Do you plan to wear contact lenses on your wedding day?

Do you plan to wear contact lenses on your wedding day?

Three Quarters of Brides Choose Contact Lenses Over Glasses

75% of brides that need to wear either contact lenses or glasses would choose to wear contact lenses on their wedding day according to an Easy Weddings poll. While 54% of respondents said that they didn’t need either, 35% said they would wear contact lenses, three times as many as the 11% who said they would wear glasses.

Changing from glasses to contact lenses for the wedding day is very common among poor sighted brides. Some brides will already wear contact lenses every day, or on special occasions, but many only start to wear them for their wedding day. Even if they’ve worn glasses their whole life they might feel that glasses spoil the overall look of their wedding outfit, and that they’d like to be spectacle free in their wedding photos. Switching to contact lenses will give them a confidence boost on the big day, as well as allowing the groom to see their beautiful eyes!

The 11% of brides that said they were sticking with their glasses may have done so for a number of reasons. Perhaps they feel that their glasses are a part of who they are and that they don’t want to look too different on their wedding day. Maybe their eyes are too sensitive to wear contact lenses, or they have particular sight problems that don’t suit contacts. Glasses can work well with modern tailored bridal outfits and short sharp veils.

If you do decide to switch to contact lenses for your wedding day, make sure you try them out beforehand so you can get used to wearing them and make sure they are suitable for your eyes. Have a couple of spare pairs with you on the day as well as lens fluid, all those tears of joy might dislodge a contact at a crucial moment.