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Natalie H.

8 Dec 2018

She was absolutely fantastic! Her personality and the way that she conducted herself was amazing.

Sharyn Gunn Celebrant  

Hi Nat and Pete, thank you so much for the wonderful review. You were both wonderful and easy to work with. Malsbury was a great setting for your wedding day.

Sean M.

2 Dec 2018

Sharyn was really good! She was really easy going and professional and got really involved with the whole day. I would like to give her 10 stars.

Sharyn Gunn Celebrant  

Hi Sean and John, thank you so much for the wonderful review. I really enjoyed your ceremony being at the bewitching hour of midnight. Your friends were wonderful and really were involved in the ceremony with claps and cheers, it was so good. take care and we will talk soon.

Leah & Cameron M.

22 Sep 2018

Sharyn was the first and only celebrant we met with, I had half a dozen lined up to meet during the week and from the moment Sharyn walked thru our front door, we knew she was the one for us, and our beautiful daughters where drawn to her aswell (they wouldn't leave her alone!). We had no idea what to do for our big day and she came fully prepared with everything we wanted/needed to know. She kept in contact with us the whole time (even now after the wedding we still chat!). She was thorough and helped us plan our perfect ceremony. We absolutely would and already have recommend Sharyn Gunn as a celebrant.

Sharyn Gunn Celebrant  

Leah and Cameron, you were so easy to work with. Nothing was a bother and I enjoyed meeting your delightful daughters Estelle and Matilda. They were just beautiful at the wedding. Estelle did a great job as flower girl and had the rose petals down to a fine art. You are a great family and it has been my pleasure to have been your celebrant.

Stuart O.

14 Jan 2019

She was very professional and friendly, we couldn't have asked for a better celebrant!

Sharyn Gunn Celebrant  

Hi Stuart and Jason, thank you so much for your review. I hope that you are both doing well and hope to catch up soon for a coffee and a chat.

Joel S.

24 Nov 2018

Fantastic, Outstanding! Words cannot explain how wonderful she was. From Start to Finish Sharyn made it a very simple and easy process. The Wedding Day was beautiful and Sharyn was a super star for us and our guests. She came over for a Coffee/Tea a few months before and explained everything to us and answered all out questions.

Sharyn Gunn Celebrant  

Hi Joel and Samantha, thanks so much for this glowing review. You were both fantastic, it wasn't hard to work with you both. The setting of Lanyon Homestead was sensational. Thank you again!!!

Vanessa & Josh C.

5 Oct 2018

Sharyn was a wonderful celebrant. She was very easy to talk to, made us feel relaxed about the process and provided us with guidance and support, whilst still ensuring the ceremony was exactly how we wanted it to be.

Sharyn Gunn Celebrant  

Hi Josh and Vanessa, thank you for the wonderful review. You were very easy to work with and the location of your wedding at Lanyon Homestead was just beautiful. You are a great couple and I wish you a very happy life together.

Kerry L.

31 Aug 2018

Sharyn was thorough and obliging! We worked together to customise our ceremony and had great suggestions and ideas and she came to our house which was lovely. Everything went to plan on the day except for the weather!

Sharyn Gunn Celebrant  

Hi Kerry and Kerry, thank you for your kind words. You were both very easy to work. Being your celebrant was simply a pleasure.

Tatiana Z.

8 Jul 2018

Sharyn is a most professional and conscientious person. She is very lovely and was trying her best to make our ceremony memorable and special. From the very beginning we felt like we were in safe hands. She was always early to every meeting, well prepared, well spoken, and had a bunch of valuable ideas that we would never come up with ourselves. She was respectful about cultural differences and very supportive during the stressful process of wedding planning and the ceremony itself. Thank you, Sharyn.

Sharyn Gunn Celebrant  

Hi Tatiana and Gennady, thank you for this wonderful review. You were so easy to work with and it was such a great honour to be your celebrant. One of the highlights was meeting your families. I wish you much happiness in your life together.

Daniel J.

5 May 2018

Sharryn had attention to detail and was so reliable and she made the whole day really easy and took the effort out of the planning. She did all the preparation and on the day everything went well as she is so friendly and down to easy. The whole experience was stress free.

Sharyn Gunn Celebrant  

Hi Daniel and Mat, hope you are both well, thank you for your great review you two were so easy to work with. I enjoyed the day and reception talking to your family and friends and would like to catch up for a coffee soon.

Yvonne And Jules V.

21 Apr 2018

Thank you Sharyn for being such a special, professional and friendly lady. Our wedding day was made better by having you perform our wedding ceremony. Beautifully spoken and lovely to deal with in every way.

Sharyn Gunn Celebrant  

Thank you, Yvonne and Jules, such a beautiful setting down at the river. We have had a journey and I am so pleased to have been chosen as your celebrant to marry you. Catch up soon.

Alice P.

31 Mar 2018

We had the pleasure of having Sharyn as our celebrant for our wedding. Sharyn is a wonderful celebrant who is always willing to go the extra mile. Sharyn made our day special and stress free and we can not thank her enough. Defiantly recommend.

Sharyn Gunn Celebrant  

Hi Alice and Amanda, thank you for the great review. I really enjoyed your wedding day on the beach at Bermagui. The day went very well and I thank you for the invite to join you at your reception. I know we will keep in touch, stay well. thanks again Sharyn

Laura A.

24 Mar 2018

Sharyn was really approachable. English is my husband's second language and she was consistently very patient and respectful. She provided all different vows and ideas for us to choose from. My children and husbands parents were also included in the ceremony which was very meaningful to us. She's fantastic and a really, really nice person! I'd highly recommend her!

Sharyn Gunn Celebrant  

Hi Laura and Paul, thank you so much for the wonderful review. It was so nice to meet you both along with your families. It was wonderful and I am so happy that I could be a part of your special day. Ella was very emotional during the ceremony and I can see how much Paul and Ella think of each other. Look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Cheyenne & Alice L.

17 Mar 2018

Sharyn tailored the ceremony to suit us. Very helpful. Not over the top and formal. Casual and exactly what we wanted. The ceremony was great!

Sharyn Gunn Celebrant  

Hi Cheyenne and Alice, thank you for your review. It is always my intent to make sure that the wedding is exactly what the couple wants. It was a great day and I am so pleased that I was able to reflect you both in your marriage ceremony. I was ecstatic that we were able to have a real wedding and not just a civil union. I look forward to hearing from you both from time to time, take care.

Tilly A.

15 Mar 2018

Sharyn has been amazing through the stressful process of organising our wedding. She has accommodated the dramatic reorganisation of dates and times, and was kind and patient both in the planning and especially on the big day. We actually heard of Sharyn by recommendation from another celebrant… she’s that good!

Sharyn Gunn Celebrant  

Tilly and Andre, thank you so much. Your wedding was a time that allowed some happiness to lighten your families sadness. I know your father was so proud of you. You are a wonderful young couple that has had a tough time, but your love for each other will overcome this sadness. I am so proud to have been your celebrant, thank you!

Rebecca & Ryan L.

2 Mar 2018

Sharyn is a lovely and warm person who made us feel so comfortable and confident in the lead up to our wedding day. She is clearly passionate about her job and cares deeply for her clients. Couldn't have asked for a better person to officiate our wedding day. xx

Sharyn Gunn Celebrant  

Hi Rebecca and Ryan, thank you for the great review. It was a lovely day for you, everything went according to plan. It was great to see everyone again, this time for a happy occasion. You were both so easy to work with and I look forward to meeting your little man when he arrives in the next few weeks. take care, thanks again.

Jack B.

18 Jan 2018

My wife is Chinese and we required a interpreter for the wedding. We had originally planned to get married in Batesman Bay. The interpreter let me down 2 days before the wedding. I couldn't get another interpreter in Batesman Bay, I could only get one in Canberra so we found Sharyn and gave her a weeks notice. We met with her and she was really delightful! We were in a difficult position and after being let down the first time, it was a huge relief. She just fits in really well and felt like a family member on the day, made everything feel really comfortable but still managed to keep everything on track.

Sharyn Gunn Celebrant  

Hi Jack and Yan, thank you both for the great review. It was a pleasure to be your celebrant. It was a great day and I would love to have a coffee sometime with you

Toni & Chris P.

25 Nov 2017

Sharyn was thoughtful and created a beautiful personalised ceremony for us.

Sharyn Gunn Celebrant  

Hi Chris and Toni, what a wonderful day it was at the Arboretum for your wedding, thank you for the wonderful review, I wish you both well.

Jo B.

10 Nov 2017

Sharyn is a professional. When we first met her, we just clicked. She was very helpful with the pre-ceremony wording and we were able to have the ceremony that we wanted. We wanted traditional but with fun and laughter and Sharyn was able to provide that.

Sharyn Gunn Celebrant  

Hi Jo and Michael, thank you so much for taking the time to review my service to you. It was a wonderful day and even though it rained we had a great view of the lake from the reception room and the ceremony was fun. It will be very nice if we could stay in touch. All the very best to you both.

Sharyn was perfect. On time, professional and has a very warm accepting heart and nature. I will refer her forever.

Sharyn Gunn Celebrant  

Thank you to two beautiful strong women, who have so much love for each other. You are also wonderful mums to your children. I am happy to have you two in my life.....I am glad we met and that you chose me to be your celebrant, we are now friends

Kimberley & Scott V.

14 Oct 2017

She was absolutely unreal. She was fabulous with our kids, she did everything we wanted to do. She created a really relaxed environment. The only reason I would put her down as a 4, as we haven't received our official wedding certificate yet, but that may be something we have to follow up.

Sharyn Gunn Celebrant  

Hi Kim and Scott, thank you for the lovely review. Your girls were a delight. I will call you in relation to your official marriage certificate. Hope you are all well.

Heather B.

6 May 2017

She was very easy going and she explained everything we needed to do. Our best man forgot the ring, she was well prepared with many rings on her finger and was sizing us up in preparation to use a back up ring for the ceremony.

Sharyn Gunn Celebrant  

Hi Heather and Johnny, that is a great memory from your special day, but all was well. I thank you for your review and hope that you are both well and our paths cross again sometime soon. Best wishes to you both.

Steffanie C.

6 Apr 2017

Beautiful ceremony. Sharyn made sure that we had the perfect ceremony that was tailored exactly to us. She was available for meetings and the rehearsal so we all knew how the day was going to look. The ceremony was perfect and she helped keep our vows secret until the ceremony.

Sharyn Gunn Celebrant  

Hi Steffanie and Peta, thank you so much for kind words. I did enjoy your special day and here's hoping that we get that 'Yes" vote.

Sharyn was awesome! She was really friendly and personable. We had planned a commitment ceremony and unfortunately I fell ill and we had to delay it for 6 months. She was very understanding. We now call Sharyn a friend.

Sharyn Gunn Celebrant  

Yvette and LouEllen, thank you so much, it has been wonderful meeting you both. LouEllen you are so strong and came through with the support of your beautiful wife Yvette. It is heartwarming to see two people so much in love. Catch up soon

Jaime & Kane M.

18 Feb 2017

She did everything we asked. Really good and really organised.

Sharyn Gunn Celebrant  

Hi Jaime and Kane, thank you so much for your review. Your venue was also very beautiful and we were lucky that we got time to have the ceremony before that storm came. Hope you are both well.

Madeleine N.

19 Nov 2016

10/10! She drove out to our farm and went out of her way. She didn't waffle on in the ceremony, she spoke how we wanted her to. Also communicated with us with our colours to ensure she didn't clash or stand out. She was really great to deal with.

Sharyn Gunn Celebrant  

Ah, Maddie and Wil, wow thank you that was a great review. You two were also very easy to deal with and the venue on the property was spectacular. Hope that nan had a great time along with the rest of your guests. thanks again, stay well....

Emma M.

7 Oct 2016

She was very relaxed, she felt more like a friend than a supplier. She was fun and easy to work with. Really Affordable.

Sharyn Gunn Celebrant  

Hi Emma and Christian, thank you so much, it was a pleasure to be part of your wedding day. Your dress was stunning. I look forward to meeting your little man Archie before he grows up and starts High School. Hope you are all well.

Libby H.

17 Sep 2016

She was great for us, she was helpful and has a great personality. Really easy to get along with. Everything was easy with her.

Sharyn Gunn Celebrant  

Hi Libby and Stephen, thank you for the great review. I hope that all is well with you and the children. It was such a lovely venue that you chose for your wedding day. I have recommended it to others. thanks again, Sharyn

Meg P.

16 Apr 2016

Sharyn was just amazing. Very happy with the service. Would highly recommend her services for anything. She was so organised in filing all our documentation.

Sharyn Gunn Celebrant  

Hi Meg and Shaun, thank you so much it really was wonderful to again be involved with your family and another wedding. Please let me know when your little one arrives.

Sharna G.

28 Nov 2015

Sharyn was great, she gave us a lot of support. Our wedding was a bit difficult as my father has passed earlier that year. Sharyn was the celebrant for my fathers funeral so it was very special to have her there. There was a bit of family drama and she kept everything under control. She is just a really beautiful person and created a very personal ceremony for us.

Sharyn Gunn Celebrant  

Hi Sharna and Patrick, Meeting you both initially was a sad time with dad's passing. I was happy that I could marry you and even through your sadness you and Patrick had a great wedding ceremony. I keep up with what is happening in your life when I catch up with mum and also now with you on facebook. I am honored that I could be part of a happy day for you.

Hassan & Julie F.

14 Nov 2015

She is very accommodating, very approachable. Just overall a lovely person. Eased our nerves on the day.

Sharyn Gunn Celebrant  

Hi Hassan and Julie, thank you so much for your great review. I hope that you are both well and I look forward to catching up with you when I am next in Melbourne.

Jamie W.

3 Oct 2015

Sharon was 5 out of 5! We were really unorganised so she was chasing us up and ran through everything with us. She was overly helpful in a good way.

Sharyn Gunn Celebrant  

Hi Jamie and Jarryd, I hope you are both doing well. I have just joined Easy Weddings and was very pleased to see that you had left this wonderful review. I thank you, it is much appreciated.

Anna G.

25 Sep 2015

Sharyn made the whole process so easy and relaxing and was always extremely professionally but very friendly and approachable. It honestly was like having a friend marry us.

Sharyn Gunn Celebrant  

Hi Anna and Chris, I remember your day very well. I thank you for this review and I do hope that our paths cross again. As I said to Jamie and Jarryd, I have just joined Easy Weddings and was very pleased to see your review.

Greg & Faith D.

4 Apr 2015

Great lady, Great personality. She kept the secret well! Communication was great, she lsitened and was very easy to understand.

Sharyn Gunn Celebrant  

Hello Greg and Faith, it is lovely to hear from you and thank you for the great review. I hope that life on the coast is treating you well, please give me a call if you are in Canberra or Queanbeyan, I would love to catch up for a coffee and hear all about life on the coast.

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