas for how to customise our ceremony & was absolutely fantastic on the day. Many of our guests (both present & on the livestream) were really complimentary about the ceremony style, structure & how much it suited us as a couple. We could not recommend Toni more :)

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

Steph!!! Your wedding will forever go down as one of my favourites!... Apart from the STUNNING location and awesome people, you two wacky lovebirds were a joy to work with and to be around! Much love to you always xxx

Caroline H.

27 Mar 2021

Toni was amazing! She was helpful and lovely and made our ceremony so awesome! Toni helped us to put together our ceremony and provided guidance for every step along the way - she was responsive and extremely flexible throughout the challenges of COVID. She felt like a friend marrying us and truly made our ceremony so beautiful and “us.” I highly recommend Toni for your wedding ceremony - thank you so much!

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

Hi Caroline... Thank you for your lovely review. Your wedding was PERFECT after all of the "fun" COVID gave us. Couldn't have had a more lovely day overall. xxx

Linda N.

6 Mar 2021

Tony and I would like to say a huge thank you! Toni had been a delight to work with as she is so patient and helpful! From the moment we met her, we felt a sense of ease as she so knowledgable and felt assured having her assist us. She'd made this complex process of planning a ceremony, so simple. It was really a 'breathe-easy-wedding'! Furthermore, Toni was able to capture our story beautifully and helped turn our ceremony into a great memory. We received so many compliments from our guests as, they too, recognised how amazing she was!

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

Thank you both so much for your lovely review! I'm sure I'll get to see you again soon at another wedding. I loved working with you both and giving your the support you needed when you were both under pressure. It truly felt like a family affair and I'm now a welcome part of your families. xxx

Rhianon M.

27 Feb 2021

If you want a celebrant who puts as much effort into your day as if it was her own wedding or someone that brings the energy to your special day than this girl is your girl! I could not recommend Toni any higher she was absolutely amazing! book her now and you will not have any regrets 😁

Rhonda P.

6 Feb 2021

Toni made our wedding day so special and memorable. Althought it did rain during our ceremomy. Toni was able to help us make our wedding ceremony happen ! And we coudlnt have asked for anything more. All of our guests loved the speeches and the mini ceremonies at the end. We are so greatful to have Toni as our celebrant. Thank you so much Toni !

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

RAIN!!!!!!! Oh my goodness.... now that was a wet wedding..... BUT... how much fun was it??? The rain might have killed my hairstyle, but it couldn't kill the joy that was around you! xxx

Lawrence N.

6 Feb 2021

Toni was absolutely amazing. She guided us through the whole process. We never felt overwhelmed or stressed. Even through a few hiccups along the journey, Toni kept us cool, calm and collected. The whole ceremony was beautifully done and everyone who attended said the small touches that Toni added made one of the most memorable weddings that they have ever attended! Thank you again Toni

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

Hi Lawrence, Thank you for your lovely review! Memorable is what I always aim to achieve, and I'm pretty sure that between the ceremony, the cocktails, the weather, your gorgeous ring-"Bear"er and your surprise exit dance, we made it completely unforgettable!! Thanks for choosing me to be a part of your awesome day xxx

Michelle L.

6 Feb 2021

Toni was amazing, professional, accommodating and all round a lovely person. We loved what she did for our ceremony and so did all our guests!

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

Hi Michelle! Thank you for your kind words... I'm excited that I get to see you both again very soon at the next family wedding!!

Allison M.

5 Feb 2021

Wow! Toni is AMAZING! After meeting her at a bridal expo, I instantly knew I needed Toni for our wedding! She was so professional, fun and energetic. All our guests are raving about the ceremony and it wasn’t a standard boring process. She kept all the boys in check and was excellent at communicating. She put together all our vows and made it all feel very personal. Thank you Toni!

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

Thank you Allison! I love how wonderfully your day turned out! After such a long delay, you both deserved perfect - and perfect you got! A perfect location, perfect weather and the most perfect group of friends and family around to celebrate with you! The boys were fun to work with, and you both were marvellous (and absolutely stunning!!!). Lots of Love to you both always xxx

Gabby H.

19 Dec 2020

Chris and I met Toni at an Allegro showcase event and we both knew instantly that she would be the perfect celebrant for our wedding. Firstly, she was very respectful for catering for a mixed faith marriage. Toni was so patient and helpful for all aspects of our wedding day, sharing her wisdom made the process so easy and stress free. The ceremony was perfect and all of our friends and family said how funny and enjoyable it was. We would both definitely reccomend her - 10/10. Gabby and Chris

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

Thank you Gabby for your lovely review! I can't say how happy I am to have been able to marry you both, what a crazy run of a year it's been! I'm so glad your guests enjoyed the ceremony as much as I enjoyed writing it! xxx

Sam W.

22 Nov 2020

We were absolutely thrilled to have Toni officiating our wedding this past weekend. From our first interaction with her, to our first meeting, and then her patience as we navigated the setbacks of 2020, Toni was just exceptional. She created an absolutely beautiful ceremony for us that reflected our personalities and our family, delivered with warmth, and her professionalism and attention to detail is second to none. Would absolutely recommend her to others in a heartbeat!

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

Woohooooo!!! We got there! Thank you Sam for such a lovely review. You all were so beautiful to work with, and what a stunning Plan X you had! I'm thrilled you and your guests loved the ceremony, you both made it so easy for me, giving me your full personalities from Day 1. I feel like part of the family now. xxx

Caitlin S.

22 Nov 2020

HANDS DOWN THE MOST DEDICATED AND MAGICAL WEDDING CELEBRANT. I am a bride that has just been married last Sunday by Toni, and let me just say that I am the happiest girl alive right now. I have dreamed of my fairytale wedding since I was a little girl. And from the very first ti w j saw Toni standing in the Sydney wedding expo smiling her beautiful radiant smile. Till the moment she pronounced me married to the man of my dreams. Toni was professional, helpful, loving and Overall spectacular. Toni is more than just a celebrant. I felt she was a family member. She got to know us personally and offered guidence and structure the whole way through. I am catholic and my husband is Hindu. Toni was able to beautifully tie thm together. Thankyou Toni for making my dreams come true. You are so beautiful.

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

Awwwwww, gorgeous Caitlin. I'm going to miss working with you both! What fun we had planning your day... you had the overall picture planned out in your head, I'm just thrilled that I got to put on the finishing touches, make it completely yours and bring it all into reality for you. What a day! Creating completely personalised ceremonies is what I do, and I'm so happy that we were able to bring it all together to make your fairytale come true xxx

Elena I.

21 Nov 2020

Toni did the most amazing job as a wedding celebrant! From the first time we met her, we felt so comfortable around her because of her bubbly & vibrant personality. All of our guests were so impressed by how the ceremony went so smoothly. My partner & I loved how the ceremony was so personal, romantic and heartfelt especially how she told our love story– it couldn’t have been any more perfect. We would highly recommend Toni to make your wedding day extra special. Thank you so much Toni!

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

Thank you beautiful Elena! What a fantastic day we had... even the weather put on it's finest for us. Yours was the 1st of my postponed 2020 weddings, so I'm so so happy that we finally got to make it all happen. Even with the tweaks that we had to make, the day was spectacular. xxx

Susie M.

14 Nov 2020

Toni was fabulous. Made our ceremony very personal and lots of fun. Toni was so easy to work with and made our day very special. We highly recommend Toni!!!

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

I LOVED your wedding Susie!!! Vintage cars, vintage theme, fantastic location, chilled vibe, fabulous guests and then there was you two.... too gorgeous for words. Thanks for allowing me to be a part of your day xxx

Laura S.

6 Nov 2020

My husband and I wanted a fun, relaxed and intimate ceremony, and that's exactly what we got with Toni from Breathe Easy Weddings. Her effervescent personality was just what we were looking for from our celebrant and we highly recommend her to anyone who wants their ceremony to match the fun, energy levels of their reception party. Toni's bubbly demeanor was beautifully balanced with her calm, reassurance throughout the ceremony so that we felt confident and comfortable. She set our minds at ease and handled all the legalities for us through what could have been a challenging wedding due to the still-standing covid restrictions. Toni, we cannot thank you enough!

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

Thank you Laura!!! Such a special day for an extraordinary couple. I loved everything about your wedding, from the location, to the guests, to your flower crown, and especially working with you on your surprise vows! Love love loved it! xxx

Kay C.

17 Oct 2020

We came across Toni through a friend. We didn't know what to expect but we were blown away when she blessed us on our special day. Toni's attention to detail is on the next level and made the ceremony very touching and funny at the same time. The highlight was definitely a personalise story of how we met and what we thought about each other. We also liked that she has so many templates in her arsenal and we could spend less time thinking of what to say by just using some of her beautiful templates. Would highly recommend to use Toni and you will not regret it

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

Thank you for your lovely review Kay! I'm so happy your friends referred me (and it was wonderful catching up with them at your wedding as well). The afternoon was stunning, as were the two of you. Thanks for allowing me to be a part of it! xxx

Clare S.

8 Oct 2020

Toni was such an amazing celebrant. She made the ceremony fun, memorable and special. We have had many compliments from guest about Toni at the wedding. She was so helpful leading up to the wedding and helped with anything you need help with. I would recommend Toni to anyone who is getting married !!!

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

Thanks so much Clare! How spectacular was your day?! I loved every moment of it. Thanks so much for letting me share a moment in your magic! xxx

Monica D.

6 Oct 2020

We couldn't have asked for anything more with Toni and are so incredibly grateful to have had her as our celebrant. Right from our very first phone call to all the legalities after the ceremony, Toni made us feel at ease, guided and confident about the whole process. Because of Toni, our ceremony was filled with warmth, fun and her words and description of our relationship was perfectly told. Not only did we enjoy listening to Toni, our guests were impressed with how eloquent she spoke. We are also so incredibly thankful with how comfortable she made our daughter feel before, during and after the ceremony! Thank you again for making our Plan H ceremony a smash hit and a day we will remember fondly x

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

I LOVE that you got to wear your wedding dress Monica!! You looked amazing... you ALL looked amazing, and your daughter was incredible! Plan H was a windy one, but it was perfect. Thank you for having me xxx

Jade L.

26 Sep 2020

We met Toni at an expo and are so glad we went with her as our celebrant. Toni is incredibly professional, calm, and thinks of everything! Organising a wedding during covid is difficult enough but it was made easy with Toni - she went out of her way to quickly answer any little question we had (even if late on a Saturday night), and was so flexible when we didnt know if we were going ahead with our ceremony or not due to restrictions. We also had petals to be thrown at our ceremony, and Toni made sure to save some for us to throw for our group photo as well - she is the whole package! We will always recommend Toni to anyone who is looking for a celebrant. Thanks Toni!!!

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

Thank you Jade! It's the little touches that make the difference, I hope that the flower petals made a difference in your photos! Yours was a wedding I'll never forget, you had a wonderful team working for you, a great selection of suppliers that made everything run seamlessly. Absolutely beautiful xxx

Jess H.

15 Aug 2020

Toni was a spectacular all-round celebrant! She knows the ins and outs of weddings and with her experience, all your worries are managed. She made us feel comfortable and at ease throughout the whole process. During challenging times with the pandemic Toni kept in touch with her couples and provided guidance, which definitely helped us deal with stress and anxiety. Her warm nature and sense of humour definitely helped keep the nerves at bay on the day. Toni incorporated unique elements into our wedding ceremony which made it perfectly “us”. We were so happy Toni was involved in our wedding day and we highly recommend her for your special day!

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

Jess, your wedding had ME all emotional - a beautiful day, a lovely location, a fantastic couple, and my first "back-to-normal" wedding for a long while...holding back my tears was challenging! All-Around exciting!! Thank you so much for having me be a part of your day! xxxxx

Selene L.

3 Aug 2020

Toni was the best person we could ever ask for as a marriage celebrant. Initially we should be married in end of March but days before our big day the Covid restrictions kicked in. We did felt devastated but to do the right thing to postpone the date. Toni was there helping us through this uncertain time and accommodated with our changes. I absolutely in love with the story she wrote for us and her calmness had guided us through our most important day of our lives! We cannot thank her enough and your search of celebrant should look nowhere, Toni is your best choice!

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

Hoorayyyyyy! We finally managed to get you two married. No virus was going to stop us - postpone us, re-arrange us twice, change everything, yes... but stop us? NO!! I promised you we'd get there, and we did. xxx

Tatiana B.

7 Jun 2020

Toni is professinal! She has a lot of experience conducting ceremonies and she gave us recommendations on how to organize our own. With Tony you won't forget your speeches, and your ceremony will be wonderful.

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

What a lovely private & intimate wedding. It all felt so far removed from the world and the stresses around us. I loved it! Forget your vows/speeches? Never! I've got you covered. xxx

Lauren B.

21 Mar 2020

Our experience with Toni as our celebrant was absolutely perfect! Toni had everything under control from the moment we met right up to after wedding. She arranged all of the paperwork for the legalities and also had our marriage certificate sent to our home - we didn't have to even think about it! The ceremony was also beyond perfect. All of our friends and family have told us that the ceremony was the best they have ever seen. Toni wrote the ceremony to reflect our relationship and our journey together - the way it was written, you would assume she has known us from the very beginning! I cannot thank Toni enough and highly recommend her!!

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

Thank you Lauren... we just scraped in your wedding before lockdowns, phew! So many laughs, from the rehearsal right through to the end of your day, and what an amazing day it was! The "ribbon-boys" were the best - who needs flower girls when you've got grown men ribbon-twirling down the aisle?!?! xxx

Lee-Anne Y.

14 Mar 2020

Toni was truly amazing and we are so glad that she was a part of our big day! All of our guests commented that her ceremony was very “us” and loved every minute of it! I had my heart set on an outdoor ceremony but, on the day, it was raining and absolutely freezing. Toni kept us calm and bore with us down to the wire in deciding whether to move the ceremony inside - she was absolutely fantastic in getting everything organised at last minute when we decided to push ahead with the outdoor ceremony. She was also so fun and warm and kept all of us laughing despite the rain and cold!! Would definitely recommend Toni for your special day!

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

Thank you Lee-Anne.... definitely one to remember... waiting for that small break in the weather, then "Go...Go...Go!!!!". Quite the rush, and you've forever got a talking point about your wedding day! xxx

Thu N.

7 Mar 2020

Toni was so easy to work with, she is incredible with her words. We loved the couple story she wrote about us! It was funny, romantic and memorable. She guided us through the whole process and really took care of us the whole time. She's amazing and one of the most loveliest person on earth. We felt so relaxed with her there by our side on one of the most important days of our lives. Thank you SO much again Toni! - Love Thu & Wills

Christopher Moose G.

29 Feb 2020

Toni was nothing less than the perfect person to have on our special day. She was funny, vibrant and made everyone feel so welcome and comfortable. We felt nice and calm to just celebrate our day and felt safe in her capable hands. Everyone commented how wonderful she was, and in a lot of cases saying it was the best ceremony they had been too. Could not recommend her any higher, do yourselves a favour and hire her! Much love from Chris and Alice.

Tanya S.

24 Jan 2020

Toni was fantastic! We wanted a special private ceremony tailored to our specific needs and Toni provided exactly what we wanted! After our initial contact, we decided to move the ceremony to over 2 hours away and Toni was happy to accommodate our new venue. We can’t recommend Toni highly enough.... if you want someone that will go out of her way to tailor your ceremony to your own specific designs and make you feel special not only on your day but during the build up to it - Toni is your person!!

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

Awwww, thanks for your lovely review Tanya! Wild horses couldn't have dragged me away from working with you both! What a joy you both were to plan your day with, and what a spectacular day we were all treated to in a stunning location. xxx

Heza H.

2 Nov 2019

Toni was amazing from the get go. From the moment I received her call, I knew she had to be our celebrant, and after meeting her in person I knew I also had to have Toni MC our reception too. She was an amazing at supporting me during a huge time of need and my husband and I are forever grateful for her calm manner, professionalism and kindness. It's been months since my husband and I have been married, and I still hear complements on how amazing Toni was on our night. Thank you, Toni!

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

Hi Heza!!! Thank you so much for your lovely review! What fun we had... and supporting you in your "huge time of need" was second nature, it gave me a chance to bring in my Mum'ing skills. A lovely ceremony, a fun reception and a wonderful couple xxxx

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