Did you pay for alcohol at your wedding?

Did you pay for alcohol at your wedding?

Four Out Of Five Couples Buy the Booze

Almost 80% of couples pay for alcohol at their wedding according to an Easy Weddings poll. Of around 1000 respondents to the survey, 79% said they had or would pay for guests’ drinks at the wedding, while 15% said they would not, and 6% said they weren’t having any alcohol at all.

For many people alcohol is synonymous with weddings. A glass of champagne to toast the happy couple after the ceremony, a couple of beers at the reception, and a glass or two of wine with the wedding breakfast is pretty standard. Many wedding venues offer standard drinks packages where you pay a fixed price per guest which includes a limited range of drinks for specified parts of the wedding day. On top of this you can choose whether you have a bar tab or whether your guests pay for their own drinks.

If you’re having a more casual backyard style wedding, then it’s easier and cheaper to provide alcohol for your guests, but you need to think about how much to buy. Allow two glasses of champagne per guest for toasts, bearing in mind a 750ml bottle will serve six champagne flutes. If you’re serving wine with the meal, count on half a bottle per guest. For the rest of the wedding assume that around 50% will drink beer, 30% will drink wine, and 20% will drink spirits if you’re serving them. Make sure you provide at least one drink per hour per adult guest for the duration of the wedding reception.

The amount of alcohol drunk at your wedding depend on many things. Younger guests will tend to drink more in general, and specifically more beer, while older guests may prefer wine. On a hot day make sure you have plenty of cold beer as well as white wine and soft drinks; red wine and spirits are more suited to a winter wedding. Before you draw up your wedding alcohol shopping list, have a think about the demographics of the guests you have invited, as well as the season of your wedding