Will you be hiring a wedding videographer?

Will you be hiring a wedding videographer?

Only a third of couples hire a wedding videographer

A wedding video is a wonderful reminder of the special moments of your big day, but only a third of couples choose to hire a professional videographer to make one, according to an Easy Weddings poll. The results of the poll showed that just 32% of couples planned to hire a wedding videographer, while 68% did not.

Wedding videos have come a long way in recent years. Rather than ending up with a tape containing hours of wobbly footage that Uncle Frank shot on his camcorder, couples that hire a wedding videographer can expect a dynamic, professionally edited wedding film set to an appropriate soundtrack.

The wedding video should tell the story of your day, featuring all the highlights such as the ceremony, the first dance, and the cake cutting, combined with general footage of the guests, the venue, and the wedding breakfast. Recent trends have seen separate trailers or highlights videos created to post on social networking sites.

One of the main reasons that 68% of couples choose not to hire a videographer is probably cost. A wedding is an expensive occasion and the wedding video, which is nice to have but not essential, is often one of the first items to be crossed off the budget. Given the option between wedding photos and a video, the majority of couples will prioritise photos as they believe they will look at them more often.

It’s a shame not to have a wedding video at all as the day passes in such a blur it’s good to be able to relive the events on screen. Being able to hear the vows and the speeches a second time is lovely, although many couples would rather not have to watch their first dance! A lot of couples do manage to create a wedding video without a videographer, perhaps by setting up static cameras for the ceremony and speeches, and asking a friend to video other parts of the wedding. This footage can them be edited along with digital photos to create a personalised wedding film.