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Sheridan R.

10 Jun 2017

Paul was incredibly professional, right from the get-go. At our first meeting he made the effort to ensure we fully understood the whole 'wedding process', then he got right into getting to know us better. Both my new husband and I found him charming, funny and warm. To us, it felt like we had known him forever. Then - the easy questionnaire! Wow. Paul has set up an incredibly easy questionnaire that not only was easy to complete but made my husband and I laugh and reminisce already. This questionnaire translated into a script that was prepared by Paul (in a super timely fashion, no less - from memory less than a week), which perfectly captured the essence of our relationship. We barely made any edits to it, that's how spot on it was! Paul even attended our wedding rehearsal - even though this wasn't something we agreed earlier. What a legend, On the day, Paul was on time and helped with the boys greeting guests and getting set up. The whole ceremony went off without any hiccups. He spoke so well and every one agreed it was the most heartfelt wedding ceremony they'd been to in a long time. Most people commented that they thought Paul was a friend of ours, that's how well he captured our relationship! Honestly, I can't recommend Paul Bonadio highly enough. JUST BOOK HIM!

A Stand-up Celebrant  

Hiya Sheridan - thanks so much for the kind words! Adored every single thing about your ceremony, and it was the perfect example of why I love this job. You two are absolutely amazing people and such a pleasure to work alongside :)

Emma S.

1 Jun 2017

My husband and I could not recommend Paul enough! All of our guest were commenting on how special and different he made the ceremony. I all I wanted was for the celebrant not to be stuffy or tell our story awkwardly - Paul was hilarious and told our story better than we could tell it ourselves. If you are planning on getting married in Melbourne, 100% ask Paul to be your celebrant. He is worth every cent and was in communication with us all the way through, making sure we were prepared. He also saved the day when I forgot my fabulous new iPhone 7 didn't have an AUX jack (cheers Apple) so he was able to play the ceremony music on the speaker from his own phone. Thanks for everything Paul!!

A Stand-up Celebrant  

Thanks so much Emma. Hope you and Robbie are loving wedded life and overindulging in degustation menus and the champagne life :) If you're ever back in town let me know and we'll catch up!

Bianka I.

4 Mar 2017

We really wanted a laid back, fun and casual ceremony, and Paul absolutely hit the mark. He made the whole process super easy for us, and managed to capture our relationship perfectly in his wedding script. Our guests have all said it was the best ceremony they'd ever seen.

A Stand-up Celebrant  

Aw shucks! Thanks Bianka. You two are amazing. Hope Benson recovered from his bee sting and that Palmer can still nail a handplant kick flip :)

Lauren V.

15 Oct 2019

If you're looking for someone who can balance the right amount of humour and sentimentality then Paul is your guy! We had so many compliments on how great our ceremony was and we could not have imagined being married by anyone else. Thanks spent the time in getting to know us and it really reflected in our ceremony. Thanks Paul!!

Mandy T.

13 Oct 2019

Paul was FANTASTIC. He had a great mix of humour and lovely sentiment. Our guests raved on about how great he was and how he really set the tone for the night to come. If you are after someone who will keep your guests entertained whilst sharing in your love journey.. Paul is your guy!!!

Jacinta A.

12 Oct 2019

Paul did an absolutely perfect job of our ceremony. After our wedding, my husband said it perfectly - it's so obvious that Paul does his job because he really does love it. We had so many comments from our guests about how fantastic a job Paul did. He created a perfect mix of heartfelt and hilarious, and told our story in a way that captured our relationship and fitted the feel of our wedding. Preparing for the big day, Paul was super supportive, answered all of our wedding-rookie questions, and gave us the perfect amount of guidance so that we knew our wedding was in good hands. He even laughed at all of my hubby-to-be's terrible jokes (thanks Paul, that must have been rough). Paul brought to life everything that we wanted our wedding to be, and more. We honestly can't recommend him highly enough.

Amy T.

3 Aug 2019

Paul was absolutely fantastic! From the get-go we got a great vibe from him, and felt he was on the same page as us. Having him at our wedding was the best thing we ever did - he made us forget about being nervous (about standing there in front of everyone, being the centre of attention!), because the script he'd written for us was hilarious, and he delivered it so well. We wanted a fun, upbeat ceremony and that it was! My aunty almost fell off her chair laughing at everything he said. Afterwards we got so many people going out of their way to tell us how much they loved him and his speech, and how fantastic he was. I definitely recommend A Stand-up Celebrant to anyone who wants a happy, positive wedding ceremony experience!

Nicole H.

6 Jul 2019

Paul was amazing and we loved him being a part of our wedding. He was layed back and funny exactly our style. Paul took the time to get to know us as a couple, which came through in the wedding script he prepared. Guests had a good laugh during the ceremony and some even asked if he was a friend of ours. Thanks Paul for making our wedding day so special.

Rhoda L.

30 Jun 2019

We used Paul's "celebrant buddy" service and loved that we could have a close friend of ours perform our ceremony while Paul made sure that the legal marriage was handled behind the scenes. Paul was really easy to communicate with and also provided our buddy with templates, tips and questionnaires for putting together the ceremony script. Thanks for making this such a smooth process, Paul, and for your help on the day with the PA system too!

Michael C.

7 Jun 2019

Paul was an awesome celebrant at our wedding. We received so many comments from our family and friends at how funny and engaging he was. He added his own unique flavour to our wedding to really tailor and personalise it for a unique ceremony and experience. Best of all bride was over the moon!

Sam A.

17 May 2019

Paul was absolutely brilliant! From our first interactions with him, he guided us through a very relaxed process all the way through to the big day. Most importantly, he told our story perfectly during the ceremony. We received so many compliments about how entertaining the ceremony was and how fitting it was to us as a couple. It was the perfect way to kick our wedding off. Thanks again Paul!

Louise K.

27 Apr 2019

Paul was such a great addition to our big day. From meeting him to “I Do”, he helped us feel relaxed and excited about everything. The ceremony was great, hilarious but still heartfelt, and many family and friends told us afterwards that it was the best ceremony they’d seen. Thanks Paul!

Megan C.

27 Apr 2019

Paul was just the right person for our wedding ceremony! His planning and delivery of our story was exactly what we wanted. Guests actually thought we didn’t hire him but was indeed a friend. With his back ground in stand up comedy, he appropriately captured the humour in our romance story. If you are worried there may be too much of a humorous touch for your liking, don't worry, he is open to toning it down. OR even livening it up more if your heart desires. Don't hesitate to consider him.

Peter K.

21 Apr 2019

Thanks so much Paul - we had an excellent day and really appreciate how simple of easy the whole thing was! Would highly recommend! Best regards, Peter

Shamus B.

14 Apr 2019

Paul is an outstanding celebrant, my partner and I could not be happier with Paul’s services. Paul is a lovely down to earth guy with a genuine desire to make your wedding day special. Paul made everything so easy and was always there to assist if we needed support. He captured the story of our relationship perfectly with a loving sense of humour. He made all our guests feel welcome and apart of our special day. Paul went over and above our expectations and we will always remember our wedding thanks to Paul. We will always be grateful having had Paul by our side on our special day, thank you Paul you’re amazing :)

Scott I.

13 Apr 2019

Paul is absolutely amazing. We knew within seconds of meeting him that he was who we wanted. It felt like we'd known him for ages. He took pieces of us and created a script that was a good mix of fun, laughs, honesty and sincerity. We had so many guests tell us that it was without doubt the best ceremony they had ever witnessed. On the day, my wife to be was overwhelmed with emotion coming down (truth be told, I was struggling myself!). Within seconds of speaking, Paul had both of us back on track and smiling again. I cannot thank him enough for making our day everything we were hoping for and more.

Michelle T.

13 Apr 2019

From the first time we met Paul we knew he was the one! The one who would wed us, so we could begin our next chapter. My husband (wow that sounds strange!) and I, had made the decision we wanted our ceremony to me memorable, short and funny. We knew it was going to be emotional, so we wanted it to be humorus. Paul made everything easy too. He had us fill in a questionnaire online and we worked on it together from there. We had two meetings face to face, and everything else was done via email, which was perfect for us, because we both work full time, and had 6 months to plan our wedding. To make things even better, he took care of all the marriage paperwork, so all we had to do was give him proof of our identity, and this was also included in the total fee. Our day happened nearly three weeks ago and we really loved what Paul did for us. Our guests talked about him all night, and the next day at the post brunch too. People (including us) were in fits of laughter and we love the fact it wasn't a mushy ceremony with quotes and readings you hear at every wedding. Our wedding was unique, memorable, funny and complete within 30 minutes. You won't regret hiring him for your day, and I believe our family and friends will reminince and talk about our ceremony for years to come!

Melissa C.

12 Apr 2019

Paul was amazing and so easy to work with. From the moment we met him we knew we wanted Paul to marry us. Paul took care of all the legal stuff and made the process so easy, even the writing of our vows was made so much easier. Thank you Paul for everything!

Lauren M.

12 Apr 2019

Paul told our story perfectly, eliciting laughter and tears from our friends and family! He continued as our upbeat and energetic MC at our reception and our guests fell in love with him. Sam and I barely noticed any administrative requirements, he took care of everything. Best celebrant ever :)

A Stand-up Celebrant  

Right back at ya Lauren! I'm still feeling the buzz from the those espresso martinis. What an incredible day, incredible setting and incredible couple. Hope to catch up again soon :)

Joanne R.

6 Apr 2019

We cannot thank Paul enough for making our wedding ceremony so very special and different it was wonderful The way he told our story was so great so many laughs ! Its lovely having something different all our family and friends laughing and smiling they loved it . Paul is a very clever guy with words , just knows what to say ! We highly recommend him !

Mel G.

4 Apr 2019

We caught up with Paul a few times before the wedding to plan the ceremony - it was a relaxed experience and felt like catching up with a friend! Paul managed to put together a lighthearted yet beautiful ceremony from the random snippets of info about how we met and what we were like as a couple. I remember when we received the first draft, my partner and I were blown away by how well he captured us and our experience and were laughing in bed as we read it - Paul is extremely talented! I was originally a bit skeptical about having a ‘stand up celebrant’ - but Paul finds the perfect balance of fun and sentiment without being tacky. Our ceremony was exactly what we wanted and many of our guests have commented that it was the best ceremony they have been to as it really showcased us as a couple and gave guests some insight into our journey in a warm, fun and entertaining way. We can’t thank Paul enough for his time and patience. We HIGHLY recommend you lock him in for your ceremony - you won’t regret it!

Beth D.

30 Mar 2019

Kali made our day absolutely fantastic. Thank you so much for all the time and effort spent to make our ceremony completely personalised and absolutely perfect. Thank you!

Jessica M.

28 Mar 2019

Paul was polite and professional through out the whole experience. We would highly recommend him to anyone. He was able to calmly help us, his no pressure approach allowed us to feel confident in explaining what we wanted and worked with us to achieve our goals. Our guests found him charismatic and entertaining. 100% worth looking into

Natalie W.

22 Mar 2019

Paul thank you is not enough!! You did such an incredible job being our celebrant. We knew from when we saw you marry our friends Kaz & Tys & Mel & Luke, that you were the person for us! Just before walking down the aisle I was so incredibly nervous about speaking publicly, then once you started speaking you calmed my nerves as you made me laugh, feel comfortable and excited about being there. It helped me realise this is just about us, our story and our love, and you absolutely nailed it! We already have had so many compliments about how you are the best celebrant they have ever seen!!! The Brits were especially impressed as it’s so much better than what they have seen at home! 5 outta 5 stars without a doubt!

Fiona P.

17 Mar 2019

Paul was an absolute pleasure to deal with. He made every step of the process clear and simple to follow, and from our first meeting he made us feel comfortable, which eased any nerves we had about the ceremony. Paul managed to capture and convey our story perfectly, which really made our ceremony feel personal. We received so many compliments about Paul from our guests, and we really couldn’t have been any happier with how the day went. We would highly recommend Paul for a fun, down-to-earth and relaxed wedding.

Natasha P.

15 Mar 2019

Paul offers a really unique, personable and amazingly different celebrant service with his 'My Celebrant Buddy' and was the perfect addition to our wedding. Paul was super professional, assisted with our every need and that of our friend we chose to ‘marry’ us and made our wedding that much more special. He supplies you with all the tools you need to create a really fun and personal ceremony and we would refer him to all of our family and friends in a heartbeat.

Tamara H.

8 Mar 2019

Paul is an amazing celebrant, our ceremony was hilarious lighthearted and sweet. Paul was so helpful & guided us through the whole process massive thank you for a wonderful ceremony

Michelle M.

3 Mar 2019

Paul was amazing! He brilliantly crafted the ceremony after only meeting with us once- it was genius how he weaved our stories together into a beautiful and hilarious ceremony script. Our guests were raving about him and thought he must have been a close friend of ours who knew us really well. We also opted to have him MC our day and he did a great job on this front also. I would highly recommend this lovely and talented professional

Celeste C.

2 Mar 2019

Paul took our vision of our ceremony and made it come alive. Paul makes you feel like you have known each other for years. He finds the beautiful parts of your relationship and knows how to get to the core of the good stories and fun times to produce an amazing ceremony (meaning you actually don’t have to do much work which is what you want). Our guests were crying, then laughing and smiling the whole time throughout the ceremony. Paul responded to every random email of mine much more efficiently than my other services and he always had the answers. Paul - I wish we could do this all again. Thank you for giving us such beautiful memories of our marriage ceremony. Brides & Grooms - stop your search. Paul is the man.

Dean S.

1 Mar 2019

Paul was an absolute pleasure to work with and did an absolutely fantastic job across the board, everything from getting to know our story to delivering a beautiful and fun ceremony. Paul was also fantastic support on the day for me, settling my nerves as my bride was en route. Some feedback from the guests included "great to see you got one of your mates to be your celebrant" then when i told them we only recently met Paul they responded "wow, it tooked like you both had a very close relationship with him, he seemed to know you both so well and you all looked so comfortable together" Paul was also a fantastic sounding board when preparing Vows and Speaches. Absolutely invaluable service and if there was a 6 star option i would give him all 6.

Siobhan F.

28 Feb 2019

Paul was fantastic! I can't recommend him highly enough. He stepped us through the process making everything super easy and stress-free. We met up to get to know each other and from his questions he put together an amazing ceremony script. It was the perfect mix of humour and love. Paul is such a natural, and did such a good job of capturing 'us' that a number of guests thought he was a childhood friend of the grooms. If you haven't booked Paul yet, what are you waiting for? You won't regret it!

Crystal J.

24 Feb 2019

Paul was amazing and a highlight for our guests, other vendors and for us. Being from a European family who didnt even know what a celebrant was, we werent sure what some of the oldies would think, but they loved Paul and the whole ceremony. Heaps of people asked if he was our good friend Really couldnt recommend more highly! Thanks Paul.

Bill T.

24 Feb 2019

Paul (the stand up celebrant) thank you! You made the whole process easy and most importantly memorable! All our guests and family couldn't stop talking about how great the ceremony was and how you had the perfect balance of humour and love when you spoke. Thanks again for everything!

Renee C.

22 Feb 2019

We wanted a ceremony that stood out, and we recieved so many compliments about how good ours was. Paul was halarious and so sincere, helped us build our vows and made the whole process super fun and easy. Thank you agaim Paul! 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥

Easton W.

9 Feb 2019

Paul was everything we could've hope for in a celebrant. He was a dream to work with leading up to the wedding and when it came to the big day the ceremony was easily our highlight; largely due to him perfectly capturing the right tone for the day but also having it still be fun and light. We couldn't recommend him highly enough!

Tiff S.

9 Feb 2019

Paul is so warm, so kind and so naturally charismatic so working with him was not only a complete pleasure but he made the ceremony the highlight of our entire wedding, capturing the tone and essence of who we are as a couple perfectly. Thank you so much Paul, you are one of a kind.

Kira E.

2 Feb 2019

Could not have asked for a better celebrant. All our guests loved it and said it was the best ceremony they had ever been to! Paul is amazing to work with and such a professional. Loved every second of working with him!!

Alexey M.

27 Jan 2019

Paul is amazing. He can draw out the essence of a couple's relationship within a few minutes of meeting them, put it on paper and introduce them in a fun-filled and loving way. He's attentive and very flexible and his skills as a stand up comedian are used carefully - he uses them to make the introduction more lively - not to turn the whole thing into a joke. He's also very well organised and has thought of every option under the sun. Our celebrant was one of the things people kept complimenting and asking us about at our wedding, so we would definitely recommend him.

Gabriella L.

19 Jan 2019

Paul officiated my marriage yesterday morning and I could not recommend him highly enough! He did a fantastic job and the ceremony was above and beyond what I thought it would be. All of our guests commented on how funny Paul was while still capturing the guests and making our ceremony personal. If you’re in the market for a celebrant that will help you make your day memorable in a good way, please get in touch with Paul!!

Cassandra M.

19 Jan 2019

Paul was an absolute delight! He was super fun to work with and was so helpful throughout the process, answering all our questions. On the day, Paul did a fantastic job, setting a great mood for our guests and we received heaps of great feedback. Thanks Paul!

Nat C.

12 Jan 2019

Paul was fantastic, we enjoyed our meetings with him and most of all he was brilliant at our ceremony. His idea of fun and humour was exactly what we were after for a light-hearted, funny and personal ceremony that our family and friends could enjoy, as well as us. We have no doubt that if you were after a different style of ceremony, Paul could work with you on this. He was accommodating, flexible and a clear communicator throughout the preparation stage. He is friendly and is it evident that he enjoys what he does, he’s a story teller who also loves to listen to our and your stories!

Lach M.

5 Jan 2019

Paul was the perfect celebrant—exactly what we wanted. We lost count of the number of times people told us after how much they loved him, how it was the best wedding ceremony they've attended, and how it hit the perfect balance between funny, relaxed, and sentimental. Could not recommend him more.

Siobhan L.

5 Jan 2019

Paul was everything we wanted in a celebrant: funny, charming and eloquent, with just the right amount of romantic material in his script. People laughed the whole way through but the ceremony still felt dignified; in other words, our grandparents loved it just as much as our friends :) Many of our guests thought that Paul was an old friend because his description of us was so accurate! After our initial meeting over coffee, we completed an online questionnaire which gave Paul a pretty good idea of our story. From there, he continued tweaking the script based on our feedback until he'd created something that was perfectly representative of us and our relationship. Some of our changes were very last-minute but Paul was endlessly patient and his delivery on the day was perfect. Thanks Paul for making the whole process so easy and fun!

Monica D.

22 Dec 2018

Paul was so amazing from the minute we met him to the ceremony. He created such a fun and happy environment and had everyone laughing and then crying!

Amy B.

14 Dec 2018

Paul was simply fantastic and we cannot recommend him enough. From the very first meeting he instantly made us at ease, was very thorough and provided terrific advice on how to personalise the big day. His sense of humour and storytelling really set the tone for the day, with many laughs and tears had by the attendees- he struck the balance of humour and sentimentality which was perfect for our day. We had a few people comment immediately after with words to the effect of “best celebrant I have ever seen”. Thank you Paul.

Cheryl T.

7 Dec 2018

Paul, aka Stand-up Celebrant, was nothing short of funny, serious, reliable and professional all in one! He made the whole process simple and fuss-free for us. Thanks, Paul! Instagram: @standupcelebrant

Avi M.

1 Dec 2018

Paul took the time and made an effort to get to know us and learn the small things that made a big difference. All our guests agreed that Paul created a warm, personal and fun ceremony that highlighted exactly the things that make us such a unique couple.

Masha W.

17 Nov 2018

Paul absolutely nailed our day. He was highly professional, gave guests some great laughs and everyone couldn't stop raving about him. We highly recommend him to all.

Ashleigh M.

4 Nov 2018

He was perfect! We felt like our ceremony was good mixture of personal, funny and special. All of our guests were raving about about him afterwards which was lovely.


4 Nov 2018

They were very good! Paul is really easy to get along with, and works well with you to get the right vibe and story for your day. He created a ceremony that was really personal and funny and special.

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