Which day of the week will your wedding take place?

Which day of the week will your wedding take place?

Majority of couples choose Saturday as their wedding day

An Easy Weddings poll of almost 3,000 couples showed that Saturday is still by far the most popular day to get married. 67% of the brides that took part in the Easy Weddings survey said they planned to get married on a Saturday; the traditional day to tie the knot.

So what is so great about Saturday? Traditionally Saturday was the day to get married because guests wouldn’t be working and churches would be available for wedding ceremonies. With the majority of couples in Australia now choosing civil ceremonies, the second factor is much less important, but the Saturday tradition has stuck.

Saturday is a popular choice because guests have time to get to the wedding, either on Friday night after work, or on the Saturday morning, and they can party until the small hours because they don’t have to go to work on the Sunday. The downside for the couple is that Saturday tends to be the most expensive option for the venue and suppliers.

Sunday is a good alternative to Saturday, especially if you are having a civil ceremony and don’t need to rely on a church being available. 14% of the poll respondents chose to get married on a Sunday. Many couples choose a Sunday lunchtime wedding so that guests have time to get home and unwind before work the next day. Sunday weddings can be a lot cheaper than Saturday weddings, and most guests will be able to attend as they won’t be working.

13% of couples that completed the poll said they were planning their wedding for a Friday.  Again, this is cheaper than a Saturday, but many couples are worried that their guests won’t be able to come because of work commitments.  Actually, if you send out your save the date cards in plenty of time, guests that really want to be at your wedding will make the effort to take the Friday off work and will enjoy the chance of a long weekend.

Holding your wedding between Monday and Thursday isn’t very popular, with only 6% of the participants choosing this option. Although these days are much cheaper for the couple, guests have to take a day off midweek and still have to get up for work the next day.  Most couples that get married on a weekday are having a small, intimate, family wedding or a destination wedding.