Did you look at the following before making contact with your wedding supplier?

Did you look at the following before making contact with your wedding supplier?

Most Couples Check Out Supplier Websites Before Making Contact

A good website is crucial for wedding suppliers according to an Easy Weddings poll which showed that 65% of couples looked at suppliers’ websites before contacting them. Most couples will look at a website, Facebook, reviews, or testimonials, with only 4% saying they would contact a supplier based on their advert alone.

The internet is now a major tool for wedding planning so a good quality website that ranks well in the search engines or is listed in the major online wedding directories is essential for wedding suppliers. Couples should be able to get a good idea of the products or services you offer from your website so include plenty of photos of previous weddings you have been involved in.

Other elements to add to your website include the geographical area that you cover and perhaps some idea on price. Publishing details of standard fixed price packages will help couples to decide whether you’re likely to fit into their budget or not and you can always state that your packages can be tailored. 12% of couples said that they would read testimonials from previous customers on the website so it’s also a good idea to include these.

Couples who are searching for wedding suppliers will use a variety of sources to get as much information as possible. 17% will look at third party reviews, perhaps from an official review site or blog. These are often seen as more trustworthy than testimonials from the supplier’s own website. Facebook is also a great source of information and 14% said they would check out a supplier’s Facebook page, perhaps looking to see how the supplier interacts with their customer or searching for special offers or discounts.