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Multi-way wrap dresses

Hey team. Curious about multi-way wrap dresses? Are there any body shapes that these convertible dresses aren't suitable for? The fabric looks a bit clingy, is it flattering?

Updated : 22/05/2023

1 answers

When's the ideal time to buy bridesmaid dresses?

How far in advance should we come bridesmaid dress shopping before the wedding?

Updated : 13/01/2023

1 answers

What does the bridal party usually pay for?

I know it depends, but I'd love to know what the bridal party usually pays for and what the couple usually pays for when it comes to outfits and any other expenses. Thank you!

Updated : 13/09/2022

1 answers

What colour bridesmaids dresses that aren't black are the most flattering to the most body shapes?

I've got a bridal party of all sizes and shapes! Don't want them to wear black though — what's the best alternative?

Updated : 16/08/2022

1 answers

How long before the wedding should bridesmaid dress fittings be done?

After choosing our bridesmaids' dresses, how soon before the wedding should they come in for fittings and alterations?

Updated : 20/06/2022

1 answers

I'm wearing a coloured wedding dress, how do I pick a bridesmaid dress to match?

Hi there, I'm wearing a blue wedding dress How do i pick a bridesmaid dress colour that won't be too matchy but won't overshaddow me either?

Updated : 6/02/2021

2 answers

How many maid of honours can you have?

Can I have two matrons of honour or one matron of honour and a maid of honour? I would love my sister who is one of my best friends and my best friend to share the role.

Updated : 7/08/2019

0 answers

How to coordinate an uneven bridal party?

I am considering having 3-4 bridesmaids and only 1 groomsman. I am ok with the numbers being uneven - although its frustrating to google and find large uneven bridal parties (eg 5 & 7, not as obviously uneven as 4 & 1). I don't want the lone groomsman to stick out or to look overshadowed/overpowered. I would like to have the bridesmaids in mismatching, pastel dresses but I wonder if the combination of numbers AND random dresses will look very disjointed (not just in photos, but on the day)... other pictures that seem to look quite good are black dresses & black suits - which also means the bridesmaids can pick their own black dress.I also have one girl who will be more comfortable in a jumpsuit, which makes me lean towards the black dresses for that option too. But then I don't know what to put my flower girls in (black? white? hot pink?) I wonder what your thoughts are? Please don't say "its your wedding, do what you want!" I know. I just don't want it to look stupid...

Updated : 2/08/2019

0 answers

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