If buying a bed – how would you pay for it?

If buying a bed – how would you pay for it?

Two thirds of couples would pay for a new bed with cash

The majority of couples would prefer to save up and pay cash if they were buying a new bed according to an Easy Weddings poll. The results showed that 62% would pay cash for a new bed rather than looking for an alternative form of finance.

The idea of the marital bed is a little old fashioned these days. Another Easy Weddings poll showed that around 86% of couples planned to live together before the wedding so presumably they would have already bought a bed to share before they were actually married. However, a new bed is still a big expense, and along with the other costs of setting up home together and arranging a wedding, couples may need to consider how they will pay for it.

The 62% of couples who responded that they would pay cash probably concluded that this was the best option as it doesn’t involve playing additional interest. Even if it means making do for a few months while they save up to pay for the bed, once they have it and they’ve paid cash for it they can enjoy it without worrying about making further payments.

30% of the respondents indicated that they would get the bed first and pay for it afterwards. 16% of these would use a credit card to do so, while 14% would set up a finance arrangement. The advantage of this is that you can have the bed straight away which is useful if you’re just moving in together and have nowhere to sleep. However, it also usually means paying interest which increases the overall price of the bed.

A final 8% reported that they would pay by lay by; paying a deposit so the bed could be put aside for them and then taking possession of the bed once they had paid off the balance. This works well for couples that want to pay in instalments but does mean you don’t actually get the bed until you have finished paying.