What type of wedding cake are you having?

What type of wedding cake are you having?

Traditional wedding cakes are still the most popular choice

Although weddings in general are becoming less formal, more than half of couples still choose to have a traditional wedding cake according to an Easy Weddings poll. 55% of couples that took part in the poll planned to have a traditional cake, while 22% were opting for cupcakes and 23% were choosing something completely different.

Traditionally wedding cakes are large iced affairs with multiple tiers, possibly with a cake topper to finish them off. The origins of the tiered cake are not entirely clear although some believe that it comes from the very old tradition for couples to kiss over a large mound of cakes, bread, and baked goods. If they managed to kiss without toppling the pile they would enjoy prosperity in marriage. A tiered wedding cake is still the most popular choice, and a lot of couples save the top tier for their first anniversary or the birth of their first child.

Cupcake towers have become a fashionable alternative to a traditional wedding cake and they have many advantages. They are easier and cheaper to make yourself, they have a more casual fun feel than a large wedding cake, they don’t need to be cut up to be served, and it’s easier to mix different flavours and toppings. Although cupcakes are now losing a little of their popularity, individual iced wedding cakes are still on trend.

4% of respondents indicated that they would have a croquembouche. This is a French dessert that literally translates as ‘crunch in the mouth’ and consists of a pyramid of choux pastry profiteroles held together with caramel and possibly decorated with chocolate or flowers. There are many other alternatives to the traditional wedding cake and these include wedding cheesecakes, ice cream cakes, cakes made from stacked cheeses, and novelty items such as cake pops.