Will you be giving a wedding speech (brides only)?

Will you be giving a wedding speech (brides only)?

Almost half of brides now give a wedding speech

Although it’s not traditionally part of the wedding toasts, almost half of brides are now planning to give a speech at their wedding according to an Easy Weddings poll. In these days of male and female equality 46% of brides that completed the poll reported they were planning to make a bride speech.

Traditionally it was the father of the bride, the groom, and the best man that made a speech at the wedding reception, but as etiquette becomes more relaxed any member of the bridal party can make a speech including the bride. American brides have been making wedding speeches for years and the trend is gradually becoming more accepted in other countries.

For brides that aren’t content to let their new husband speak for them, a wedding speech can be the perfect opportunity to personally thank everyone that has been involved in arranging the wedding, as well as thanking all the guests for making the effort to be there. It also gives the bride the opportunity to give her take on the relationship story, to express her feelings for the groom, and to say how much she is looking forward to being a part of the groom’s family.

56% of brides indicated that they weren’t planning on making a speech at their wedding. They may feel that their guests will have listened to enough speeches without adding one more, or they may lack the confidence to get up and make a speech to large group. Perhaps they know that the groom will be thanking everyone in his speech and they don’t want to repeat what he has said, or they are worried they may get a little emotional and cry their way through the speech. Of course after months and months of wedding preparations many brides just want to relax and enjoy the day without worrying about having to make a speech in front of all their family and friends.