Do you like your future Mother-in-law?

Do you like your future Mother-in-law?

Majority of brides get on well with their future mother-in-law

It’s a cliché to say that mothers-in-law are hard to get along with, but the great news is that for the majority of you it doesn’t apply, at least as you begin the journey of married life. An Easy Weddings poll of around 2,300 respondents has shown that 69% of you think your mother-in-law to be is actually pretty great. Only 20% feel that there is room for improvement in their in-law relationship, while around 11% are undecided, perhaps waiting until after the wedding to make up your minds.

Traditionally mother-in-law disputes tend to be between the mother-in-law and new daughter-in-law as they compete for their son and new husband’s affections, and do battle over parenting issues when the couple have children. However, son-in-laws relationships with their mother-in-law can also be tricky, especially if the new wife is very close to her mum.

Here are a few tips to help all you mothers-in-law and sons or daughters-in-law maintain the excellent relationships you’ve formed once the excitement of the wedding is over.

  • Respect each other’s boundaries. Plan visits rather than turning up unexpectedly, and don’t assume that plans for holidays will be the same as they were before the wedding. Newlyweds will want some time to themselves as they adjust to married life.
  • Accept each other’s points of view. It’s natural that different generations will see things differently and sometimes it’s fine to agree to disagree or to find a middle ground that you’re both comfortable with.
  • Understand their relationships. Girls remember that your mother-in-law looked after your husband for many years before you came on the scene. Mothers remember that your son has married the woman that he loves. Don’t make him take sides or choose between you.