What type of wedding dress are you having?

What type of wedding dress are you having?

Most Brides Buy Readymade Wedding Dress

The majority of brides choose to walk down the aisle in a readymade bridal gown according to an Easy Weddings poll. While a third of brides said they would have their dress custom designed, 59% said that their wedding gown would be readymade.

With the huge range of readymade bridal gowns that are now available it’s hardly surprising that most brides choose this option when buying a wedding dress. A readymade gown will be cheaper than a dress that is designed and made from scratch, and you can always have it altered to make sure it fits you well. Whether you opt for a top of the range designer gown, or a modest dress from a high street collection, a readymade dress will be available more quickly if you don’t have much time before the wedding.

33% of the brides that responded to the poll indicated that they would be having their dress custom designed. This has the advantage that the dress will fit you perfectly, will be totally unique, and will be designed to flatter your individual body shape.

Generally a custom designed dress will be more expensive than a readymade dress because of the time it takes to make. However you will have more control over the materials used which can keep costs down, and if you have someone who can make the dress for you for free this could actually be a cheaper option.

Another possibility is to use a wedding dress that has been worn before and 7% of brides reported they would be wearing a pre loved dress, while 1% said they had inherited a dress, perhaps from their mother, sister, or friend. Recycling wedding dresses is becoming more popular and you can often find a gorgeous designer dress for a fraction of the original price. You can always have the dress altered or customised slightly to bring it up to date or to work better with the style of your wedding.