If using a celebrant, will your celebrant be male or female?

If using a celebrant, will your celebrant be male or female?

Male and female marriage celebrants are equally popular

Male marriage celebrants and female celebrants are equally popular according to an Easy Weddings poll. Of more than 1,000 couples that completed the poll, 37% said they were having a male celebrant and 36% reported they were having a female celebrant. The other 27% said they didn’t have a preference between male and female.

When you’re looking for a marriage celebrant, knowing whether you want a man or a woman to perform your ceremony can help you narrow down your search.  Here are some of the reasons brides have given for their choice of celebrant:

Reasons for choosing a female celebrant:

“They seemed to be more caring and to listen to what we wanted”
“They were more flexible about personalizing our service”
“I thought they would be easier to talk to about our relationship”

Reasons for choosing a male celebrant:

“I thought they would make the wedding a more serious and formal occasion”
“My husband-to-be was more comfortable with a male celebrant”
“My father was paying for the wedding and he thought a male was more appropriate”
Having the freedom to choose your celebrant is one of the great things about getting married in Australia. Take time to find a celebrant that you really get on well with, whether they are male or female, as they will be an important part of your wedding day.

Look for a celebrant that is happy to personalise the wedding ceremony using your ideas and that can come up with good suggestions for what you may like to include. Ideally your celebrant shouldn’t have any other ceremonies booked for your wedding day to reduce time pressure, and they should be willing to arrange a rehearsal with the two of you. You may also want them to tailor their outfit to fit in with your wedding theme. Your choice of celebrant can have a big impact on your wedding day so think what you both want before you start your search.