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Lauren B.

21 Mar 2020

Our experience with Toni as our celebrant was absolutely perfect! Toni had everything under control from the moment we met right up to after wedding. She arranged all of the paperwork for the legalities and also had our marriage certificate sent to our home - we didn't have to even think about it! The ceremony was also beyond perfect. All of our friends and family have told us that the ceremony was the best they have ever seen. Toni wrote the ceremony to reflect our relationship and our journey together - the way it was written, you would assume she has known us from the very beginning! I cannot thank Toni enough and highly recommend her!!

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

Thank you Lauren... we just scraped in your wedding before lockdowns, phew! So many laughs, from the rehearsal right through to the end of your day, and what an amazing day it was! The "ribbon-boys" were the best - who needs flower girls when you've got grown men ribbon-twirling down the aisle?!?! xxx

Lee-Anne Y.

14 Mar 2020

Toni was truly amazing and we are so glad that she was a part of our big day! All of our guests commented that her ceremony was very “us” and loved every minute of it! I had my heart set on an outdoor ceremony but, on the day, it was raining and absolutely freezing. Toni kept us calm and bore with us down to the wire in deciding whether to move the ceremony inside - she was absolutely fantastic in getting everything organised at last minute when we decided to push ahead with the outdoor ceremony. She was also so fun and warm and kept all of us laughing despite the rain and cold!! Would definitely recommend Toni for your special day!

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

Thank you Lee-Anne.... definitely one to remember... waiting for that small break in the weather, then "Go...Go...Go!!!!". Quite the rush, and you've forever got a talking point about your wedding day! xxx

Heza H.

2 Nov 2019

Toni was amazing from the get go. From the moment I received her call, I knew she had to be our celebrant, and after meeting her in person I knew I also had to have Toni MC our reception too. She was an amazing at supporting me during a huge time of need and my husband and I are forever grateful for her calm manner, professionalism and kindness. It's been months since my husband and I have been married, and I still hear complements on how amazing Toni was on our night. Thank you, Toni!

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

Hi Heza!!! Thank you so much for your lovely review! What fun we had... and supporting you in your "huge time of need" was second nature, it gave me a chance to bring in my Mum'ing skills. A lovely ceremony, a fun reception and a wonderful couple xxxx

Monica D.

6 Oct 2020

We couldn't have asked for anything more with Toni and are so incredibly grateful to have had her as our celebrant. Right from our very first phone call to all the legalities after the ceremony, Toni made us feel at ease, guided and confident about the whole process. Because of Toni, our ceremony was filled with warmth, fun and her words and description of our relationship was perfectly told. Not only did we enjoy listening to Toni, our guests were impressed with how eloquent she spoke. We are also so incredibly thankful with how comfortable she made our daughter feel before, during and after the ceremony! Thank you again for making our Plan H ceremony a smash hit and a day we will remember fondly x

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

I LOVE that you got to wear your wedding dress Monica!! You looked amazing... you ALL looked amazing, and your daughter was incredible! Plan H was a windy one, but it was perfect. Thank you for having me xxx

Jenny P.

2 Oct 2020

Toni is an amazing, down to earth and professional wedding celebrant! She is full of energy, funny and great story teller! We are super grateful to have her on our special day! Really appreciate what Toni did for us; highly recommend to have Toni on special day!

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

Jenny, what a lovely day we all had, great people, great music and the Botanic Gardens was the perfect backdrop for a wonderful event. Thank you for having me be a part of your day! xxxxx

Jess H.

15 Aug 2020

Toni was a spectacular all-round celebrant! She knows the ins and outs of weddings and with her experience, all your worries are managed. She made us feel comfortable and at ease throughout the whole process. During challenging times with the pandemic Toni kept in touch with her couples and provided guidance, which definitely helped us deal with stress and anxiety. Her warm nature and sense of humour definitely helped keep the nerves at bay on the day. Toni incorporated unique elements into our wedding ceremony which made it perfectly “us”. We were so happy Toni was involved in our wedding day and we highly recommend her for your special day!

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

Jess, your wedding had ME all emotional - a beautiful day, a lovely location, a fantastic couple, and my first "back-to-normal" wedding for a long while...holding back my tears was challenging! All-Around exciting!! Thank you so much for having me be a part of your day! xxxxx

Selene L.

3 Aug 2020

Toni was the best person we could ever ask for as a marriage celebrant. Initially we should be married in end of March but days before our big day the Covid restrictions kicked in. We did felt devastated but to do the right thing to postpone the date. Toni was there helping us through this uncertain time and accommodated with our changes. I absolutely in love with the story she wrote for us and her calmness had guided us through our most important day of our lives! We cannot thank her enough and your search of celebrant should look nowhere, Toni is your best choice!

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

Hoorayyyyyy! We finally managed to get you two married. No virus was going to stop us - postpone us, re-arrange us twice, change everything, yes... but stop us? NO!! I promised you we'd get there, and we did. xxx

Tatiana B.

7 Jun 2020

Toni is professinal! She has a lot of experience conducting ceremonies and she gave us recommendations on how to organize our own. With Tony you won't forget your speeches, and your ceremony will be wonderful.

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

What a lovely private & intimate wedding. It all felt so far removed from the world and the stresses around us. I loved it! Forget your vows/speeches? Never! I've got you covered. xxx

Thu N.

7 Mar 2020

Toni was so easy to work with, she is incredible with her words. We loved the couple story she wrote about us! It was funny, romantic and memorable. She guided us through the whole process and really took care of us the whole time. She's amazing and one of the most loveliest person on earth. We felt so relaxed with her there by our side on one of the most important days of our lives. Thank you SO much again Toni! - Love Thu & Wills

Christopher Moose G.

29 Feb 2020

Toni was nothing less than the perfect person to have on our special day. She was funny, vibrant and made everyone feel so welcome and comfortable. We felt nice and calm to just celebrate our day and felt safe in her capable hands. Everyone commented how wonderful she was, and in a lot of cases saying it was the best ceremony they had been too. Could not recommend her any higher, do yourselves a favour and hire her! Much love from Chris and Alice.

Tanya S.

24 Jan 2020

Toni was fantastic! We wanted a special private ceremony tailored to our specific needs and Toni provided exactly what we wanted! After our initial contact, we decided to move the ceremony to over 2 hours away and Toni was happy to accommodate our new venue. We can’t recommend Toni highly enough.... if you want someone that will go out of her way to tailor your ceremony to your own specific designs and make you feel special not only on your day but during the build up to it - Toni is your person!!

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

Awwww, thanks for your lovely review Tanya! Wild horses couldn't have dragged me away from working with you both! What a joy you both were to plan your day with, and what a spectacular day we were all treated to in a stunning location. xxx

Keith Y.

5 Oct 2019

Toni was the perfect celebrant for our wedding! Her friendly and approachable manner meant it was very easy to discuss and have a chat about what my partner and I wanted for our ceremony, and Toni was able to provide suggestions and advice to help us plan a personal and intimate ceremony that was unique and meaningful for us. We had an issue with the wedding DJ for the reception in the lead up to the wedding and Toni was fantastic as she got in touch with her contacts to resolve all our issues. On the wedding day she was a calming influence and she made sure everything was perfect at the ceremony (we had a change of venue due to weather) and everything went beautifully. All the guests commented on her friendly and fun approach at the ceremony, and how it all felt perfectly suited to us. Thank you!

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

Keith it was such a pleasure to work with both of you. You're such a gorgeous couple, you made it easy. Happy to have helped with the DJ and the venue change, and everything went so beautifully on the day... just the way we "planned" it. xxx

Diana P.

17 Aug 2019

Toni was amazing, she was so helpful. The customised ceremony was so special to us, she made the whole journey wonderful. Thank you Toni! 😊

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

Wow... what an amazing wedding - from the piper to the mini-ceremonies, the guests and of course the two of you - it all came together to make an incredible ceremony. Loved loved working with you both. Thank you for your lovely review xxx

Michael D.

10 Aug 2019

We are so glad that we chose Toni as our Celebrant, she put together a fantastic ceremony for us ensuring that it was fun and memorable for all. She was extremely organised making the ceremony run smoothly and stress free. Our Family and Friends all commented that our ceremony was a truly enjoyable experience.

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

Thank you for your review Michael. Brrrrrr, I think I'm still defrosting! I loved working with you both, there's so much love there. A lovely intimate ceremony for a gorgeous couple xxx

Susanna L.

24 May 2019

Toni is just amazing, we are so glad we had her as our celebrant. Toni is so easy going, patient and very organised. she made the process so easy and stress free. she also make sure she goes through all the small details that are easy to miss. On the day, she created a warm and inviting atmosphere for everyone, the ceremony was filled with laughter. we cant be happier. thank you :)

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

Hi Susanna, thank you for the lovely review. It was such a please working with you both, your lovely bridal party and families, as well as your super-organised MC. So much fun from the rehearsal right through to your ceremony!

Jaydee P.

5 May 2019

Toni was absolutely amazing! I could not recommend her enough as a celebrant! She helped make our wedding ceremony special by sharing with our friends and family, the feeling of how my wife and I, are as a couple. She was personable, well-prepared, and professional throughout the process. She also gave practical insight and recommendations, which helped us greatly. Our ceremony was fun, heartfelt and endearing thanks to her. Thanks Toni!

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

Hi Jaydee, thank you for your review. Us working together seems as though it was meant to be. I loved preparing and celebrating with you, your family and friends. Thank you for choosing me to be a part of your day. xxx

Natasha P.

21 Apr 2019

One of the significant highlights of our wedding. It would not have been the same without Toni's warmth, professionalism and uniqueness. We received many compliments from our family and friends about our celebrant and our civil ceremony really stood out for our guests. It honestly could not have been better and Toni is an absolute pleasure to work with!

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

Hi Natasha. Thank you for your lovely review. I loved how smoothly everything ran on the day, what an amazing team of friends and family you had by your side. I'm honoured to have been a part of it. xxx

Sheena P.

13 Apr 2019

Toni was easy to get along with, she was very approachable and easy to contact. Whenever I need to ask her something, she was able to source the answer for us. Gave us ideas for our wedding and guided us through the whole process.

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

Hi Sheena. Working with you both was such a pleasure! Thank you for your lovely review xxx

Tamika E.

5 Apr 2019

Toni is amazing! This is one of the most nerve racking experiences, but Toni has this great way of making you feel comfortable and relaxed making sure everything runs smoothly without stress. She catered our ceremony to our exact needs & desires - the sky is the limit. 10 stars for the cocktail ceremony. Our guests feedback was it was the best ceremony they have been a part of. Thanks again Toni for our magical day.

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

Did someone say cocktails? I'm in! Gosh we had fun, so many laughs all around, wonderful personalities, tons of smiles. We'll need to start planning a new cocktail recipe for next time we meet. xxx

Salla S.

23 Mar 2019

Toni made everything every easy for us. She was very helpful and met with us several times prior to the day. We did a rehearsal prior to the day as she hadn't completed a ceremony at the venue before. She was great with our international guests and welcomed everyone on our day. The story she created for us was very personal and our guests loved it.

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

Thank You Salla. My first Finnish wedding - and now I want to go to Finland! You and your guests were so warm and welcoming, you all made me feel like part of the group. Love working with you both. Enjoy cracking open your time capsule when the right time comes! xxx

Brown C.

28 Feb 2019

Toni was easy going, had great organisation and great communication which we really appreciated. She also helped to give us ideas with vows etc. Would highly recommend her!!!

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

Thank you lovely!! Such a magical day. Loads of great memories there. You’re such a chilled couple, working with you could hardly be called “work”. Loved every moment xxx

Stacey W.

17 Feb 2019

Toni was unreal. She was very patient and very understanding and very happy to adapt to what we asked for. We asked for things to be asked out of the norm and she very adaptive. She cam out and did a rehearsal with all of us. She even travelled 2 hours to get to us, and was very accommodating. She travelled there and back twice, which was reflected in the price.

Natalie S.

24 Nov 2018

Toni was very engaging & funny, all my guests lover her! The story she wrote about us was very personal and really rang true. Our wedding ceremony was unique to us. She put in a lot of effort before hand, she met up with us, gave us ideas, even warned us about little things that can go wrong. Amazing service!

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

Hi Nat! Thank you for your lovely review! A gorgeous wedding, a stunning venue and what can I say about the family... they were like my family!! Lots of laughs and a great cocktail topped off your amazing wedding xxx

Liz W.

3 Nov 2018

Toni was an absolute star to deal with right from the beginning. Toni helped us to create a totally unique ceremony that depicted who we are as a couple perfectly. We highly recommend Toni for future brides and grooms!

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

Never was there a wedding so full of exquisite nuttiness! One word for your wedding...MEMORABLE!! So so much fun xxx

Erin M.

27 Oct 2018

Toni made us relaxed from the moment we met her. Throughout the process she's kept in regular contact and was receptive to what we wanted, whilst also offering great advice anytime we got stuck. Our ceremony was personal and she put a lot of effort into writing our 'couples story'

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

Erin and Grant. You were both a delight to work with! Lovely people like you make my “job” easy. I’m honored to have been a part of your day and I wish you both all the very best for the future xxx

Shereena H.

20 Oct 2018

Toni is so approachable and just a lovely lady to be around. You can tell she really cares about you and makes each wedding she does special and unique. She went above and beyond for us without every complaining. She was super organised and just a beautiful lady.

Stella M.

16 Oct 2018

Toni is very warm and friendly. She made us feel at ease from the beginning with her comprehensive knowledge, and the detailed information pack she gave us. The process was easy, and the ceremony she conducted was so personalised and thoughtful, as well as entertaining. All the guests loved her.

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

Gosh we’ve had a fun ride... and what an amazing culmination. I loved every single moment of your day and two of the most beautiful brides I’ve ever seen! Can we do it all again?!?!

Michael D.

9 Sep 2018

When you decide to get married, the first thing you need to do is arrange Toni to be your celebrant!!! We were lucky to find Toni, she knew exactly what we wanted and she made the ceremony absolutely perfect!!! I cannot praise Toni enough, she is simply the best!!!!

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

Thank you so much Michael. I loved that your ceremony stretched my mind and presented me some challenges. I had so much fun writing up your ceremony and working with you both. A lovely, personal, intimate ceremony, with plenty of laughs from everyone - who clearly understand your quirkiness!!

Emily M.

7 Sep 2018

Absolutely exceptional! Toni truly went above and beyond for us. The result was a beautifully personal and special ceremony. Toni is a genuinely lovely person who provides a professional, warm and friendly service with a touch of humour. Thank you Toni for making our day (or days) so special!

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

What amazing wedding stories you have to tell! Between the dubious weather.... and then... well. I'm so honoured to have worked with both of you, you're not only an amazing couple, but beautiful people as well. I'm quietly so happy that we had our 2nd day - intimate and so so special .... You both are the best examples of not letting anything ruin your big day. xxx

Angela B.

17 Aug 2018

Toni created the most beautiful and personalised ceremony. So many people commented how special it was. Toni conducted herself in such a warm and friendly way, yet had that level of professionalism that you want in a celebrant, so that you feel comfortable that everything will run smoothly.

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

Hi Ange! Oh my goodness I had so much fun with your ceremony...despite that cold wind! What a joy you both were to work with, I loved every moment - from our first "interesting" meeting, to your wedding day. One thing is guaranteed... I will never ever forget you both xxx

Jessica W.

11 Aug 2018

Thank you Toni for being our celebrant! The ceremony was perfect and we loved the thoughtful and funny story she pulled together. From start to finish, Toni was organised, responsive, calm and well-spoken. From hearing her friendly voice on a voicemail, I knew we found the perfect celebrant! Thank you!

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

Awww Jess. Thank you for your lovely review! It was such a pleasure working with yourself and Lan! You both made it all so easy and your beautiful calm natures just shone on the day. All in all, the perfect couple. I wish you both all the joy in the world xxx

Joana W.

4 Aug 2018

Toni is BRILLIANT - we are so glad to have found her to marry us! It felt as though she knew us since the beginning of our relationship when she spoke about our story, we still continute to receive so many compliments from our family and friends!

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

A wedding with cocktails by the most beautiful harbour in the world and a gorgeous couple.... How could it not be awesome? Thanks for the lovely review Joana, and an even bigger thank you for choosing me to be your celebrant. You made me "work", easy xxx

Maggie W.

9 Jun 2018

It was lovely to meet Toni and had her as our celebrant. Great communication and prompt response. Toni was calm and very helpful on the day when the ceremony had to move from outdoor to indoor because of the rain. We love her couple story and the joy she brought to our ceremony. Thank you, Toni! We would recommend her any engaged couple.

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

Thanks you Maggie for your lovely review. The funny thing for me is that I’ve been telling everyone how calmly and beautifully you both handled the change of location. Everything was perfect on the day, you both looked amazing and your family and friends were absolutely wonderful. Thank you for choosing me to be a part of it all xxx

Maricar S.

17 May 2018

Was so great having Toni marry us on our wedding day! Could not recommend Toni enough. Was so easy working with you and love our little story you made! Couldn't have had anyone else do better. Thanks so much Toni for sharing our special day!

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

Your wedding was so full of joy, love and laughter, with lots of happy tears ... everyone had so much fun, including me! It was such a pleasure working with you both. Thank you for choosing me to be a part of your amazing day! xxx

Natalie L.

5 May 2018

Toni was amazing. Her calm nature really eased our nerves and she delivered a wonderful service that our guests loved. We were ecstatic about the couple story she created for us, it touched our hearts. Toni is easy going and fun. Would recommend her to everyone we know!

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

A truly unforgettable ceremony in so many ways! Thanks for making my job so enjoyable, it’s couples like yourselves that makes this too much fun to be called “work”. xxx

Scott F.

10 Mar 2018

It was very natural and she conducted it very well. So easy to work with! The guests also loved the way she conducted the wedding. She worked within our budget.

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

I had such a blast working with you both... and you had most helpful group of friends there, so a huge thank you to them as well. The whole vibe was so relaxed, and even our nervous bride was at ease on the day. Thank you for the review, Congratulations (x2) and best wishes to you all xxx

Denny L.

3 Mar 2018

Toni was great and very knowledgeable and gave clear instructions. She guided us through the whole process.

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

Thanks Denny! Your day was so lovely and everything ran smoothly, add in the lots of love you had around you and it all summed up to be a wonderful day. Perfect in every way. xxx

Sullivan K.

1 Mar 2018

Daniel and I can't thank Toni enough. Toni is such a lovely person to work with, her knowledge and professionalism is second to none. She guided us through the whole process with ease. We loved that we could personalise our ceremony to make it more fun by making cocktails, 'two spirits coming together!' We highly recommend booking Toni in for your wedding.

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

I will never again drink a Margarita without thinking of you two!! I vow to keep my promise to never mix another ceremonial cocktail the same as yours ever. You were both such an enormous joy to work with, thank you for making my job a bucketload of fun! xxx

Heather S.

11 Feb 2018

She was warm, personable, friendly and efficient. Great service!

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

Thank you Heather. A more intimate wedding was never had... Your wedding will stay in my heart and mind forever as being one of the gentlest, most spiritual, most heartfelt and meaningful ceremonies ever. Every word was heard, every word was important and it all was beautiful. xxx

Victor G.

3 Feb 2018

We can't thank Toni enough for helping to make our wedding date complete! Toni was well-prepared and made sure every detail was covered. She made the whole process simple, tailored to us and gave us advice when we needed, making us feel comfortable and reassured the whole time!

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

Thank you for the review Victor. Not even a last minute change of ceremony space could ruin your day. It’s was such an honour to have been a part of your special day xxx

Antonietta F.

14 Jan 2018

Toni is fantastic. She provided exceptional service. She's friendly, lovely. Makes you feel comfortable. Even our guests commented how lovely she was. She sent us a booklet of reading options. I got to add my own touch and she made our ceremony a great one. She also tailored the script to suit us. She was able to work around bad weather on the day. Even the venue commented on how good she was. I couldnt recommend her enough

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

Antonietta, Your wedding was one that will always stay with me. Thank you for allowing me the privilege of working with you both. xxx

Laura S.

9 Dec 2017

Toni was beyond brilliant. She was so easy-going through the whole process. She made sure organising everything still fitted my timetable. She made everyone very calm and she was a wonderful spirit on the day.

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

Thank you Laura. It was an absolute pleasure. Not even the heat could wipe out the love in the room!! xxx

Samantha W.

10 Nov 2017

For our wedding ceremony we decided to have one of our close friends conduct the ceremony to add a personal touch to our big day. Due to this we only required a celebrant to perform all the basic legalities involved to make everything above board. In comes Toni who was an absolute pleasure to deal with and made the lead up to the big days so much easier for us. Even though we only required the bare minimum, Toni still liaised with us regularly and provided her help whenever she could. Toni is a professional class act that we highly recommend to any couple looking for a celebrant for their upcoming nuptials.

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

Thank you Sam! Even though I didn't play my usual role for your wedding, it was such a privilege working with both of you and with your "celebrant" for the day. Much love to you both xxx

Tan N.

27 Oct 2017

One of the most organised person I have ever meet. She did an incredible job on our special day. A few words that describe her best; Fun, well spoken, Patience, and most importantly professional. She made our special day a little bit more special. THANKS TONI!

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

Thank you Tan! What a special day your wedding day turned out to be, spectacular weather in a beautiful location and a stunning couple! I'm so thrilled to have been a part of your day. xxx

Anita D.

13 Oct 2017

We first met Toni when she was the celebrant for our best friends' wedding. Toni was so well spoken, friendly, fun and professional. It was then we knew we needed to book her for our wedding. We honestly cannot thank Toni enough for everything she did for us.

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

Hi Anita. Thank you for your review. You had such a wonderful group of family and friends at your wedding, it was an absolute pleasure working with you! Much love to both yourself & Stuart xxx

Jo S.

6 Oct 2017

Toni went above and beyond and she was exceptional. I would recommend her to anybody she was well worth it. It was almost like Toni was meant to be my celebrant. The ceremony was very special.

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

Thank you Jo for making me feel like a part of the family. I was truly saddened after your ceremony, just thinking that our time together was done. Much love to you both always xxx

Estelle R.

6 Oct 2017

Toni was excellent. She made us feel at ease and completely melded with the casual, relaxed vibe we wanted. She was organised and everything was ready well ahead of time. She made it fun, encouraged everyone to enjoy themselves and it went perfectly. Couldn’t have asked for a better ceremony.

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

I’m still showing everyone photos of your incredible “flowers”. Your beautiful, intimate wedding will always hold a special little place in my heart xxx

Rosanna M.

8 Sep 2017

Toni was amazing from start to finish. She not only helped us with the location, she put together the most beautiful ceremony, designed only for my husband and I. I can't recommend Toni enough. If you want an amazing, stress free ceremony that will make your day, hire Toni Elsley!

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

Hi Rosanna. What a rollercoaster ride you had! I'm so thrilled I was able to help out with getting your big day to happen. In the end it was absolutely beautiful, congratulations! Much love to you both always xxx

Pamela O.

25 Aug 2017

I'm so thankful that I had the opportunity to meet Toni! She was absolutely amazing!!! She made everything so easy for us, the paperwork, the ceremony, she decorated a beautiful table and also help me to find a witness ( Her Husband ). We HIGHLY recommend Tony she is amazing

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

What fun we had! I'm so happy I had the chance to meet you two beautiful people. A stunning day on our spectacular harbour. xxx

Summer P.

3 Jun 2017

Toni was really amazing , it was very personalized and even though we were the most non responsive couple she was really great in handling that and did an awesome job and that's what every bride needs . she was great

Toni Elsley - Breathe Easy Weddings  

Summer, your wedding was so beautiful, as were you. I absolutely loved having your fur-babies involved too. I wish you and Alex (and LJ, Ashy & Iris) all the very best. Thank you for your review! xxx

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