How important are previous customer reviews in selecting your wedding supplier?

How important are previous customer reviews in selecting your wedding supplier?

Couples find customer reviews very important when selecting a wedding supplier

The majority of couples find that the reviews a wedding supplier has received from their previous customers are vital, according to an Easy Weddings poll. 62% of couples that responded to the poll indicated that they found reviews very important, while only 9% said they weren’t important and 29% didn’t really have an opinion.

Reviews from previous customers are a great way for couples to get a good understanding of their wedding suppliers and to make sure they offer everything that they claim to. A wedding is a once in a lifetime event, and is often very costly, so couples will spend more time selecting their suppliers to make sure everything is just right on the day.

Couples will be looking for different things when they read previous customer reviews. They may be looking for specific details that are particularly important to them. For example they may want to check whether their reportage photographer is good at blending unobtrusively into the background, or whether their DJ can keep the dance floor full well into the night. They may just be looking for general reassurance that the supplier will turn up on time and deliver what they have promised.

There are various types of reviews and couples tend to trust some more than others. Suppliers often publish reviews on their own websites or brochures for marketing purposes, and while these can be reassuring they don’t usually give a complete picture as a supplier won’t include a negative or neutral review. Independent review websites are usually more trustworthy, and couples are more likely to choose a supplier that is registered with one of these even if all of the reviews aren’t 100% positive.