Are you planning to lose weight for your wedding?

Are you planning to lose weight for your wedding?

Eight Out Of Ten Brides Plan to Lose Weight for Their Wedding

All brides want to look their best on the wedding day and for the majority of us that means losing a few pounds or dropping a dress size, according to an Easy Weddings poll. 80% of the brides that responded to the poll reported that they planned to lose weight for the big day, with only one in five being happy with their current weight.

An upcoming wedding is one of the most effective forms of motivation for shedding a few pounds, and most brides do manage to lose weight during their engagement. The thought that they will be the centre of attention for a whole day, and that all eyes will be on them, is enough of an incentive for most brides to put down that slice of chocolate cake.

Wedding dresses are usually white or ivory; not the most flattering of colours for curvier brides. After their first dress shopping excursion many brides decide they’d like to lose weight to do justice to the beautiful dress they’re going to be spending a lot of money on. They may also be thinking about their honeymoon and how they’re going to look in a bikini on the beach.

Finally the wedding photos will provide another reason for brides to slim down. It’s not just about one day, they will be immortalised as a bride in their wedding photos. Given that these photos are likely to be displayed in their home forevermore, it’s important for a bride to be looking great and feeling good about herself.

Brides that want to lose weight should start a regime of healthy eating and exercise as soon as they get engaged. They should avoid crash dieting as they’re going to need plenty of energy for wedding planning, and crash diets will only cause them to pile on the pounds after the big day. Brides should plan to reach their target weight a couple of months before the wedding, in time for that final dress fitting.