How much input does your groom have on your wedding?

How much input does your groom have on your wedding?

Wedding planning is now split evenly between the bride and groom

Traditionally all the groom needed to do was turn up on the day and say I do, but according to an Easy Weddings poll grooms now have as much input into the wedding as brides do. Although the most popular answer to the question ‘how much input does your groom have on your wedding?’ was 26-50%, a quarter of brides indicated that their groom had 76-100% input.

Wedding planning has always been the bride’s domain, although in the past grooms were usually given a few key responsibilities. These included taking care of the wedding rings, arranging the wedding car or alternative transport, booking the wedding night accommodation, and planning the honeymoon.  Generally all other decisions were made by the bride, partly because the bride’s family was expected to pay for the majority of the wedding.

Luckily modern grooms are far more involved in wedding planning, and often have more to say than the bride about the style of venue they’d like, the type of food to serve for the wedding breakfast, and the kind of entertainment to book for the evening reception. Grooms are certainly having more of a say in their outfits and recent trends have seen grooms breaking away from traditional morning suits and choosing wedding suits that express their own personality and sense of style. These days the only part of the wedding that a groom isn’t involved in is buying the bride’s wedding dress.

Taking responsibility for wedding planning often comes down to practical matters such as work commitments, and how much time each partner has to dedicate to the wedding. It may also be that one partner is more creative, or has particular knowledge of a particular area such as food or decor. Modern couples tend to split wedding planning tasks to suit their individual skills, but make the majority of the big decisions about the wedding together.