What style of catering are you having for your wedding?

What style of catering are you having for your wedding?

Sit Down Dinner Most Popular Choice for Wedding Catering

The majority of couples choose a sit down dinner for their wedding catering according to an Easy Weddings poll. The poll results showed that 62% were planning a sit down dinner while 37% opted for a buffet or finger food instead.

A sit down wedding breakfast is the traditional choice for your wedding catering. It is considered more formal that other types of catering and certainly adds to the sense of occasion. Guests may be more relaxed as they stay in their seats while the food is served. Sit down dinners do tend to be more expensive than other types of catering as the cost of serving staff needs to be covered, but with almost two thirds of couples choosing this option they must think it is worth the cost.

The second most popular choice for wedding catering is a hot buffet, with almost a quarter of couples deciding to go for this option. The food will be similar to that served at a sit down dinner, but guests will need to go up to a buffet table to collect their own meal. The main advantage of a buffet is that it is cheaper than a sit down dinner, and guests have more choice over what they eat as well as more control over portion sizes.

A third option was finger food which was chosen by 13% of respondents. Finger food works well for an evening cocktail party style reception, or an informal outdoor reception. It usually takes the form of a cold buffet where guests can help themselves to snack foods that can be eaten with the fingers. Finger food is a sociable option and guests can circulate while they eat without necessarily needing an allocated seat at a table. 1% of the couples that took part in the poll said they were having a different type of catering; perhaps a food truck, a picnic, or a tea party?