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I believe in creating unforgettable wedding experiences that are treasured and kept forever. With a signature, one-of-a-kind ceremony written specially for the two of you.

No cut and paste here! I pour passion, creativity and pure love into every ceremony.  With my calm nature, kind heart and wealth of experience I take the time to get to know you so I can weave your story throughout, capturing the two of you perfectly. I will listen and make creative suggestions so your ceremony embodies and expresses who you are. With a knack for making people feel safe and at ease, I’ll fit in like a lifelong friend. I'll be your guiding light so all you have to do is relax, enjoy and be IN THE MOMENT. You will be walking on a dream, because every little detail is crafted specifically for the two of you. There will be laughter, tears and warm heartfelt moments.

As an award winning celebrant, I have developed a personal and fun planning experience to take you from 'Yes!' to 'I Do'. You will feel fully supported throughout the entire process so you can enjoy your engagement worry-free, trusting in my experience. Nothing is too much trouble and covid reshuffles are not a problem!

Always a little oustside of the box, I love creating unique special touches and lovely surprises. Your guests will feel they are a part of something very special and we can include family and friends, rituals, blessings and more. It’s ok to keep or break tradition. 

The energy surrounding you on your wedding day is really important, so I focus on staying grounded and calm and prepare for your ceremony with reiki and mediation. I bring joy, warmth and heart, and love a good laugh.

You will love working with me because I take your wedding personally.  I'm down-to-earth, happy and really friendly; I have a fun, positive attitude; I'm organized but super relaxed; I'm passionate about my work; and I really care about your ceremony as much as you!

Let's bring your dreams to life, in ways you may never have imagined! It will be your favourite part of the whole day. Promise.

Let's chat. With Covid postponements 2022 is almost fully booked and 2023 is in full swing.

Photo's used in Hero Image courtesy of Southern Cross Photography and Anne Sophie Maestracci Photography



Questions and Answers

To have a rehearsal or not? And who needs to attend the rehearsal?

Ali Ever After - Ali Conroy

To rehearse or not, that is the question!



No rehearsal/ Ali to brief bridal party and all participants on your wedding day


If you decide not to rehearse, here is how the pre-ceremony will unfold.


30 min before start:

Get the groom and groomsmen to come see me when they arrive at ceremony area (usually 30min before start time) and I brief them. Which is mainly "have fun, chill out and chat with guests until I know the girls are ready. Then I will come get you and put you in position up front. Take off sunnies. Smile, look good and have fun - boom! That's it! I'll also show your ring bearer how to come forward and open ring box when the time comes.


I also find any other participants such as readers and brief them so they are comfortable.


And I find your immediate family and introduce myself. I show them where their allocated seats are so they know where they are seated when it's time to begin the ceremony.



45min-1hr before start:

If bridal party are getting ready at the ceremony location, I will pop in and say hello when I arrive to setup. I will come back to you 10min before start to get you ready and lined up to walk – see info in section below.


Ask the person you have assisting with playing your music, to come see me minimum of 45min before start time. I can brief them on my cues and also so we can sound check the volume levels for each song in your ceremony before everyone arrives (spoiler alert – we don’t want guests hearing your entrance song being played in soundcheck. And they usually start arriving 30min before).


And, most likely your playlists will be saved on Spotify, so please send your music assistant AND myself (as backup) the links to your playlists to our phone numbers. Mine is 0425 380 474. We can then both save playlists and download them prior to ceremony. Nothing worse than internet cutting out and your songs not playing. I ask you to send links to me because if your music assistants device mucks up or a problem connecting to PA occurs, I can easily and quickly save the day by playing the tunes through my phone. This HAS happened! Experience has taught me to always have safety nets.


Save playlists with your name as part of the title e.g. Megan Pre Ceremony, Megan Ceremony, Megan Post Ceremony.  




10 to 15min before start:

I come inside to get bridal party ready to walk OR if bridal party are getting ready elsewhere (not at ceremony location), then I will be waiting to meet you, your bridal party and your dad/escort when you arrive at ceremony location. Out front hidden from guests. Plan to arrive at 10min before start time. I will meet you out front at that time. 


I will brief you all and get you lined up ready (hidden from view but somewhere you can (a) see guests stand or (b) hear music when it starts).


I then go and greet your guests and get them seated. I ask them to be upstanding to welcome the bridal party and your entrance song starts playing. When you hear/see this happening, you girls start walking in slowly, nice big gaps (5 metres or so) between each other.


Girls walk to me, I am standing exactly where each needs to stand. So I get them in position. They mirror the boys who are already standing up front, girls just know to do this naturally! MOH fixes brides gown/train, then take brides bouquet.


I give the bride and groom a private moment of 30 sec or so (music still playing) to ground yourselves, have a laugh and a kiss and a joke and let the nerves slide away. Then music fades and we start ceremony.


So that is how it will roll on the day. If you decide you would like a rehearsal in the days before the wedding, please let me know.








If you would like a rehearsal, it will be all about practising the moving parts of the ceremony, where to stand, where to walk, ring exchange. We don’t go through all the words and spoil the surprise.


Here is information on who can attend, in order of importance.


Keep in mind, if some peeps can't attend the rehearsal, there is nothing to worry about.  Technically all we need to do the rehearsal is the bride and groom. Every other participant can be briefed by me before the ceremony on the day (see above), so they know what to expect and what to do.


But you will quite possibly want your friends to be a part of rehearsal so everyone can start getting excited! It helps relax you all as you will know what to expect.  And everyone gets to meet me so it feels more family-like when the big day rolls around. But remember the more people you have, the more chatting and the longer the rehearsal will be. With a full bridal party and parents present you can expect the rehearsal to take an hour.  With bride and groom only it will take 30min.


After the bride and groom, next in order of importance of attendance is the bridesmaids so they can practise entrance walk and where to stand up front. Essentially they mirror the boys who are already standing up front - girls just know to do this naturally! 


Your dad (or escort/s) might like to practise walking you in. 


Best man can practise opening the ring box and walking it to you, but I can easily run him over that on your wedding day, so he doesn't have to be at rehearsal. 


And finally the groomsmen don't do anything during rehearsal except stand in position. So if you'd like them there so you can all be together to share the moment and have a beer, then go ahead and invite them. However, if they can't make it, don't worry. They aren't missing anything. On the day I literally come and put them in position when it's time to start. Other than that they just enjoy themselves! Tough gig for the boys ha ha ha.


Hope this helps xx


(30 reviews)
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4 Feb 2022

We just want to you so much for making our day so special. You made Shannon and I both feel so comfortable and relaxed and that’s exactly what we wanted. You took all my family’s weird jokes and our awkwardness haha You made the ceremony feel fun, relaxed and romantic and it couldn’t have been any better. I can not thank you enough for making our day amazing. The Fieldings

29 Jan 2022

Ali worked some magic with my wedding that’s for sure. My stress levels were through the roof, not only because I was putting together a last minute wedding, but I was 5 months pregnant and marrying a man who up until recently didn’t even believe in marriage and was as stressed as you could get. Ali was amazing with helping everyone relax and remember the reason we were all there and all our worries just seemed to slip away and be forgotten. My husband and I ended up having a beautiful, relaxing and stress free wedding with no expectations to follow any traditions that we didn’t necessarily believe in. Absolutely nothing went wrong, and to be honest, if it did, I think we were too relaxed and happy to care at that point. I would recommend Ali to anyone wanting to get married. Completely stress free and just beautiful!

22 Dec 2021

You were very thoughtful to Htun's far away family from Burma with the greeting video ideas. We love that you tried to get to know with not only us but with all of our friends and family and made the most wonderful personalised wedding ceremony. Truly, you made every second of our ceremony to be very joyous, memorable and special with the mixture of your calming and jolly vibe which made us less anxious and more enjoyed the special moment. Everyone attended our ceremony said that you are remarkable and brilliant. More importantly, you came up with that scavenger hunt surprise in our wedding that reminded me of Htun's proposal to me again. How amazing and lovingly you are! We really appreciate that you celebrated with us on both of our weddings (Western and Buddhist). We made the best decision ever to ask you to be our celebrant.

2 Nov 2021

Ali is great! She helped to make our elopement amazing. She did things we didn’t expect a celebrant to do, but she did them to make our memories that little bit better. From helping us find a venue, clearing sticks off the beach to helping the groom make a special surprise gift for his bride, Ali went above and beyond to make our day unforgettable. There were a lot of little things that she did that made our wedding day stress free, happy and memorable. Ali was always calm and focused on what made us happy and worked really well with our photographer, make up artist and florist.

18 Sep 2021

Ali thank you for everything! Not just for such a fun, heartfelt and relaxed ceremony on the day, but for all that you did in the months leading up to our wedding. From the moment we first spoke on the phone, you instantly put us at ease, despite our stress of organising a wedding from another city in the middle of a pandemic! You simply radiate warmth, love and experience, and while we were initially determined to just have a short ceremony and get to the party, you gently guided us over the months to ensure our ceremony whole-heartedly celebrated us. Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know our daughter too and for putting her at ease before and after the ceremony. And while we haven’t watched it yet, it will be amazing to see your birds eye GoPro footage when we can!

7 Aug 2021

Thank you so much Ali for being a part of our big day and making our ceremony so special. You are such a kind and gentle soul and you made everyone feel so comfortable, calm and loved. We really enjoying working with you in the lead up to the wedding. We were both a bit nervous about writing vows and standing up in front of a lot of people. You made the whole process so easy and fun and made sure we understood what would happen on the day. On the day we couldn't have asked for more! We loved every minute and couldn't have asked for a better celebrant. Thank you again!

1 Jul 2021

Ali is incredibly warm, funny but also very professional - the ceremony succeeded my expectations - it was warm, joyous, emotional. Ali is incredibly through and took the time to really personalise our ceremony and does not 'cut and paste' as some do... it was a unique service, made especially for us. Everybody was in happy tears & you told our story so well. In addition to the main ceremony, we had had several 'add on' options and we chose the blending of the sands ceremony which was so special as we had gathered sand from our home countries - it was a really nice personal touch. I cannot recommend Ali highly enough - Thank you Ali - from the bottom of our hearts, you know just how special you are. Cazzy & Rob xx

28 May 2021

With your gentle guidance we created a ceremony that was simple yet beautiful, encapsulated the essence of our relationship and involved our family in such a lovely way so as to make the day memorable for everyone. Your professional yet personal approach made everyone feel so comfortable. Your Planning Guide was so helpful. The inclusion of a personalized hand fasting ceremony really got our family involved and created a beautiful keepsake we will treasure forever. Our fur-baby Cookie loved her time in the spotlight as ring bearer. We would recommend you to any couple including their furry friends in the formalities. Most importantly, thank you for going above and beyond, you really made the day flow seamlessly and effortlessly reset your plans when Covid hit. You made what could have been a very stressful experience, actually a really special day that we will remember for the rest of our lives.

24 May 2021

We were so happy to have had Alex as our celebrant. She went above and beyond to make our ceremony so special and so personal. Her heart and her guidance throughout the process of organising a ceremony is so much appreciated and we would certainly recommend her to anyone who wants a ceremony with that extra special touch. We got so many compliments from guests on how lovely it was. Thank you, you made our day so special, a day we will never forget!

8 May 2021

Ali you legend! There’s personalised ceremony’s, then there Ali ceremony’s.. you put in a massive effort to get to know us, nothing was too much trouble and made the afternoon feel so natural and stress free for us. You pulled off the ceremony we dreamed about! We wanted a light hearted and fun day and you had everyone laughing and crying the whole way through.. your ceremony set the mood for the evening.. and we loved seeing all our friends and family have such a great time. We always felt like we were talking with a friend and this feeling continued each time we met.. so much so that many of our wedding guests thought you were an old friend of ours! You went above and beyond to make our day unforgettable and we can’t thank-you enough

3 Oct 2020

From the moment we me I knew I could trust you with one of the most important days of our lives. You have a such a calming presence and a unique talent of making people feel like they have known you forever. The ceremony was such a memorable and fun experience. Reaching out to my family overseas (in your secret squirrel fun) and helping them to be a part of the wedding was an absolute highlight. I felt totally safe during the ceremony as I knew you had our backs. Brett and I agreed we had seen many weddings that were bland and scripted, but our wedding was so far from this and we couldn’t be happier. We want to personally thank you from the bottom of my hearts for making the version of our wedding come true. Brett and Michal xoxo

26 Sep 2020

I absolutely Love Ali. I first met Ali at a Wedding Expo earlier in the year and as she was talking to me, I started to cry. To me I took this as a sign that Ali just had to be our Celebrant. She was absolutely wonderful and amazing throughout the whole process. Always checking in with us to see how things were coming along especially with the whole Covid and the restrictions. She gives you a questionnaire to fill out so that she can customise your ceremony specifically to the happy couple. She will happily wait for the Bride to be ready before commencing the Ceremony ( which I nearly had to do if my brother didn’t make it back in time but I also left it until the Ceremony was suppose to start before getting dressed ). Since you have already decided to take the Leap of Faith.

1 Aug 2020

We couldn’t be more happy with Ali as our celebrant. She really got to know us in the months leading up to the wedding and used all of that to create an impressively personalised ceremony. Our guests assumed she must have been a long term friend of ours with how well she knew us. She created a loving atmosphere on the day to create a mood that was really us.

23 Jul 2020

Thank you for making our ceremony so amazing and unforgettable!  We loved that you made both us and our guests feel so many emotions often laughing and crying at the same moment! Everyone absolutely raved about how amazing and personal you were. You made the day stress free not even the rain could get us down!  You provided us with so many options so that we were able to truly make the ceremony 'us' even if that meant throwing in Dr Seuss!   I'm so thankful that you were able to tie our stories together using our secret questionnaires allowing us the gift of knowing how each other felt in precious moments throughout our relationship. Also, the surprise picture of us as senior citizens with twilight and cross words had us in stitches - its like you can predict the future! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

15 Jun 2020

You were a dream. Your calm, beautiful nature and the love you have for the couples you marry is incredible. The effort you made to get to know us allowed you to capture exactly how Jonathan and I feel about each other. In beautiful heartfelt words you really shared our story, even working with our best man to ensure we had a gorgeous surprise. What a precious moment you created, a moment that is super special and one I will never forget. Our guests have all commented on how fabulous you are and how they were truly in the moment with us. The real process of a wedding is about making a lifelong commitment to the person you love. The ceremony you crafted was cheerful, emotional, loving and so ‘us’. All I can hope is that other brides read this and truly understand that you are one in a trillion.

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