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The best shapewear for under my wedding dress

Will I need shapewear for a custom designed dress? If so, what's the best kind that doesn't roll down?

Updated : 3/04/2023

1 answers

Am I allowed to take photos of the dresses at my dress appointment?

I heard from a friend that this is sometimes not allowed at the dress fitting/appointment, but is this the norm? Feel like it will help me if I can see what I look like in photos.

Updated : 20/02/2023

3 answers

How long do I need to allow for a custom made wedding gown?

Keen to have my dress designed.

Updated : 13/01/2023

7 answers

Ideas for a second reception dress/outfit

Hello. I'm thinking of changing into a different outfit for our reception... what are some ideas for a second dress or outfit that could complement a classic ballgown?

Updated : 14/11/2022

3 answers

What’s the difference between a made to order, made to measure and ready to wear wedding dress?

Hi there. Can you explain the difference between a made to measure wedding dress, couture, made to order and also ready to wear? Thank you!

Updated : 29/06/2021

2 answers

How will I know when I've found "the dress"?

I'm not really a girly girl so it's hard for me to imagine finding THE wedding dress that everyone seems to talk about. Does this happen for everyone? And how will I know? I'm scared I'll choose something out of necessity and not because I honestly love it. I don't wear dresses much.

Updated : 29/04/2021

2 answers

How much would it cost to add a piece of fabric to a wedding dress?

Its on the leg. There is a split that is a little too high on the leg. I want to add a piece of fabric or sew the split so it's not so open.

Updated : 17/10/2019

1 answers

Price of custom wedding dress?

Hi There, I am completely in love with the Pallas Couture La Blanche wedding gown and can not afford the original so I would like to get a replica of it made. Approximately how much would this cost and can you ship to Canada? My height is 5'9, size 12 with an hour glass figure. Any additional information you can provide me with would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,

Updated : 8/08/2019

0 answers

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