Did you get engaged over the holiday seasons?

Did you get engaged over the holiday seasons?

A third of Couples Get Engaged In Holiday Seasons

One in three couples get engaged during the holiday seasons of Christmas and New Year, or while they are on holiday, according to an Easy Weddings poll. On the other hand 64% of couples that took part in the poll indicated that their engagement had nothing to do with holidays at all.

It’s easy to understand why so many couples get engaged on holiday, or during the holiday seasons. Grooms take advantage of the excitement and the romance of these special occasions to stage a truly memorable proposal.

The most popular time for a holiday proposal is when a couple is actually away on holiday. Whether the trip is planned especially for the proposal to take place, or the groom simply uses the opportunity of a planned holiday to pop the question, getting engaged on holiday is very romantic. On holiday there are endless opportunities to propose with beautiful views, stunning sunsets, and long leisurely dinners. The couple will be in a relaxed mood without anything to worry about besides celebrating their engagement, and will have time to enjoy their new status before the break the news to friends and family.

The Christmas and New Year’s holidays are also popular times to get engaged with 12% and 5% of couples reporting that their proposal took place at these times. At Christmas the ring could be placed in a stocking, or in a small wrapped present under the Christmas tree. At New Year the groom could drop down on one knee at the stroke of midnight and ask that all important question. Either way the couple are likely to have some time off work to celebrate the holidays and will be in a festive mood, making this season an ideal time to propose.