What do you find is the best source of wedding information?

What do you find is the best source of wedding information?

Wedding websites are the best source of wedding information

Almost 60% of couples believe a wedding website is the best source of wedding information according to an Easy Weddings poll. Perhaps that’s not so surprising given that the respondents were visiting Australia’s biggest wedding website at the time!

The internet is now an integral part of our lives in a way we could never have imagined twenty years ago. Whenever we need to know something, be it the location of a wedding venue or the average cost of a bride’s bouquet, we tend to look online.

There are a huge variety of wedding websites to take inspiration from, which include large multifunctional sites like Easy Weddings, which has a supplier directory, online shop, planning tools, and wedding advice. There are also smaller sites such as wedding blogs which may be written by a bride in the midst of wedding planner, or a supplier such as a photographer or wedding planner who wants to pass on their experience.

8% of the couples that completed the survey said they found wedding forums were a good source of wedding information. Forums give couples the chance to share their wedding dilemmas and find out how other people would solve them, and they are especially useful for sensitive matters, perhaps relating to the guest list or multicultural weddings.

Just because the internet is the most common source of wedding information, we shouldn’t overlook the rest. Most brides will by a couple of glossy wedding magazines to flick through when they are first engaged, and these provide plenty of inspiration, with 18%of couples reporting they are their favoured source of wedding information. However, wedding magazines can get expensive, especially when you have a wedding to save up for.

Finally, 15% of couples reported that the best source of wedding information was their friends and family. While nobody wants to end up with exactly the same wedding as a friend or relative, getting recommendations for talented local suppliers such as florists, cake makers, and hair stylists, can be invaluable.